Creative DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: (adamlawlbkr1)

I am adamlawalbkr1;
blockchain enthusiast, a community manager, intermediate graphics designer,
Passionate to count on success and always willing to learn and share ideas.

I am a lover of HARMONY open potentials for growth, and it’s greater future. I always love to join in building the best for betterment of all which is what harmony is doing. I want to contribute in the path of achieving it’s mission.

What is the role of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community and how do you plan to advance its mission?

Currently, creative DAO was tasked with harmony branding and marketing by sourcing creatives and incentivising them inform of bounties for creation of branding items like inforgraphics, videos, media posts…

But the mandates of creative DAO should transcend beyond that to include creativity in various sphere serving as hub to connect developers, artist and relevant skills with idea generators to help in nurturing, creating and scaling conceptual ideas into real tangible project deployed on harmony which will facilitate the ecosystem growth thereby maximising the input of the DAO to the harmony ecosystem .

How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

I am a fan of teamwork and can work alone as well if there’s need. I prefer brainstorming on ideas, reaching consensus then move forward to execution .
I set milestones even for myself and work to achieve it. I have a habit of allocating time to my routines and prioritise on what I am doing at hand.

Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked

I have been actively involved in organisations I have found myself in where I have given inputs ranging from operational transparency on how members can be carried along better & communication improved to avoid unnecessary issues as a result of people feeling left in the dark to critically analysis of deliverables & tasks before being publicised amongst others which yielded great results after implementation.

Why are you the best person for a role on the Creative DAO council?

Being a blockchain enthusiast, Community manager and an intermediate graphics designer passionate of decentralization not only in governance but in the way people nurture, create and scale their ideas into value added contribution.
I am enthusiastic to align my passion with the mandate of this DAO. This drove my interest to contest so as to be able to contibute from a different perspective.

Fast forward 3 months - what will a successful term have looked like?

It will look like counting achieved milestones, exploring new possibilities, and integrating potential scopes that this DAO can well fit into.


Wow you finally did it. You are a great addition to any team any day seeing your energy, willingness to actively participate & proffer solution to issues. Hope you make it buddie.


Hello Frances, thanks for your kind words, I am glad to connect

@adamlawalbkr1That sounds great vision from our fellow Harmonauts, looking forward to your stewardship

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Thanks alhassan for the kind words. Looking forward to connect more

Best of luck Adam. been great to see your ideas so far

Thanks bricktop_one, it’s my pleasure to receive your good wishes, looking forward to connecting further as ONE.

Good luck for your candidacy bro!
Go for it! You can do it! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Thank you very much for the kind words, it further instil drive and passion.
Glad to connect

Hello Adam! You have my vote. Thank you so much for continuing to be creative in your graphic design position. I look forward to creating with you. And furthering the objectives of the DAO

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Hello loge,
Thank you very much, looking forward to connect more

Lots of heart and soul in your post. I can tell you really want this role, and will do good things for the DAO and ecosystem.

You have my support!

Best of luck!!!

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Hello ru,
Thanks for your kind words, it really adds to my drive to give my best.
I appreciate your support

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Congratulations @adamlawalbkr1, you made it, looking forward for a successful tenure, all the best!!