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Disaster DAO

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Hello harmonauts,
This is the first time I write in this category, and the reason is that given what happened a few days ago due to the spam attacks and the unfortunate binary update, I would like to start a discussion about the creation of a fund for such incidents.

The main affected obviously have been the validators, since some are going to suffer excessive costs of bandwidth consumption due to spam attacks.
At the same time the delegators have been able to see in an amazing way how for almost two days their funds were frozen there without being able to take any action.

That is why with this first post I would like to know first-hand all the opinions on whether a proportional to stake’s subsidy should be paid to the validators and that they send funds to their affected delegators.

I don’t know if this is the right category, forgive me if it’s not the subject of these posts.

Without nothing more, greetings and thanks.