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How VINCI and new DAO governance empowers everyONE

What is a DAO?

It is a question that is asked frequently as the subject of governance is brought into focus on Harmony and more specifically as the evolution of DAOs change in relation to daVinci.Gallery.

  1. A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — That is the “definition” but what does it mean for YOU?

What is more important to note that a DAO is a system for all invested parties to come together under an agreement to further the objective the organization wants to accomplish.

As the process of rolling out The Harmony EnDAOment has evolved over the last six months, we have taken note of the changes and experimented on how best to implement this for DaVinci.Gallery.

The answer has come from you, the community.

Through governance proposals on the beta Governance tab on the gallery, feedback from the community across all social medias, and direct engagement have combined to formulate a DAO for generations of future artists and creators on DaVinci Gallery.

The daVinci DAO is brought in line with the evolved model of Harmony through the use of the updated guidelines available at talk.harmony.one.

The final organizational structure of Harmony DAOs calls for:

9 governors + 3 mandates.

Use of Snapshot for Voting

Gnosis Multi-sig wallet for Treasury funds

Through working with the Harmony Foundation the three mandates established for the DaVinci Gallery DAO are:

Educate : Educate users on platform use and creative freedom within daVinci

Empower : Enlist governance from community holders to empower decision making and expedite change in rapidly evolving NFT market

Enfranchise : Enable organic expansion through bounty and social campaigns

The mandates summarize the mission of the daVinci DAO as a decentralized organization, and charts a clear path forward for all participants.

The initial governors assigned to carry out the Initial tasks associated with properly standing up the daVinci.Gallery DAO are listed below:

Bruno — POPS/daVinci Eng/Dev

C7 — daVinci telegram/discord Community Manager

Joseba — daVinci twitter Community Manager

Globey — daVinci telegram/discord Community Manager

Sirsapient — daVinci telegram/discord Community Manager

Mirror — POPS/Eng

Kuyawa — daVinci Dev

Codewarrior — daVinci Community Member

Insanitydrop — daVinci Community Member

Brief reminder about the governors before proceeding, quoting Samuel Harrison, “At the end of the day the role of the DAO Governors is at it’s root three fold.

  1. Facilitate voting for the members of the DAO,

  2. Managing the Voting process

  3. Signing the Multi-sig wallet when an approved vote has funding attached”

Governors are not DAO managers, and it is a flat organization. They are simply there to ensure the processes carried out by the community are executed if and when they need to be done by human hands.

Snapshot Voting and Treasury

The voting mechanism put in place on site proved to be an invaluable tool for users to raise and vote proposals directly on daVinci.Gallery.
For daVinci DAO elections and relevant proposals for daVinci DAO will be used Snapshot platform on Harmony.

Holders of VINCI will be able to vote on existing proposals, create new proposals , and utilize the governance section of talk.harmony to engage with the community to formulate the best proposals for the DAO.


The Harmony Foundation is kickstarting the daVinci.Gallery DAO with $50,000 . The importance of this is to enable rapid proposals and implementations on daVinci to further the proliferation of NFTs on Harmony.

Where it is important to note, we as a community must find responsible and sustainable mechanisms to allow the DAO to continue to flourish, so best practices from previous proposals are listed below.

  1. Proposals that require a cost ( be development time, a new feature implementation, Server maintenence) should have a means of funding the proposal. As a community resource, the daVinci DAO is only as effective as its means to put plans into action.
  2. Proposals should recognize the current abilities and limitations of blockchain technology while also being forward thinking in goal and scope.
  3. Proposals can be solely for the purpose of increasing the reach of the Treasury through fundraising initiatives.

The goal is to empower the treasury to onboard developers, pay the existing ones a living wage, and grow the community through a marketplace we can all be proud of.


daVinci Multisign wallet: 0x883c603126938A26A1A7D437F082C6B5A4854e1D

DaVinci DAO twitter account: https://twitter.com/DaoDavinci

This is just day one, and we cannot thank the community enough for the support and love you have shown while we rapidly grow and expand.

Stay tuned for further updates from the daVinci DAO as well as information on how to get involved in upcoming bounties and proposals!

-daVinci.Gallery DAO

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