Creative DAO Elections Q2 - Candidacy is now open for Creative DAO governors Q2 2022

The previous term for the Creative Governors’ Term is ending soon. It is now time to submit your candidacy for the next term.

The Harmony Creative DAO are tasked with the goals of representing, expanding and strengthening the Harmony Community.

The Harmony Creative DAO mandates are as follows. These are the mandates that define the main role and purpose of the Creative DAO with metrics for success following.

Creative DAO Mandates

Identity: Drive uniform branding in Harmony ecosystem. Promote cultural values and mission.

Create: Commission content to further awareness and amplify Harmony messages. Educate community through informational content.

Include: Reach for the un-included. Convert the crypto-curious.


  • 2-3 Weekly posts
  • 1 weekly Video
  • 1 weekly infographic
  • Increase social media following to 2500
  • Increase Creatives database to advise when bounties go active to 250 creatives, We plan to incentivise influencers reporting on the Harmony Ecosystem with creative drives
  • Further encourage community involvement with the Creative DAO
  • Assist core team marketing strategies surrounding roadmap and events

As a governor on the Creative DAO, you will be tasked and expected to serve the community and assist the DAO community in achieving the DAO deliverables to further achieve the DAO mandates. The Harmony Creative DAO is a flat organization with no internal hierarchy, all Governors should be self-starting contributors who can work autonomously without supervision. You will encourage member participation in the DAO and always look to the community for consensus.

You do not need to be a creative to submit your candidacy for the Creative DAO as the overall goal of governors is to outsource to the DAO community through bounties for the completion of work.

We encourage all who are interested to submit their candidacy for an elected position as a Governor of the Creative DAO. The dates regarding the election process are as follows:

Harmony Community Governors will serve a 3 Months term from Saturday, April 17th, 2022 until Saturday, July 17th, 2022

Declare your Candidacy

You can submit your application from now through Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 23:59 PM UTC. No applications submitted after this time will be accepted.

To declare your candidacy, go to the Creative DAO Governance Forum and make a new topic with the title:

Creative DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: (your_name)

You are free to include any details you feel relevant to provide the community with insight into your abilities to govern wisely.

All candidates must include the following questions and answers in their candidacy post for their application to be considered valid.

  1. What is the role of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community and how do you plan to advance its mission?
  2. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?
  3. Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked for.
  4. Why are you the best person for a role on the Creative DAO council?
  5. Fast forward 3 months - what will a successful term have looked like?

Summary for Candidacy Requirements

Forum post in correct forum with correct title within application window.

Answer all 5 questions in candidacy post.


Once you’ve submitted your application to the Creative DAO Governance Forum you may begin campaigning via all social channels. Please refrain from offering incentives or the insinuation of incentives in exchange for votes. This includes giveaways, raffles, prizes, drawings, and NFTs.

The campaign period will end Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 23:59 PM UTC.

On April 9, 2022 at 22:00 PM UTC, the Creative DAO will host a Twitter Space in cooperation with the Community DAO. All candidates will be invited to speak about their candidacy. Questions will be submitted to all candidates in advance. Any candidates unable to attend will be able to post their answers on


The election begins on Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 00:00 AM UTC and runs until Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 23:59 PM UTC.

The election will be held via snapshot vote. Link will be provided on There is a minimum requirement of 100 ONE in the wallet to vote. Please note, this does not include staked ONE - there must be 100 $ONE available in the wallet

The new Governors will start their term on Sunday, April 17, 2022.


I’m really looking forward to seeing the Creative DAO achieve its potential with the next term, hopefully, the DAO can operate without setbacks enabling it to get Harmony on the map, giving Harmony the coverage it deserves.


I wanna propose to end the funding for the creative DAO. I believe the CDAO can pay community members for (creative) jobs that need to be done.

No need for another extra 9 people who are being payed to have online meetings, discussions, sending out tweets and maintaining a twitter account.

Openswap only receives a 50K max funding for their genius DAO setup yet these governors are being payed for stuff that doesn’t add any value to the H1 community imo.


I fully agree with Bagelhole. Promo is nice, but this is just funding things for the sake of funding things.

And on the topic of OpenDao; OpenDao would actually be perfect for this. OpenDao would be customizable to allow for job management. Pay people for work that they deliver through voting on smart contract level, instead of paying a group of people to delegate this work to 250 other people (which presumably, just like anything in the harmony dao ecosystem, gets corrupted as hell with fancy dinners and paying friends). Let the people decide if work is good.


I’m looking in to being more active with DAOs.

What content has been released by Creative DAO? I tried reaching out on twitter a few days ago and got no response

Hey Bagelhole, I was expecting you to write something like this Bagel, as you want to defund everything.

Essentially, even Harmony’s own YouTube channel has 17k subscribers. And pulls off a couple of thousand views even for its now, quality made video, which quiet frankly isn’t good enough.

There is not enough being done to push the word of Harmony out there. With the core team being so busy, they don’t have enough time to be proactive with doing interviews ect, and this can be understandable but you need to do more in other areas of this is the case.

Harmony has a serious lack of marketing. This has always been the case. Always. This is the reason why I spent my own money out of my own pocket on a marketing video when I first joined the community. I see absolutely no issue is spending a small amount of money on a DAO focussed on doing this.

Harmony has no issues spending money at conferences to get the word out, and that’s great, however they need to up their game on the marketing in other areas. The DAO can also bridge the connection with influencers which the Creative DAO is poised to do. Along with a mass international marketing campaign for pennies in terms of usual marketing budget.

You say the DAO shouldn’t be funded. However I say Harmony should be held to stand up to their commitment to their Core DAOs and the community. It’s much needed and can make up for areas in which the team are lacking due to them being so busy and focussing of other areas.


Bounties for the creative DAO will mostly be handled through Dework decentralised tooling going forward, not all work has to be pushed to all contributors, the idea is to have smaller specific groups that certain bounties are available for, in which anyone with a relevant skill set can contribute to try to claim a bounty.

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Lab, I just checked the inbox, we didn’t receive any questions about this from you. You last messaged the DAO on the 17th mentioning your validator.

Helping people with customer merchandise for validators, isn’t really a focus for the DAO unfortunately. We sent you a link to the Harmony branding page for possible images you could use.

The Creative DAO has been waiting to be funded for sometime to be honest. We are still waiting a response from Harmony regarding this.


I think your proposal is a little bit blindfolded since there will be a massive amount of content related to marketing of Harmony and letting an unfiltered judgement related to these content can easily undermine the whole process. A competent council can help spread the word.
In these terms, Creative DAO is essential to the ecosystem.


As a Governor on the Creative DAO I find some of these comments shameful.

To imply governors on this DAO are not adding value is just disrespectful.

I run a YouTube channel that in the last 12 month had over 120 million im­pres­sions meaning I have a big reach. The DAO has had the benefit of my untapped understanding of YouTube and marketing knowledge. The DOA has had access to other Youtubers that I know just to list a few benefits.

Some facts: we have not had the level of funding required to get the additional work done with funding proposals left unactioned for sometime.

The plans have been to get the community involved in making content but steps have to be taken to get everything setup and in place. (Would have helped if funding proposals had been actioned)

I think that this DAO is so important to support with the marketing of HarmonyONE.

Bagelhole maybe you should put your name in the hat to be a governor so you can understand the struggles a little better…


Creativity comes on all shapes and forms and is multidisciplinary.

The Harmony Creative DAO is growing and I believe it is essential to the community.
A diverse Gov panel I am sure can deliver their metrics and more.

I have not decided yet and I might put my self forward.
Even if I don’t I am looking to help anywhere I can. Planning to make some content for free when I can.
Furthermore, if Harmony approves my proposal to help build “The Spaceship “, I will spend officially time to help for free.

Looking forward to see the Creative DAO in action :sunglasses:


We’ve called it the Creative DAO for short, but really it’s the Creative and MARKETING DAO. Something we’ve all been begging for, well, forever. I’ve been in marketing at various levels for a while now, and it’s not unheard of to have agency contracts running $10,000-$25,000+ per MONTH. The funding this DAO is supposed to (key word there) receive is small compared to the impact it could (another key word) be making.

We can debate resource allocation and that’s fine, but in my mind any discussion on the merits of the Creative DAO is clouded by one massive problem:

We’ve spent approximately 100 out of the last 120 days without funding.

I’m not gonna belabor the point, we all know it’s a problem, we’ve all seen the posts, we’ve all seen the promises. It’s not about the money, it’s not about getting paid.

It’s about accomplishing our mission, and we’ve been aiming for a moving target while blindfolded with one arm tied behind our back.

We’ve spent so much time developing things that never came to pass because the window of opportunity passed. We’ve spent so much time jumping through hoops to try to deliver whatever the latest “request for information” demanded, “just this one more thing and we’re all set” only to be met with more silence, more stonewalling, more ignored DMs, more nothing.

Concerns regarding funding are valid. In fact, we had several opportunities that would have made the DAO self-sustainable, even profitable. They were on the table, and were lost.

The Creative DAO shouldn’t be defunded. It should be funded and allowed to even have a chance to do what it’s supposed to do. It never had a chance. If the ROI isn’t there after a full term of actual support from the Harmony team as promised, and no steps have been made towards self-sufficiency, then let’s have that discussion. But give it an actual chance.


‘As a Governor on the Creative DAO I find some of these comments shameful. To imply governors on this DAO are not adding value is just disrespectful.’

I agree with you here Cheeky and i should have written: some governors are being payed for stuff that doesn’t add any value to the H1 community imo.

I see your value and im pretty sure the whole H1 community sees the value of you and ur youtube channel. I also see that you’re being payed almost 7x less then @Bricktop_One and that baffles me tbh.

I wrote that post because i was triggered when i read the February payroll. To see that governors are getting payed (around $4K) for having online meetings/discussions, for twitter posting through weekend, for a social cleanup/reorganization(what ever the f*ck that means), being payed for a chat with Jackerstoo, for the weekly DAO meetings and for having telephone calls???

I mean wtf, to me this looks like as if some of the governors, no let me refrase , that mostly and in particular @Bricktop_One wants to get payed for every fart he lets out.

In other words, i wrote the post to bring the February payroll under the attention of the community and to hear what others think of these payments.

Another point i would like to bring under the attention. A while ago, a anon used the creative dao twitter account to be in a personal social argument with a community member(Seijn), speaking as if he/she was representing the creative dao and until this day the community still didn’t get any clarification who that person was.

Lolz, you a prophet too now? :smiley:

Im absolutely in favor for some kind of compensation for DAO governors but i protest against you getting payed $4k for online chatting/meetings/discussions, having telephone calls, sending out tweets etc.

On a other note: i also have strong doubts about ur intentions as in why you’re a dao governor. You act as if u are a philanthropist but lets be real here, at the end of the day, you’re only doing it for the monthly paycheck. Easy money right, 10h a week $4k a month :wink: Also i often got the feeling that u are hiding behind the governor role and with that playing power games as if you’re more then a community member.

Im pretty sure you’re the one behind the personal social argument with Seijn but i wanted to give u a chance to speak that out yourself towards the community and those who asked for clarification.

And i don’t believe you’re the messiah who can fix the so called H1 lack of marketing gap.

Big hug! :blue_heart:

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Okay let me put some things straight to you Bagel hole. Essentially I welcome criticism, and I honestly sometimes appreciate it, however, you’re openly know as a community troll and I don’t particularly respect your opinion.

But let’s speak about this. You mentioned getting paid 7 x more that Cheeky Crypto, Cheeky Crypto is unable to commit so much time due to other commitments with his channel, and with his other job. You get paid for what you put in. The time that Chris has committed has been great however, I didn’t do that math, but I can do it for you, if a governor gets paid 7 x more, it would mean they put 7 x the work in as governors get paid the same. There is a reason why governors have a maximum amount of hours and no minimum requirements.

Through the time in which the DAO governors were demoralised with the funding delays, with governors leaving when the funding came to a halt, Myself, NurseGreg and Cheeky Chris stuck around and still pushed for the DAOs success now and in the future.

Yes, when I spend time dedicated to the DAO, things that are essential and are required for me to be involved with I bill for this time. Although I have a 9-5, work on another DAO I take the commitment to a DAO seriously. When I take time away from my partner and my children, when I have already done 10-12 hours of work that day, In time when I could be relaxing, but I decide to carry on with work for a DAO to get it where is needs to be… shocker… I believe I should be compensated. I work a lot, I put my heart and soul into the DAOs and although that you don’t like it Bagel, community members vote to put me into the position, which is another reason why I’m not so concerned about your personal opinion, especially with your attitude and hunger to create a scene.

You do a lot of calling out to governors and DAOs Bagel, but quiet frankly, you do very little to try and do a better job than the people you criticise and actually your expertise into action which you clearly know so much about.

Now, let’s get to this whole Sejin situation, despite how it was screenshot, despite how you try to paint the picture, Sejin, much like yourself is a community troll.

The history. Sejin had reached out to the Community DAO and complained that she received messages from the DAO spamming her with tweets, something which she signed up for by liking a post explaining that this would happen, something which was done to help exposure for the DAO, however Sejin had used this for a reason to attack the Community DAO and take up an extremely large amount on time baiting a governor into an intense conversation in which they tried helplessly to avoid a fight or saying the wrong thing. Again and snap to the Creative DAO, Sejin has signed up to receive information and Bounties AND to be added to working groups, however when this was done, Sejin started to do the same in which I had seen before with another governor, Again, Sejin started attacking for because something that had happened that he signed up for purposely himself. When I seen that this was happening I had stepped in and messaged Sejin. MYSELF after I could see what started to happen. I had also received messages from another DAO which I’m not involved with claiming he was doing the same to them which honestly, was no surprise whatsoever.

Despite what you may think Bagelhole, governors are allowed to defend themselves and stand up to people who purposely go out of their way to start arguments or bait people into situations, much like yourself.

I’m extremely proud of the work I have done for the DAOs, I respect the opinions of governors I have worked with, and community members who are present in the process. The ones that want to be involved rather than being in a back seat whilst judging things they know nothing about.

To be honest with you Bagel, I know you better than you know yourself, from this point forward, you will try to quote me, call upon your band of trolls and ask them to come to this post to try to discredit me, and that’s fine, however, we have bigger things to be focussing on. I don’t really care what you think, or the little group you have running with you.

I care about the real community, the people that are actually trying to benefit Harmony rather than tear it down with toxicity and doubt.

You can carry on here if you wish Bagel, however, you and your friends are unlikely to get a response, governors are accountable to their participating community, not community trolls. And I believe I have said everything I wish to say.

So thank you Bagel, but no thank you.


Thank you for sharing Greg.

You bring up some good points but mostly you write with a open mind, open to debate, to discuss and having the ability and willingness to self-reflect, such attitude brings trust. You’ve got my trust and vote!

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Bro, im not even going to read this. You’re in full defensive mode , why? Do you feel attacked, hurt? Grow up!

In the argument with Seijn you spoke as if you represent the creative dao and now you are trying to speak as if you represent the whole H1 community calling me a troll?

Take a deep breath and stop taking yourself so madly serious. :smiley:

2022 is going to be awesome. I hope there’s some good candidates :face_with_monocle: got some harmony I’m my wallet waiting for a change for voting haha

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Great to hear you’re considering it Spinosa. I can definitely see you on a DAO one day doing some awesome work.


I guess the domain of this DAO is often restricted only to design And bounties in that form…
Actually, the scope should extend to nurturing creative ideas, connecting the right skills to crowd build which also involves building and deploying on harmony.

This will increase the operation of this DAO while connecting great Minds to harmony ecosystem, facilitating thier effort, furnishing ideas into tangible project and guiding the by serving as a hub to connect and integrate skills to Crowd build the ecosystem thus faster. This still can fit in the domain of CREATIVE…It should not only be what most though of now…
A separate channel should be added in the discord to engage and facilitate incubation of new ideas, connecting the to the right teams, giving out of bounties to actualize after they secure funding making the DAO one stop place to turn your idea into a tangible project