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Hello everyone, i am yelllowsin from We have a discord group with many crypto enthusiasts/traders/investors which you can join here

I am from Brazil and i will be a foundational node partner to launch the main net (just completed the investment today). I am very active on the crypto community, so just ping me if you want to talk about crypto related things.

I have a degree in Information Systems, have worked in a few IT companies and now i am working on some personal projects. Anxious to the main net launch, i think Harmony is one of the best sharding projects out there at the moment!

Besides technology, e enjoy spiritual related stuff, mostly related to yoga and tantra.


cool! Welcome to the community! Thanks a lot for running the node and your feedback is very valuable for us!


Thanks Leo o/ will be testing the next releases of harmony on the testnet :slight_smile:


I’m a bit disappointed that this space doesn’t get much traffic. The Telegram channels are so packed that it is hard to follow any threads there. Who is the leader in social empowerment through data? I’m still looking. I’m not even sure why this group feels the need to create a new technology at the protocol level. I see the value that can be created, but not a coherent plan that is getting connected to a larger space.

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I’m a bit disappointed that this space doesn’t get much traffic.

Do you mean this forum? I agree. I think that @Xerographica is right, we should migrate to reddit where there are more users and eyeballs to interact with our ideas organically. Certainly these ideas deserve more attention, and hopefully with increased awareness we can accelerate the transition.

Hey @yelllowsin! I recognize you from the AMA. You always ask the best questions. Glad to hear you like yoga, so do I!

Especially excited to hear that you will be running a foundational node!! We’re lucky to have someone like you in our community. Welcome!

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