Convert_one_to_hex missing from python pyhmy?

Hi, I’ve been looking for a way to convert a one address to a checksum ETH(hex) address, and attempted to utilize pyhmy.util to do this, although it seems in all my attempts convert_one_to_hex is missing from util. Util has the rest of the functions found within the github source code(get_gopath, is_active_shard, etc.) though lacks this specific one; so when trying to import it directly an error is thrown.

It’s likely a fault on my end but I was wondering if any of you guys knew anything about this before I moved forward, thanks!

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The function to convert is here:

I am not sure what the issue is but feel free to post your error.

There is a dependency of eth_utils that is required…

Did you install it?

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Turns out pip installs an incomplete pyhmy, so thats why it lacks convert_one_to_hex, so manually installing it through git seemed to fix the issue.

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That’s great to hear… There was some updates done recently. I guess pip is not uptodate!