Creative Dao Update 27th January 2022

For those that have missed recent posts and updates, we thought we would post some information regarding the Harmony Creative DAO.

The Harmony Creative DAO first formed on November the 28th, due to various factors there were some delays with getting the DAO fully operational. This led to a community vote via snapshot to extend the term until April 13th to give the current governors the full 3 month term to be fully operational once the the DAO had been funded. You can find this vote and more information here - Snapshot

Now that certain issues have been resolved the governors are extremely excited to get work underway with a full team. For some time they have been requesting contributors to sign up through a google form so they can be notified when relevant bounties become available. If you’re a creative and you believe you can assist with completing bounties to help with the overall goal of the DAO and its community please fill out the following sheet-Contributor Registration Form

It’s always great to have creatives signing up to be available for bounties, however, you do not have to be an artist of some kind to assist your DAO, if you would like to help or have ideas then please reach out to a governor for advice, we can work stronger together and the more participation we receive, the more we can achieve.

More than likely when presented with an idea the governors will advise you to make a post on Talk.Harmony.One to start a community discussion, and if enough community members like the idea then the DAO can help facilitate turning it into a reality. We cannot stress enough, the DAO governors are simply 9 community members here to assist the community and help the DAO help you.

If you would like to help the creative DAO expand with their reach on social media, please sign up on the following google form: Social Sharing Registration

The current governors of the Creative DAO are as follows, Bricktop_One, Buythefndip, Chris Cheeky Crypto, HODLen, Loechii, Thehighindian, Thenursegreg, ChrisStakeridoo and GlobeyNFT. You can reach out to these governors via Twitter or Telegram.

You can keep up with the Creative DAO twitter account here:
You can find a Creative DAO discord channel on the Harmony Protocol Server here: Harmony

Please take a look at the Creative DAO vision below in which you can find the Creative DAO Mandates, Deliverables and Metrics.


Identity: Drive uniform branding in Harmony ecosystem. Promote cultural values and mission.

Create: Commission content to further awareness and amplify Harmony messages. Educate community through informational content.

Include: Reach for the un-included. Convert the crypto-curious.


Increase Harmony branding awareness with uniform content across the Harmony ecosystem

Creation of creative content (Infographics, How-to videos, brand stickers, short form writing, long form writing that aligns with Harmony’s branding)

Produce a SWOT analysis identifying Harmony’s position in the market

Generate the first community driven brand guide. Apply to the website and existing collateral.

Deploy $25K for creative-focused bounties.

Produce market segmentation studies identifying communities of potential investors to target with marketing campaigns


  • 2-3 Weekly posts
  • 1 weekly Video
  • 1 weekly infographic
  • Increase social media following to 2500
  • Increase Creatives database to advise when bounties go active to 150 creatives, we currently have 47 creatives signed up as potential contributors to the DAO and its bounties
  • We plan to incentivise influencers reporting on the Harmony Ecosystem with creative drives
  • Further encourage community involvement with the Creative DAO
  • Assist core team marketing strategies surrounding roadmap and events

The Creative DAO currently have 2 active posts on Talk.Harmony.One, One of these posts is the current funding request for the next treche of funding, and another is a discretionary fund proposal when urgent payments are needed for collaborators of the DAO.

The recent funding request included $50,000 funding for the DAO treasury, but a request in line which covers a $25,000 request, which, with the communities approval via snapshot vote will be use for a bountry program for creatives to interact with their DAO, this $25k creative focussed bounty program was set out in our deliverables, the Creative DAO governors are extremely excited to unveil plans regarding this once finalised and ready to be presented to the community for their advice and approval.

The discretionary fund proposal is something which sounds a little unusual for a DAO, we have recently seen the Harmony Community DAO pass this with their community with sucess and full support, the reason why this was put in place, governors had realised that there are some situations in which contributors need to be paid and in certain circumstances the time it takes to get a proposal voted on and then onto a pending snapshop proposal and then on to to an active vote would cause a 2 week delay, and in some situations, these payments would need to be made for small and simple tasks before they had even began, such as paying a translator for an urgent document, creating and infograph, ect. Although the system thats put in place is called a discretionary fund proposal, strict rules govern the use of this which state how and in what situations these funds can be used for.

It would be great if you can take a look, and share your opinions on the following 2 posts below which mentioned above.

Funding Request: Creative DAO Funding Request
Discretionary Fund Proposal: The Harmony Protocol Creative DAO Discretionary Fund Proposal

Below you can find information on the Harmony Creative DAO Treasury Mutli-Sig Wallet. This wallet has been set up with a 6 of 9 configuration, meaning for each transaction 6 out of 9 governors have to approve, this keeps the treasury funds safe and away from the control of bad or malicious parties.

Multi-Sig Details-

Multi-Sig Address: 0x7c81E03cDCF8e0a65613fF856834054C2b7bC563
Multi-Sig Link: Harmony Multisig Wallet

So far the DAO has made 1 round of payments for Governors which covered the delayed backpay from governors for November 28th - January 12th along with the payment of three Community DAO governors for the time spent setting up the Creative DAO foundations and running the elections on our behalf. You can find all information surrounding these payments, including governors hours, ect here: Harmony Creative DAO Governor Pay Transparancy Report

We look forward to the result of our 2 currently active requests, and look forward to updating further once we have more to report. Thank you for showing interest and taking the time to read this, please remember, don’t hesitate to reach out if you wish to be involved.


Thanks for the really thorough update!

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