Creative DAO Funding Request

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Hello @HarmonyCreativeDAO governors!

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@Sam has recently published a terrific set of guidelines regarding DAO bootstrap funding. Please take a look, if you haven’t already, here.

In order for operational DAO’s to receive additional funding there needs to be reporting and accounting.

Report & Accounting : Prior to ANY additional funding. The DAO must produce a report for the prior funding period. The report will be in .pdf form and be available to download. In the report, they will list the following items:

  • DAO Mandate
  • Initial Formation Proposal
  • Deliverables and Metrics from the initial funding request
  • Report on the status of the deliverables and the metrics associated.
  • Accounting of the DAO treasury which must include:
  1. Income
  2. Payments including links to the community vote and how the payment is tied to the DAOs mandate
  3. Current assets on hand (including social channels such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc. If the DAO has created content, list and link to that content)
  • Current community statistics. Social channels with followers and engagement. Number of Governance Loops completed.
  • Lessons learned during the prior term. Both positive and negative.

I would recommend the report not only be a post on talk, but also a PDF document that can be linked to the talk post.

Acutely aware of the issues regarding the first funding request for the Creative DAO. This report will expedite the process of additional funding and give us all something tangible.

The bounty request is not needed in the report, as funds for the bounties have not be transferred to the treasury. It would be beneficial to the community to see a plan-of-execution for the bounty funds. Are there already bounties the Creative DAO has in mind to set up? Consider a second proposal for the bounty request with more details surrounding the Creative DAO Bounty program.

Thanks for the good work so far. :blue_heart:

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Hi all, the requested reporting and accounting information can be found below, and can also be downloaded in PDF form here: Request for Reporting and Accounting for Operational DAO Additional Funding

Thank you for reviewing!

Request for Reporting and Accounting for Operational DAO Additional Funding

Harmony Creative DAO

As requested on: Creative DAO Funding Request

Original DAO funding request: Harmony Protocol Creative DAO Funding Request

Requested information:


Identity: Drive uniform branding in Harmony ecosystem. Promote cultural values and mission.

Create: Commission content to further awareness and amplify Harmony messages. Educate community through informational content.

Include: Reach for the un-included. Convert the crypto-curious.

Initial formation request, written by Mr Sam Harrison

Deliverables and Metrics from the initial funding request

Regarding deliverables and metrics from the initial funding request, unfortunately there was nothing officially set out by Sam when calling for candidates, other than a brief post from a community member Bruno.

Once formalized the DAO set out its deliverables and metrics through its original funding request.


  • Increase Harmony branding awareness with uniform content across the Harmony ecosystem
  • Creation of creative content (Infographics, How-to videos, brand stickers, short form writing, long form writing that aligns with Harmony’s branding)
  • Produce a SWOT analysis identifying Harmony’s position in the market
  • Generate the first community driven brand guide. Apply to the website and existing collateral.
  • Deploy $25K for creative-focused bounties.
  • Produce market segmentation studies identifying communities of potential investors to target with marketing campaigns


  • 2-3 Weekly posts
  • 1 weekly Video
  • 1 weekly infographic
  • Increase social media following to 2500
  • Increase Creatives database to advise when bounties go active to 150 creatives, we currently have 62 creatives signed up as potential contributors to the DAO and its bounties
  • Incentivise influencers reporting on the Harmony Ecosystem with creative drives
  • Encourage community involvement with the Creative DAO
  • Assist core team marketing strategies surrounding roadmap and events

Although some time has passed since formalization, it’s understandable the DAO has had setbacks with motivation and commitment due to the funding bottleneck issues and uncertainty of the DAOs existence. We have been working since January 13th with the full capabilities of the DAO so we are just getting started.

Treasury Payments

Multi-Sig Details-

Multi-Sig Address:


Multi-Sig Link: Harmony Multisig Wallet

The only payments from the DAO Treasury were set out in the retroactive funding proposal, no other outgoing payments have been made from the DAO treasury.

Understandably the DAO has had no income except the initial funding request, approval and payment however the Creative DAO have some ideas which they want to put to the community regarding creating a sustainable income for the DAO.

The Creative DAO has posted one payment transparency report since being funded on January 18th which you can find here: Harmony Creative DAO Governor Pay Transparancy Report

Social Assets

Creative DAO Twitter:

Twitter currently has 443 Followers with plans to rapidly expand on this once more content comes from the DAO.

Twitter Analytics

Creative DAO Discord: Harmony

The Creative DAO currently operates its primary discord channel on the Harmony Discord server which can be found with the hashtag #Creative-Dao.

We plan to expand on this shortly with a channel on the Creative DAOs organizational server with a channel for contributors.

Creative DAO Telegram:

The Creative DAO has a telegram account but has yet to make full use of this until we can get suitable admin in place and bots to monitor and protect the channel to ensure its safe for users at all times. However for transparency this can be found at Telegram: Contact @HarmonyCreativeDAO


  • Infographics from Buythefndip

  • ETHDenver 2022 Medium article by thenursegreg: Medium

  • Buythefndip collab for the Community DAO

  • Video content from Cheeky Crypto.
  • Video content from Thehighindian

Lessons learned during the prior term. Both positive and negative

As we have only just funded on the 18th of January the Creative DAO governors feel like their term has just officially begun, however the delay did serve as a period in which we could get organized. The main bulk of the DAO infrastructure is now in place so we can get to work with the community. Allowing us to get a good start on gathering creators on our personal database which currently sits at 62, contributors can sign up to the notification program by filling out this form: Contributor Registration Form

We have opened lines of communication with other large groups of creatives who we can inform when the bounty program becomes active with the community’s approval.

We have begun to develop a database of community members who wish to contribute by sharing key content and social posts when notified: Social Sharing Registration

More information regarding the bounty program

Regarding details of the bounty program, we have outlined our intent in the process just started with the Talk post Creative DAO - Creative Bounty Program

We have refrained from creating a comprehensive plan for this until the community is happy that we go ahead with this. We have included this in the current proposal as we do not want the DAO efforts to be crippled with further funding delays but rest assured once community approval has been received we will be ready to actively work on this. So far as stated in the proposal, we plan on creating bounties for multiple social channels including Youtube, Tiktok, Medium, Twitter and Reddit. We also plan to make use of the offer of help and guidance as a possible channel for options when Jackteroo at Harmony offered to hold a meeting with governors to possibly ‘’extend and scale the talent pool by connecting multiple established creative studios to be managed by this DAO’’ something which we are very much looking forward to, once arranged. We are hoping this could possibly tie in with the current proposal.

Governance Loops

Proposal for retroactive funding : Snapshot

As requested on: Harmony Protocol Creative DAO Funding Request - #8 by HarmonyCreativeDAO

Creative DAO Governor Vote: Snapshot

Current request put forward for the approval of the bounty program, currently on the initial voting process on Talk before potentially being put on Snapshot for official governance: Creative DAO - Creative Bounty Program

@frwrdslosh @giv @Sam @Mattyontap @lij @Jacksteroo


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poke received. thank you @thenursegreg

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Hi @frwrdslosh @Sam @giv @Mattyontap @lij @Jacksteroo @stse

We’re reaching out for an update regarding our funding request, as you know we had originally put this request in on the 25th of January, provided all information in a timely manor, yet we have still received no response.

As you know with the formulation of the DAO and the first request for funding being delayed for over two months the Harmony Creative DAO was brought to a standstill and eventually became unoperational due to the treasury being empty along with the demotivation of the team due to the DAOs uncertainty of backing. We had put this funding request in as soon as we received the last bout of funding to ensure we didnt find ourselves in this situation again. However, due to the retroactive payments for the initial 2 months along with this funding request delay, we have found ourselves in this position again.

We have approached the community regarding the $25k Bounty program and received support in favor of going ahead the campaigns, however, we do not currently have the funds to go ahead with this.

Creative Bounty Program

Discretionary Fund Proposal

We understand that ETH denver is looming, and the team have been busy, however we will soon become unoperational again, to add we also do not have enough funding to pay governors for their work at the end of the month due to the rectro active payments needed due to the previous funding delays.

Please can someone address this as soon as possible.

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Hello @HarmonyCreativeDAO govs, and thanks for the poke @thenursegreg. I’m still bruised. :laughing:

Thank you for the quick update on your end, and I will make it a point to be as speedy on my end regarding the next fix I need from the Creative DAO.

Let’s dig in.


These are considered best practices for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) - each expense should have:

  1. To whom the tx was made (alias is fine)
  2. How much it was
  3. Business purpose of the expense and supporting documentation.
  4. Treasury balance before expense
  5. Treasury balance after the expense.

For context, remember that DAO governance will be handed off to future generations and they will need to understand how DAO governors utilized their treasury.


The reporting for the additional funding documents should be systematic and tie directly with existing metrics.

Let’s use a couple metrics as an example:

In the reporting this metric should have 2-3 posts attached to the metric for each week prior to the previous funding approval.

In the reporting, show what the follower count is currently at across social media.

In the reporting, how do you feel you accomplished this metric. Use statistics such as the several votes you’ve organized since the last funding approval.

This is a vital and necessary progression for best DAO practices moving forward. Thank you @HarmonyCreativeDAO for being one of the first DAO’s on Harmony to take this on.

I believe we can conditionally approve this proposal pending these minor updates to the reporting and accounting.

Hi @frwrdslosh, We will work on providing what we can regarding the adjustments requested.

However, due to the delays in funding, the DAO has only been fully operational with all hands committed and on deck for around 20 days so may be lacking in some points.

After the retro active payments the DAO was essentially put back to square one, hence why we had put in another proposal straight after we received the first bout of funding.

We will get what we can together asap.

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Hi @frwrdslosh

Please find further Information requested below.

Accounting Information requested.

  1. To whom the tx was made (alias is fine)
  2. How much it was
  3. Business purpose of the expense and supporting documentation.
  4. Treasury balance before expense
  5. Treasury balance after the expense.

To whom the tx was made (alias is fine) & How much it was:

Creative DAO transparency report was posted previously here: Harmony Creative DAO Governor Pay Transparancy Report

Approval for the retroactive payments was requested and approved here: Snapshot

Payment made for 28th November - to 12th of january

Total Paid Out Harmony Paid Transaction ID Total Dollar Value
Buythefndip 6182.327129 0xaf5d3908c7f2c7fde245577b096ecaaa1b3d84b0f6cfb9890ff06c925fb7cea2 $1,140
Cheeky Chris 2358.89435 0x551a1970e744d84d6dbedfb02bb9bc5bd13955ec1b6f4d31af6a813dccab10ba $481.25
Chris Stakeridoo 3702.82922 0xa197a21c8af0ccba16c2e55f4f66c0248727e2ae4b649541e47bbba50f065066 $687.50
HODLen 3634.091009 0xca9fe3ebd93251839b1e97f7e47528925af09fdd8d623c84b16ce679daa8b192 $722.50
Bricktop_One 22940.65199 0x9ee22b4bbcd80829ec12969bfb69d1bd6a3a11d17c87f7f3c8405b4ab3675a82 $4,970.00
Loechii 4475.91829 0x1ea414efef876ff77ab2720a3b757f0ac321d31fd74a2bfbf2b4b67a1c8d27f4 $917.50
Thehighindian 4979.976496 0xe757d530976b50c9d74b40f6e0fd2594dc2422cac7666201ad1207a60fc6c77f $981.25
Thenursegreg 14711.13691 0x6ea44cc66ba946ca575ee0c8df9b23c5d75f50e56158c5b6dac03bc287095925 $3,193.75
Globey NFT 0 N/A $0.00

Additional payments for Community DAO assistance with DAO set up as external governors, advised to be paid from the Creative DAO treasury here: Funding for Support of Creative DAO Launch

Total Paid Out Paid Transaction ID Total Dollar value
Kakashi 2090.625 0x37d31a53c2fb410ebfe22f8b8fd3e8b2c5bb5bbe3f252c269e856b55783d7929 481.25
Strongmindshold 551.47 0x912ff9421d99f498dd147765a642774fd2d545b19db74d9d9482f1ca7ea5364b 150
Ben Stakeridoo 1769.301 0xa54f569debb978ff8507777cd96a3a967d5d8bc684b81860d4f6e1ff9c75659a 568.65

Payment made for 13th January - to 31st of January

Governor Paid Transaction ID Total $ Harmony
Buythefndip 5,114.6283 0xd6145b612156f5e58c42a6272acdf9574ebe81c017bbec436574c85f7ae56c2c $921.25 5,114.6283
Cheeky Chris 3,355.4995 0x5745676eddf18d5decaeb0d2aac84c243a453bb2c81a7b0ac268cc0a597169b4 $606.25 3,355.4995
Chris Stakeridoo 1,798.6198 0xa48771e9308f9d1c6d500f5ad6acf04bb0ccf75d70670eac7edc0eb6fc87dffa $325.00 1,798.6198
HODLen 1,391.1069 0x7dbefd4765a9f78354fdd8fe9c4ae4b16b4ec989ffe72fbc1cd876f65a1cb0a9 $250.00 1,391.1069
Bricktop_One 6,593.2220 0xc4c39a677d9fa70efda9febcb258296546f76ddecd940d99188e19384a3d5491 $1,178.75 6,593.2220
Loechii 1,789.5389 0x462d4fa052308b33ca82bcf297dc185ce74071c2e5dea9b6665107f8f765c2e5 $317.50 1,789.5389
Thehighindian 9,453.7966 0x24FcB26a538Fc692B4eFE00FE5AEC7d5C5A00983 $2,025.00 9,453.7966
Thenursegreg 9,116.4801 0x36d13b0b24915259963ba91682eb259083af90f70711e468b39db371a254b63e $1,812.50 9,116.4801
Globey NFT 0.0000 N/A $0.00 0.0000

Business purpose of the expense and supporting documentation:

There has been no external expenses except from those mentioned for the setting up of the DAO.

Information for hours work Can be found in publicly shared docs which include clockify PDF’s for the mentioned dates for the team: Payroll to date - Google Drive

Treasury balance before expense & Treasury balance after the expense

The Dao received funding on the 18th of January for the approved 50K.

Payments were made to governors for the retroactive payments to the tune of $13,094 on the 18th of January leaving $36.906

On the 21st of January Community DAO governors were paid for their contributions as mentioned above and were paid in total $1199.90 for their work leaving $35,706.10.

On the 1st of February governors were paid for their work to the tune of $7436.25 leaving $28.269.85

Since then with changes in price action, this has left the Creative DAO treasure with 51,336.3964 Harmony, valued at the time of this post $7,665.50 which is a significant hit for the DAO Treasury. The retroactive payments and price action some of the main reasons why we submitted another funding request 26 days ago, 7 days after receiving funding.


It has been requested that we provide information for each metric prior to our previous voting proposal. I believe this is something we cannot provide.

For your understanding, I would ask you to take a look at the following excel document so you are aware of how much the funding delays had affected the DAO from the period from 28th of November to January 12th, Please scroll from the top of the sheet, and quiet clearly you can see the red highlighted sections of the sheet being more apparent showing governors giving up on work due to lack of support by the foundation as time went on:

With governors being uncertain if the DAO would be officially supported by the foundation and with the funding being delayed 52 days had reduced us from a team of highly motivated and eager governors, coming down to 2 governors clawing to keep the DAO active and operational. Instead of become more efficient and work being ramped up in various areas, it was a debilitating factor for the DAO.

This uncertainty is happening again and we are trying our best to keep the DAO motivated and to continue the work.

We have posted an array of work on this Talk.Harmony post since funding was in place and due to the situation we faced, we believe this should suffice.

Social Media Growth




19 days of February

How have we encouraged involvement with the Creative DAO

We have created a contributor form in which we have already have 69 creators that have signed up to the Dao: Contributor Registration Form

Along with having a community to call upon and notify regarding bounties, this is providing us with vital information about our creators and how they work as seen in some of the data below:

Along with internal contributors we have recently posted to Talk.Harmony and following approval to Snapshot regarding our 25k bounty program which are we are waiting to go live with once funded:

Creative DAO - Creative Bounty Program Snapshot

We have also created a form for social media contributors to amplify content of material when released:

Since being funded the Creative DAO has put out 2 proposals via snapshot which can be found here: Snapshot

The Harmony Creative DAOs community and internal contributors, external groups of creators and social media influencers are about to take part in what we believe will be the single largest marketing drive Harmony Protocol has expirienced to date, focussed on multiple social media outlets and different platforms and through an array of various forms of media through its bounty program. As soon as funding is received, further working groups will be formulated to ensure the bounty program is as effective as possible with its drive on what information is to be covered and effectiveness of the initial media blast regarding the bounties, we will be calling on a members of the core team to ensure we have the full backing of the foundation for extra exposure to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Great to see you guys back on track after all those hurdles. It was very nice to see this story unfold and will continue to follow. Thank you for sharing!!!


Thank you for updating!

Will get a response to the Creative DAO :soon:


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Hi @frwrdslosh

We’ve still had no contact, Can we please have an update.

All DAO operation have pretty much been on hold as we are unable to run our campaigns.

Please provide this report as a PDF. And include the metrics from the initial funding request.

You can find all information we have provided you here @frwrdslosh


Hi, @frwrdslosh and @Sam can we finally have some transparency and information on why this funding request is failing. The only official word I have received is, It’s a ‘reporting issue’.

The most important thing here is that the governors for the next term get to step into an operational DAO and they will need this information to be able to move forward and give them a chance at success.

If we fail them before they even get started it will be devastating. Please push to get the DAO funded for the next term.


Thank you for pushing this, @Bricktop_One

Let’s set up a call on Tuesday with me, @Sam and the 9 Creative DAO signatories :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it. Let’s do this Tuesday at 1 pm EST. I’ll send out a zoom invite :soon:

Thank you @frwrdslosh

Unfortunately there is no longer 9, there is 3 because everyone got fed up of waiting. It killed us, but I will certainly be there and ask @thenursegreg and @Cheeky to be there.

We just wanna get this wrapped up so the next set can start with a fighting chance.

I appreciate the response Slosh :pray:


Hey @frwrdslosh

Can you drop me the zoom link for the meeting tomorrow, Twitter DM would be great. I need to get it over to Chris and Greg.

Thank you

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Hello, @Bricktop_One and the Creative DAO

I’m going to close this thread and link to the new Term 2 Funding Request, here.

Thanks, everyone! :blue_heart: