Harmony Community Growth Proposals

We recently asked the Harmony community to send us their proposals for growth to be discussed at the team offsite next week. The below submissions are complete and unfiltered. There were only 32 submissions.

Many of the topics below are being addressed already and we will share the rest with the team next week. We’d like to thank the community for participating and we’re looking forward to sharing with you all the updates and actionable items from the offsite shortly.

5/1/2022 17:58:11 Santiago Miramontes 1x NO
DAO marketing and impact to brand

DAO’s take a back seat (impacts to brand).

I don’t agree that DAO’s are the future, at least with not enough certainty to support it wholeheartedly.
Having said that, it may just be that the marketing for DAO’s has created the impression that the devs are making DAO’s their main effort instead of the tech. Perception is reality.

My recommendation is to make a clear effort towards ensuring that the brand name is all about the tech. Make the marketing all about the metrics that one can use to argue Harmony as the best. Of course, continue to develop the tech that makes Harmony… Harmony.

If the DAO’s are what some think they are, they will grow organically and without much need for fanfare.

So 1X no on DAO marketing.

5/1/2022 18:00:51 Dimz 10x YES
DAO Statutes & Guidelines "A complete and somewhat clear guideline for the community to follow.

In my experience as a Chairman for a non-profit foundation. I see DAOs being run in the same way.

A Harmony handbook on DAOs?

5/1/2022 18:05:40 MichaelA 2x NO
Brick and Mortar Daos, Something new, hasnt been done.

I’ve looked up many of the Daos and meet ups and from a business perspective This doesnt look like it has had any major impact. From what I read, there was 4 million already used on them. I haven’t seen or heard or read any thing of value that has came out of them. And I’m not trying to drill this in but it seems the community and myself believe it has been mismanaged. Mabe I’m missing something. But if the goals of daos is community outreach to infom people about the Tech, Value, and Ecosystem of Harmony I feel that this can be done way differently and with daos, not to say they don’t have a place or cant be useful. I propose that Harmony allocate 1 million dollars and set up a office space at 10 of the most populated cities, it can be in office spaces or malls. Specifically near college towns/tech schools that have courses on app development.

  • Each 10 offices will have 100,000 dollars to be used.
  • Money to be used for Salary and rent of the office.
  • The average cost seems to be around 25 dollars per square foot for mall space and even less in some areas. The spaces don’t have to be big, but big enough to hold classes.
  • The purpose of this space will be for the Harmonaut ( employee) to inform and demonstrate to the people the value and purpose of harmony to curious people passing by and show them what sets Harmony apart from other block chains.
  • The Harmonaunt will have another function, They will headhunt Devs And Artists in their local region by visiting colleges.
  • Daos can be set up in these locations but it wouldn’t cost 3 million more dollars.
  • The Harmonaunts salary can also include incentives for projects created on their site.
  • I understand that alot of Daos have their own special charity and message behind them, However it would be irresponsible for Harmony not to run this like a business. That is not to say that Charity cannot play a role in Harmony. In fact. It can have a extremely major roll.
  • Americans gave a record $471 billion to charities in 2020, according to Giving USA. This was a 5.1% increase in total giving over 2019. However, adjusted for inflation, it was only 3.8% more than 2019. People giving to charities has been growing massively for decades.
    We cannot fund Daos to fly people around the world, like what I read with Vegan Africa Dao. What’s to stop people from doing the exact same proposal for South America, Asia, India, Antarctica, Greenland… you get my point.
    However they can set up their own NFTs on Harmony and their own sites for people to give so they can go out and do their charitable work. By doing so that way and not handing over funding, we will see more utility of the ONE token and more use out of it and more people holding on to it.
  • I only got one page. But if Harmony Grants this proposal, we will have done something that no Crypto has done to my knowledge. We can bring trust back to the community that their investment is being well spent.
    We will be reaching out to people that otherwise may have never heard of Harmony. We will make it easier for Artists, Devs, Daos, and Charity Organizations to use Harmony. Even if we were to get 1% of the 471 Billion in charity that would use and hold harmony for 4.710 Billion. That would raise our rank in market cap from the time of writing this from 72 - 23, we would be between bitcoin cash and litecoin. Im well aware that most charities would cash out but some may not and look to hold. Also keep in mind that these charities gained money during a Pandemic. Anyway, I have plenty more ideas to help improve harmony but IDK if this will be taken seriously.

5/1/2022 18:39:19 Gwynbleidd2511 10x YES
Team should develop bridge with consortium/hybrid blockchains, or cross-chain bridges.

The direct impact of onboarding traditional & institutional finance on a scalable blockchain that are aiming for cross-border payments is understated with regulatory compliance capabilities (ISO 200022) and it provides access to new capital markets, such as R3 Corda or Lumens.

ALGO, MATIC, ADA, XDC, AVAX have recently collaborated with Wanchain (as in 2021) in terms of deploying L2-to-L2 cross-chain bridges. It opens up the ecosystem too for better DApps as well. Harmony is behind the curve in this partnership. The POC is Weijia Zhang, PhD (@MPhysics3)

As far as I have seen, their bridges have been well designed & they specialise in this domain. It’s a new item recommendation, but considering its network impact, could be a high priority item."

5/1/2022 18:50:29 @Moonshadowxsv06 10x YES
this needs further utility !

i propose to add a “virtual credit card within the 1wallet app that you can generate infinite number of cards , delete old ones etc , please search for REVOLUT APP for reference !”
in ghana africa or wherever FIAT access is still needed ! instead of going to exchanges and whatever , if we can spend our $ONE tokens directly from the 1wallet app via visa/Mastercard for services that do not accept crypto that would be great , this also facilitate later gamefi products where 1wallet users can scan a QR code to pay for items using $one tokens on the go with a cashback kickback or sthg intensive !
Furthermore i urge the community to focus on real famous influencers not cheap unpopular ones ! check here : " Harmony $ONE Real-time News | CryptoPanic "
3 months since harmony has been talked about !!
keeping our crypto safe with 2FA codes and social recovery is a huge thing ! this is the time where harmony would shine as there are many hacks allover the place , as a product user i would like to store my crypto in one wallet but also have access to many more features aka : i can send really fast to and from exchanges like binance , kucoin etc… pay for stuff using my $ONE token via visa / mastercard , have access to dexes , bridges , staking , stablecoins yield farming through ancr / luna ust or sthg ! , online games etc…
in my opinion the clock is ticking the idea is great but be aware many other projects are slowly stealing your 1wallet app , coinbase launched another wallet recently that is on that path …
final thoughts : your vision is amazing but you need people to know about you , people are sheep they follow someone important in the social media " influencers "
look also at " CRO cronos " they have their app and credit cards with Netflix and cashbacks and stuff with some packages for staking etc…
Cronos went from really small to huge !

5/1/2022 19:38:59 Realistic Mongoose 10x YES
Colab with Plutus

While researching crypto to-> cash point of sale payment options, and ways to achieve the means to an end, I discovered a token/DEX called Plutus.

"Plutus is offering a revolutionary new idea which avoids the need to wait for merchant adoption altogether. Customers can top up their Plutus app with Bitcoin, Ether or even Pluton and then spend it anywhere. The unique PlutusDEX platform exchanges the crypto to sterling or euros as soon as the payment is made, and the merchant gets paid immediately without additional fees.

Danial Daychopan, Plutus CEO and founder, says, “Our system is the first that is safe for customers, easy for merchants and acceptable to banks. It’s a push-only system and purchases are verified using the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, secured by the most powerful distributed computing networks in the world”.

Apparently Plutus has been around for a while, but never really “took off” so to speak, I think that, as long as the team, and the technology behind Plutus is solid, it could fare very well on the Harmony blockchain, and would be looked at favorably among the community if its both quick and secure.

“You can now use your Plutus balance to pay at any NFC-enabled POS terminal in the world.”

5/1/2022 19:51:49 gwynbleidd2511 1x YES
Digital Identity Management

Enigio team has developed a digital trace document technology on one of these partner chains, applicable on any digital negotiable instrument or document that requires representation as original. Example: Banks can use them as letters of credit.

LegitDoc is doing something similar terms of identity management based on MIT’s BlockCerts project. Even an acquisition could be put on the cards, based Bangalore based firm.

Harmony could win government contracts for identity management solutions in certain countries.

Example : Polygon won local contracts for state governments in India via solutions from LegitDoc. Nandan Nilekani is also intent on building an ONDC (Open network for digital commerce) to counter monopolies like Amazon in India. They are in the initial phase, therefore, maybe Sahil can try to schedule a meeting if he has networks from his AIESEC days.

Harmony team needs to overcharge it’s business development initiatives in high-impact areas, and look towards institutional exposure too for weathering a regulatory environment framework & magnify network effects.

5/1/2022 20:33:43 23 month hodler 10x YES
Continue Cultivating DAOs that bring Devs to the ecosystem

Cultivating DAOs that bring Devs to the system, will help it to grow in users and investors.

I don’t think the far right trumpers parroting each other on reddit/twitter, understand how you build and sustain an ecosystem.

Maybe fund a mouth breathing clown DAO for them to join and bill $75/hour.

Or maybe layout the strategy behind doing this, so they understand. Devs create products, which attract users/investors.

If it is possible to set up more courses similar to your zk course where they are paid for completing the course work, I think that whole setup is a great idea.

Last thought, when funding DAOs for educating Devs, I really believe staking to sustain funding for individual DAOs is needed to compliment other ideas for generating revenue."

5/1/2022 22:35:27 DagiUr 10x YES
Buy btc as reserve and bring ust to the table

Like do Kwon did. Maybe contact him. Thx!

5/1/2022 23:25:06 AfricanBeard 2x YES
Enders Gate Flag Ship Harmony Protocol Game.

Double down on the projects that doubled down on your blockchain. 5HeadGames is looking to have Enders Gate be the vehicle to help lead the Gamify initiative here on Harmony. The core team behind Enders Gate has doubled down by quitting their 9 to 5 day jobs and establishing a company in Bosnia to focus on delivering a high quality product as promised.

Our team has kept its head down and continued working for the soul purpose of giving the awesome community what they deserve, a great product on a fast and seamless blockchain. The community is filled with ordinary folks who are brave enough to take a chance by funding a dream. The team working on Enders Gate feels a close bond to the community and when they voice their concerns surrounding the current status of the Harmony grants and projects it’s worth a listen.

So far here’s what we’ve heard from them:

  1. Put more resources into improving the RPC to really increase reliability.

  2. Focus efforts on projects with immediate utility such as Games, DEXs, Content creation.

  3. Re-evaluate the vetting process for grants as a whole and focus more on the projects already awarded with them.

There’s always more ways to improve and this personalized outreach to the community for feedback is a phenomenal sign of a course correction.

As always, our team observes from the sidelines while working our tails off. We love the work! It’s literally building new ways for users to enjoy and treat content within the gaming industry.

At the end of the day, we owe our community a great product in the TCG, we have more games planned in the pipeline and we hope we can continue launching here.

Thanks for your time.

  • AfricanBeard
    Discord: AfricanBeard#0102

5/2/2022 1:41:40 Nordic Crypto Ape 10x NO
Community matters

Utility and projects with people that engage others to get onboard is key in building the bigger picture.The future for any blockchain development will be in its users. This is a perfect example of how to engage your community to stay on the “right” track going forward. As simple as it may sound I would strongly recomend to look at the most successful projects out there with utility for the everyday user (not whales) and build utility around that. I also believe that coop’s with other blockchains is vital to stay ahead in this game. One for all and all for one!
Wishing you all the best

5/2/2022 2:45:30 @AntRobs_03 2x YES

The 1Wallet is essential for the growth of the community. If we want to onboard more users and retain them on Harmony we need the 1Wallet because:

  1. Today its very difficult access the Harmony blockchain from mobile through the Metamask wallet for the average user. There are too much steps to setup the Metamask wallet for Harmony on mobile. So it’s fundamental that the 1Wallet will be available as soon as possible on mobile.

  2. It’s difficult to stake ONE (overall for mobile). The process of staking needs to be user friendly, so in the 1Wallet I suggest to implement in the main interface the possibility to stake your ONE with 1-click to your chosen validator.

  3. It’s difficult to find the main Harmony Dapps when you arrive on Harmony. So I suggest to implement in the main interface also a list with the main Harmony Dapps, everyone with a short and simple description that helps the user to understand what does the Dapp.

Thanks for your attention, Harmonauts.

5/2/2022 3:33:20 BakedFish07 (Reddit) 2x YES
Reinforcing the DeFi Ecosystem

The Harmony team should focus more efforts on attracting DeFi money into the Harmony ecosystem.

Despite being an extremely low cost and fast blockchain, Harmony has not been able to keep up with the top blockchains (mainly referring to blockchains such as FTM, AVAX, NEAR, CRONOS and others that offer similarly low cost and fast transactions) in terms of attracting DeFi money.
While Harmony is actively and passionately engaging the entire blockchain community with its Metaverse plans, there is no reason to not make DeFi part of its grand scheme. Ultimately, one of the main goals of having a low cost and fast network (pretty much every other similar blockchains) is to capitalize on this point and attract DeFi money and TVL to grow the blockchain’s utility at one of the most basic level. Yet, Harmony does not seem to place much emphasis on it.

Importance and benefits of DeFi:
(1) DeFi money helps bring confidence and ultimately more new investors to the blockchain. Having a strong DeFi ecosystem especially in periods of bear markets can help calm nerves and ‘persuade’ investors to stay strong as they can continuously earn attractive yields instead of dumping and shifting out their capital. This helps to secure the blockchain and enable it to overcome dull periods and emerge stronger.
(2) Promotes a holistic ecosystem and is especially in line with Harmony’s other vision of being a chain known for GameFi and NFTs. Think of a blockchain that combines the very best attributes of GameFi and DeFi. This would place Harmony in top position among other Layer-1 blockchains as right now most other top blockchains are focused on just a single aspect or are not as developed.

Problems & Solutions:
(1) Lack of innovative DeFi applications; and versus our competitors blockchains, Harmony’s focus and incentives towards DeFi projects are way lesser.
(A) The Harmony team can consider focusing more funding/support/incentives towards developing DeFi ecosystem. This could come in the form of separate grants with criteria specifically targeted towards DeFi projects, TVL-based milestones with a set period of time to encourage longer-term DeFi solutions, or simply onboarding more DeFi partners and incentives. While there is always the issue of mercenary capital, I see this as an overall benefit as new investors get a feel of using the Harmony network and could ultimately persuade them to stay on, especially when we also have a developed GameFi and NFT ecosystem. Harmony can slightly tweak its image to also emphasize DeFi in its marketing strategy to make clear to investors Harmony as an avenue to earn attractive yields and we are in fact a leading blockchain as well.

(2) Lack of high-quality infrastructure that keeps track of transaction activity and blockchain statistics, which is a critical need for serious DeFi developers and investors. One of the more commonly reiterated issue is having a higher utility explorer (e.g. Etherscan) which many users and developers rely on.
(B) Continuously work towards a meaningful explorer that provides higher utility (understand that this is in the works and we should try to expedite this as much as possible).

5/2/2022 3:36:35 Ferran 10x YES

Hi, I’m Ferran, CEO of Peersyst. I wanted to take the opportunity to present my experience and opinion about the future that I think Harmony should follow.

First of all I want to comment that although our company develops blockchain technology and that we want to actively contribute to the development of technology for Harmony as partners or extension of the team, I will try to be as honest and neutral as possible in my feedback, although this may condition my perspective.

As I have previously stated, we have been developing and working in the blockchain ecosystem since 2016, being one of the first companies in the country to contribute with some of the top 5 CMC protocols of the moment to date. What I have observed during these years is that the market is clearly cyclical, that the Bear / Bull sentiments come and go at the same times of the year and in 4-year cycles and that as a protocol, there are very few things that can be done so that you are not affected by a market crash or to cause it.

With all this, I believe that in the industry these periods must be normalized, not obsessed with reviewing what we did to make this happen because many times the impact may have nothing to do with the actions. Personally, and even before the current situation, I think that Harmony made a great effort to develop a very good tech base, which it wanted to compensate with a great community effort and non-tech initiatives during the following years. From my point of view, although this has been something very good for growth, it always seemed to me that this part was a bit unbalanced, and that I did not understand how a top 50 protocol could have a poorly functional Explorer, a wallet with 200k+ users did not maintained and very few “basic” protocol tools.

I think that when there is a bear market, it is really the time to invest in the future, and especially to invest in tech. Although many times technology does not give you an immediate “boom”, it is the assets that ultimately belong to and support the project, and in times of bear the “boom” news have no effect. I believe that the companies that take advantage of these seasons to develop a roadmap and cutting-edge technology in the medium/long term (1-2 years in the future) are the ones that when the situation is bullish again (which will return) have the chance of not only recovering but also even grow. Those that do not invest in the future during this period have a very difficult time becoming strong again then. What we are now is a reflection of what we did before. Where do we want to be in 1 year? What technologies would we like to have? What can we improve? This is what needs to be defined now.

I also think that it is time to be selective, to look at where the resources are invested to get the most out of it. This leads to a bull market again. I think it is important to invest in the team itself, in trusted and reliable partners and in new teams that guarantee results. Obviously this favors our interests as suppliers and I can be conditioned, but honestly with my experience it is what I feel has always worked.

Having said this and in summary, I think there is no need to search or blame oneself for anything that has been done since I think it has very little relationship or impact with the current moment. I believe that a roadmap must be drawn up 1-2 years from now, focused on technology, to be at the forefront and strong in the next cycle, and I believe that this development must be delegated to the team and to trusted partners to ensure the delivery that is obtained by the use of more limited funds. This will lead to a situation equal to or better than it was a few months ago. Think about the technological landscape in May 2023. What technologies would we like to have by then? How should each component work?

I hope that my experience will be useful and can be taken into account! Up Harmony!

5/2/2022 6:23:13 Wubba_one 10x NO
DAO centric

DAO is a good way to sustain a blockchain future development. But it is still very early to focus on this aspect before we hit the amount of audiences from the market. the blockchain now is still in early development for many projects, and every project is very users based. Without a large amount of investors and users to stay in the protocol, it is very hard to keep them build and stay with the protocol. We should focus on the protocol development, keep the community happy with the progress, and people will DAO themselves if they want with large enough users pool. It is not Harmony’s job to push DAO. a true DAO will form itself without any incentive. We need a strong and happy community that can sustain the health of protocol, not people worrying about it.

5/2/2022 7:59:16 @Bricktop_One 10x YES
Limit Number Of DAOs, Quality Over Quantity

When we started the DAO mission, I thought that we were focussing on a small number of DAOs, DAOs which would specifically serve as a piece of the puzzle to assist the core team in area’s they needed assistance. However it was clear at the rate we tried to grow with DAOs, we were doing too much. The core DAOs never got the attention they deserved and were bound to fail. I thought when we were given Mandates for the DAOs, that they were one puzzle piece of the bigger picture, a small number of DAOs which would assist achieve a wider goal.

I believe we should scale it back, focus on DAOs that serve a purpose to the core and the community on a smaller scale. If we can build 10-15 DAOs, including DAOs that help the creation of other DAOs, make them fully operational, sustainable and successful, then they can help the growth of DAOs when we make a push. We need to learn to walk before we run.

We have all failed DAOs, governors, members of the core team and the community. Its time to focus on a select few DAOs and show the community what they can be capable of. I tried to create an example of this with the Creative DAO proposal. To show a Harmony DAO can have a vision that can be on the most part, run by contributors, but to be honest, currently, not all DAOs can achieve this so easily. We need to set defined goals that aren’t too far fetched. The DAOs need true focus, if governors/signatories struggle to understand their goals, How do we expect members of the community to have conviction through contributing?

I truly love Harmony, however what I have been through the last 9 months on the backend of this failed DAO mission has been horrific, myself, along with many have others have suffered with serious mental health struggles at times through the course of this along with my family. You need to understand this so you can avoid this happening to others as it’s not fair or ethical.

We need to focus on making this work with a select few DAOs, give them the time and the resources to make them work. Then build from their once lessons are learned.

5/2/2022 8:32:34 ProbablyPriest 2x NO
Invest in user growth

Please focus on the growth of adoptive users. DAOs are not doing anything for the protocol but showing risky, protocol backed, projects. Focus on the gamification, and then hire some business people to make sure things are audited and then reviewed, perhaps create a business department that goes over the business plan of each project that gets the Harmony investment grants. They need to viable projects, and projects without a defined revenue plan will inevitably end up as rug pulls, bc people (dev teams) will need to take profits eventually to sustain the protocol (AKA PAY FKN BILLS)

5/2/2022 13:45:30 Raul 10x YES
Hiring a specialized Marketing Team

Marketing it’s really important , and the fact is it shouldn’t be decentralized, to achieve peak performance and reach we need a Head of Marketing with their own team that fits Harmony’s needs.

5/2/2022 18:22:13 Ashley Martin (Auguy1986) 1x NO
1 Second Finality

I just did a lot of research on finality across multiple blockchains. I did not find anyone remotely close to Harmony’s ONE second finality. My question is, Who are you competing against? 1 second, 2 second your community doesn’t care. If it was 45-60 seconds I could understand the desire to get better. You are currently an equivalent of a Ferrari vs a Honda Civic.

5/2/2022 18:29:02 Ashley Martin (Auguy1986) 2x NO
Project X/Y Funding

I did my due diligence but could not find a rough dollar estimate of how much has been funded. So I will guess it’s a pretty immaterial amount. Project X seems like it is pretty much given out without any guidelines or thresholds. Why? I saw multiple Project Y that made no sense when it came to getting $10k start up cost. This might be a very small thing dollar wise but needs to fully halt, at minimum temporarily for the 2022 year. Why create something like this with no sight or direction in what your expectations are? Needs accountability if it is going to continue. 1DAO Alliance needs to take a hard look at these two categories.

5/2/2022 18:57:28 Ashley Martin (Auguy1986) 10x NO
DAO Grants $50M fund

It’s starting to feel like Project X, Project Y (Probably started as a great Idea but terrible management) and Non Core DAO grants have been mixed altogether. How can you create a program when you have no expectations? Is this going to help Harmony? Is this self sustainable? The DAO proposals I am seeing have pretty much become virtue signaling/SJW/ warm feelings grants. The proposals will keep coming in waves until proper action is taken. IMO, 99% are not sustainable and will require 3-6 month injections to keep them afloat. As a CPA, it looks like Harmony is becoming a social charity instead of a blockchain (You have ONE chance to change your image. Please don’t take it for granted). You HAVE to create proper guidelines that ‘WILL’ be followed by grantors and COMMUNICATE your expectations to the community. It caught us all off guard to see this activity. I want to end by saying DAOs are not a bad concept but there is a time and place for them. I would advise slashing Harmony’s $50M DAO grants to $10M or completely halted. Your community is slowly moving on from what we have uncovered. Do NOT give them ANY reason to lose your trust again or it’s all for nothing. Just because you want to be the first to do something doesn’t mean you are going to succeed

How to get the community to fall in line with your future roadmap:

  1. Communicate
  2. Communicate
  3. Communicate

Sorry but that is very important with Harmony’s current climate.

thanks a lot!

5/2/2022 19:13:33 Ashley Martin (Auguy1986) 1x YES
Hiring more contributors/workers

I’m just going to be very blunt here. It is very apparent watching the last 3-4 months worth of Harmony’s Hand on YouTube videos’ that Harmony is WAYY understaffed. I recently have spoke to a few of your team members to see what I can do to help get the project back on it’s feet. See there are many investors/people out there like me that love Harmony. We want to help whether we have a full time job already or not. We just want to help in some capacity.
Harmony immediate needs IMO should be: 1-2 part time workers that help facilitate any info or questions asked by the community. (Strong emphasis on 1-2 people the community TRUSTS) Next, STRONG techs with experience. Get as many as you can.

5/2/2022 19:17:35 Ashley Martin (Auguy1986) 2x YES
Cross Sharding…Where is it?

People invested in Harmony for tech. 2 second finality, cross shard communication. As of writing this, I am aware of only Shard 0 being used at less than 50% capacity. Get the other shards going with purpose. How can you market cross sharding when after 2 years you are still running on one? If there is currently only reason for running one then create reasons for running multiple. BUILD! Bring games, whatever it takes!

5/2/2022 19:47:29 Ashley Martin (Auguy1986) 10x YES
I have to give Harmony more than ONE 10X…Come on now!

Last but not least…These are actually 3 things that harmony is lacking but will bring the BEST overall value to the blockchain.

  1. Explorer- This was needed far too long ago. Throw the entire kitchen sink at this please!

  2. Marketing- Where is the marketing? I’ve been screaming it since I first invested Feb 2021. This goes back to my point of being obviously understaffed. BAYC Apes was a great investment but utter embarrassing communication to your community. Harmony’s current optics looks like great tech but ultra cheap on everything else. NOW, you are giving grants out of nowhere…See why the community is so upset? Get professional marketing please!!

3.Harmony Core Team needs to get on the same page. Optics wise, it looks like everyone is doing there on thing. Honestly, with how bad the communication is to the community I could only imagine how bad the communication is within the team.

One thing I have learned as accounting manager and forensic auditor of multi billion dollar companies. When an executive team or founders of a company are never on the same page…Guess what happens? The vision is LOST and things start slipping through the cracks.

You all are extremely bright individuals that love Harmony. Take this time to get the best out of yourselves and communicate effectively while working efficiently.

Get back to the Harmony everyone fell in love with in 2020 and early 2021.


5/2/2022 22:45:36 NathanFarms 10x YES
Each shards should have a specific purpose

We can allocate each shards for specific purpose. Shard 0 - will be the DeFi shard, Shard 1 - GameFi/metaverse. Then we can also utilize other shards for more private/corporate purpose.

5/3/2022 7:41:58 Drspinosa 10x YES
Adaptive Project management with Fast Feedback loop, Agile and light

We are on Web3 where things change in a matter of hours. I also noticed some times projects and DAOs spend a lot of resources and time to achieve a deliverable or a goal resulting in delaying the progress of a project. Sometimes, that could end up costing the project possibly being irrelevant or obsolete by the time it is achieved.
Sometimes guidelines are so strict that the focus is just to achieve those guidelines resulting in teams’ frustration and demotivation.

As long as there is a vision and basic rules and ethics in place, target deliverables guidelines can be agile to offer better results growth and adoption while staying fresh and relevant.

For example, you have approved a DAO or a project and a key milestone to release $10K is X. However that at the time of planning it seemed ok but during working on delivering X new tech is out or found different ways to deliver the overall project rendering X not that important or irrelevant. Thus, making delivering X obsolete or worst blocking delivering the whole project.

I suggest almost all operations and projects internal and funded use an adaptive project framework with a continual feedback assessment loop. This way projects are broken down into processes. Even if a process does not work it is killed but the project or DAO continues to function and progresses.

There are a lot of active frameworks and studies and we can even invent our own, however for reference have a look at this

5/3/2022 8:04:07 Alhassan Yaminu 2x NO

Our focus is to deliver awareness, education and foster growth of Harmony among the student community in Ghana. It is aimed at exposing web3 education and its potential as career path for graduates coming from the tertiary Institutions and embrace the opportunity Harmony ecosystem offers for developers, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

5/4/2022 0:07:21 NathanFarms 10x NO
1 Billion No and 1 Billion Yes

1 Billion NO for DAO fundings as harmony is closely losing its traction in DeFi. Harmony can proceed with DAOs once it’s ecosystem is already established, but right now it’s meh. 1 Billion YES for improving tech like cross shard communication, and make each shard have dedicated utility. And please also prioritize your explorer.

5/4/2022 7:51:25 Dan 1x YES
Promote Ethereum style addresses and ENS

Users are confused about having two address formats on Harmony. It is a constant theme coming up in forums and chat apps where users are unable to figure out why their Ethereum style address isn’t supported by Exchanges and on-ramps when they’ve been used to using it in Harmony’s dApp ecosystem.

It would help user onboarding if the Ethereum style address was the prominent/default address format on Harmony, with effort being made to get on/off ramps and exchanges to support the 0x address for Harmony transactions.

This with the widespread use of ENS would give a more familiar feel to Ethereum users and cause less confusion generally for new Harmony users.

**5/5/2022 1:49:04 nobank.one team 10x YES **
Attract builders and support them with all you have.

We had many discussions within our team on how to improve Harmony, its community and the overall success. As a project (nobank.one) building on Harmony, we love the base tech that is given: speed & low cost.
What we believe to be a massive accelerator for Harmony, is a better ecosystem of builders. Each project that you support can onboard 10, 100, 1’000, 10’000, 100’000 new people to Harmony. And that leads to growth of literally everything.
Therefore we propose to support projects on Harmony not only with $, but with:

  • active coaching & mentoring (think 1h a month with every project that has full-time people working on it)
  • active business dev support and especially marketing through social channels (not only DFK, 1wallet, also smaller projects - there is a lot of cool stuff out there!)
  • a builders network to get to know each other and discuss
    -a common vision
    -build specialized subgroups (e.g. everyone in defi, everyone in gaming, everyone in NFTs)

To make sure that no scams are among these, ask for documents and proof points such as legal papers, official incorporations / listings, a “put-all-cards-on-the-table” demo, etc.

5/6/2022 1:09:33 kennybetz 2x YES
L1 Incubator

Harmony Team,

Great job. Harmony is a unique L1 that has drawn an incredibly diverse community. I commend you on the recent partnerships to plug a few of the user facing issues, RPCs, explorer, etc.

Harmony grew a dedicated community without a great wallet, explorer, Binance and occasionally an outage or two. Their is something special about Harmony that drew in people despite the friction of adoption.

Understanding the community at the user level, the who and why, is how you find your path to success and to better understand your greatest asset.

Harmony doesn’t need to be an Ethereum killer to be successful and many L1s trying to be a copy will eventually fade away. Harmony has the opportunity to position itself as the stepping stone for developers to other chains. It is not because Harmony doesn’t have a chance to compete with other chains on tech, I just see the explosive growth in tools that are chain agnostic on both the infrastructure and software side. Positioning as an L1 incubator diversifies Harmony into both an advanced scalable L1 Blockchain and a secure EVM testnet with a dedicated community for feedback.

The message for developers should be, start on Harmony, evolve with our community and we will help you become a success across all chains.

The message to our community should be, help us incubate great projects, iterate them to success and have the opportunity to invest before they go “chainstream”.

That is my 2 cents.

Have solace that everything you read from the community today is about the past and the future looks incredibly bright.

Cheers, Kenny


Thank you Harmonauts for providing your insights!



Great feedbacks in here :blue_heart: thanks everybody who used the chance and shared his insights


Possible to share another proposal now? I didn’t see a specific time deadline (only saw 6th May and thought I had some time left) and missed submitting mine :joy:

Go ahead and post it here in the comments. We can keep the conversation going :+1:


DAOs- Community Interactions

Like a lot of the community members, I have been very frustrated with DAOs. Scouring around on the talk.harmony.one (henceforth referred to as THO) forum has been a trip to say the least. After a lot of interactions, lurking, engaging around the forum, I have made some observations, and see some issues the team will have to address sooner or later.

In this proposal I will mainly be talking about the issues with community interactions regarding DAOs on the THO forum and some other miscellaneous points.

The THO forum has several issues as a place of open discussion-

  • Brigading- Very easy for new accounts to brigade discussion (Several proposals get 40-50 comments from new accounts praising the proposal. This can possibly go the other way too where an ill-meaning group can degrade a discussion)

  • Content flagging- Reporting/flagging is easily abusable. From what I understood- you can simply flag anyone’s comment and it just straight up gets hidden

  • Community guidelines- There doesn’t appear to be any clear set of guidelines to follow for interacting with others on the forum

  • DAO updates- Figuring out which DAOs are approved/under review is very confusing, sharing updates (for DAOs) as replies to the proposal seems hard to follow,

Issues that can arise because of the above-

  • Community split-up- We can already see this. There are some very anti-DAO individuals, some DAO worshippers who just go around praising anything, etc.

  • Unattractive for potential investors/builders- The sentiment on the forum is clear for anyone to see and can very likely dissuade legitimate creators away from Harmony

I’m sure the DAO Ops Team might already be working towards some solutions to these and a whole lot more but some suggestions I’d offer-

  • Adopt some of Harmony One’s Reddit forum moderation policies. Perhaps a bit stricter so people don’t resort to low blow insults and overly charged takes

  • Get some actual moderators. I don’t think the team can devote the time it takes to moderate an active forum like this so maybe leverage some help

  • Have the content moderation go through an actual moderator (like Reddit) instead of auto-hiding the content

  • Add a flag on DAO posts (like Reddit flairs) that identifies what stage of the review/funding process the DAO is at. Have a separate section when you open an approved DAO’s post specifically for DAOs to post their updates

  • As a content rule, disallow DAO members to spam positive comments on their own project

  • Have a “cooldown timer” before a new account can start interacting with posts

Tim from the Reddit Mod Team is on the Ops Team I think so he can surely help with the moderation bit. If you want I can volunteer to help too.

If you somehow managed to read this far, thanks. Took a while to get through this while dealing with bad ache from my wisdom tooth extraction :sweat_smile:


Nice one i will read in detail over the weekend. Great work thanks :blue_heart:

Thanks for your ideas. I read them with interest, I agree with what I wrote

There are lots of great ideas and thoughts here. I am sure the team has each of them on their radar but hopefully the feedback is helpful in their off-site conversations.

My wish is the 1wallet gets rolled out in way that it is 100% ready to go, with huge and sustained fanfare and with every DAO focusing their sites on increasing adoption as measured by the number of 1 wallets downloaded/created


Very interesting That someone wrote this. I Thought I was on my own for the moment.

The person who wrote this join the Harmony Pay for further chats
Discord, Telegram and Tweeters (with a good following) are ready. Links in the link below

The DAO is ready but at waiting mode with 2 influencers, 1 node expert and a Business Development manager.

The next step is to develop the first utility which is a Control panel and eCommerce plugins see call and detailed project brief here with approved Harmony grant: Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth - #22 by drspinosa

I am looking for 1-2 focused developers that Ideally want to be Business partners. I you are a dev or can help find one please DM me.

Regarding to the rest of your suggestions this is my vision to deliver for Harmony.
In collaboration with 1wallet and/or independently to have a mobile payment system that can utilise all HRC20 tokens and also have a visa/ master card linked with instant auto-settlements on HRC20 stable coins.

Further to that to build an interposable payment protocol that utilises multishard comms. this to be used by third parties and Harmony Pay utility.

Have 1-2 Harmony Validator nodes to help the network

Also have our own HRC20 Token. The first experimental token is ready on the mainnet called $FLORA but not added any value to it. This most likely will be a rewards token.

Build a fintech on Harmony

I would like to link up with more people like yourselves so please join and spread the word
Thanks for reading.