CI/CD for pyhmy to PyPI repository

Seems like the pyhmy package on PyPI doesn’t get updates.
Apparently no updates since September 2020 pyhmy · PyPI
It lists Daniel Van Der Maden as the maintainer who isn’t working on harmony anymore (?)

He didn’t respond at his GitHub mail but maybe someone of the team still has contact?
If not it would be possible to take over the pyhmy package to continue development PEP 541 -- Package Index Name Retention |

Either way it would probably be helpful to use GitHub Actions to automate releases in the future Publishing package distribution releases using GitHub Actions CI/CD workflows — Python Packaging User Guide

There was already an issue open for this pip3 install pyhmy returns outdated version · Issue #21 · harmony-one/pyhmy · GitHub
And people still run into problems with this Convert_one_to_hex missing from python pyhmy? - #3 by tabasco_ow


Yes, the pyHmy git repo was updated and quite nicely as well but the PyPi package is well outdated and missing dependencies.

Harmony still has control of the repo and @ganesha has the keys

Can we get this updated @ganesha … It is not a big task or at least create a new PyPi if we do not have access to that anymore!


@ganesha I just ping this topic, as we are getting a growing number of issues with the python package.
Is there some maintaining of the Repository planned? Or do we recommend using the node API instead?


I don’t have the twine account information for releasing the latest version. I am checking with team, if I can find the account, will upload the latest library, otherwise will have to switch to new one. Will do this by this week or next (longer due to holidays, sorry).


Thanks for the information Giv!

@ganesha any updates on that?

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I am also keen on updates.

Is there a possibility @ganesha of having some community members or the dev dao taking some “ownership” of the repo?

I would be interested for sure… there are a few fixes that I and others have already added manually that need committed.

Maybe @Sev-CaptainsLounge is also interested?