D Vanchev Intro

Hey Everyone,

I am crypto supporter and investor for a few years now. Have a mining operation for over a year. Got an invite for the Foundational Nodes program where I will gladly participate.

I read everything there is the read about the project and it looks extremely promising. Glad to be part of the community here and will contribute with whatever I can to make this LEGENDARY success :).

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Hey there @goshev! Great to see you here!

We are THRILLED to have a long time crypto person like you as part of our core community running a foundational node for the network. Let’s make Harmony LEGENDARY together!!!

Do you have a community postcard yet? If not let’s get you one :slight_smile: Sign up on the community survey and send Gavin a message on telegram.

Already sent Gavin msg. He will get me the card shortly I believe :).

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When you’ve got it, tweet it out and we’ll retweet you :smile: