Creative DAO Council Candidate: ABINVESTMENTS

Hello Harmony,

My name is Aaron B & I am a designer from California.

I became apart of this community at the beginning of the year & I’m happy that I did! So far, I’ve created several concept designs for the Creative Dao which can be seen in my portfolio. I intend on making more visuals for Harmony on request.

I can create logos, icons, website designs, typography & a lot more. Very versatile. My go to programs are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fusion 360

I operate a ceramic business called ABCERAMICSS & work with 3D printing technology to create my designs. Feel free to check out my work @ABCERAMICSS on instagram or ABCERAMICSS.ART for my website

I also do various graphic designs/custom artwork. You can find some of those designs here Home

I believe that crypto is revolutionizing the world for the better and I want to be apart of the change. I’m grateful to be apart of something that’s bigger than me and excited to serve my community. Let’s get it!


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