Counter-Measures, aggressive maneuvers vs attackers

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Not sure where to put this topic so I figured I would start with the “tip of the sword”, “big brains”, “tech wizards”, aka you all, the Devs.
In regards to the Arb Spammer bots that are currently causing a nuisance;
I wonder if there is a way to implement an ever-increasing transaction cost to target attackers (be on the offense rather than just the defense once an attack is identified). For instance, if the TX payload is bare and repetitive, meaning, a shell of a transaction, nonsense, spam; then a mechanism could note the wallet address, time, GEO, etc, If the behavior continues and trips a barrier limit, “click” [notice to transactor = transaction cost is tripled to $*. or you must wait X amount of seconds before attempting an identical TX.**]…

Not sure how much of this would take place on a separate infrastructure (i.e Azure Functions and Logic Apps, AZ Automate, etc). Just food for thought.

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That could be implemented as a txn selection strategy on a per validator basis, meaning it’s the block proposer’s own judgement. But it will be a bit hard to do while not touching the border of txn censorship. The best solution is still have a good txn pricing model to make the cost of attack higher than economically sensible in a long run.

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I think we need to come up with a more innovative approach than just increasing txs cost. What about this attack is any different than the countless before it on any low fee chain? Why was the Harmony team caught off guard here? Honestly, a solution to this type of attack, that doesn’t require increasing tx costs, should have been part of the white paper. We need to innovate not emulate solutions to age old problems.

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That I can not answer. I’ll look and see what I can find but it is a few notches above my head.

Any ideas?