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Name of Project / DAO / Company

DaVinci DAO

Application type

DAO Formation

Proposal overview

DaVinci Marketplace is a NFT platforms built on harmony that enable a new generation of art, several hundreds of new artists already switched from eth to harmony because of daVinci (currently 3197 artists).

NFTs minted on daVinci (Harmony) cost less than $0.01 and require 99% less energy use comparative to other known platforms.

This application is to request initial bootstrap capital to fund the DaVinci DAO.

The platform, at this stage, needs to mature enough to be able to use the utility token VINCI for DAO governors payment. Currently, with low liquidity selling VINCI token will hurt investors.

Also the 4% fee implemented in sales is currently not enough to use due to low nfts selling value. (community wallet).

What is stage of the Davinci DAO ?

1- Mandates established: READY

Educate : Educate users on platform use and creative freedom within daVinci

Empower : Enlist governance from community holders to empower decision making and expedite change in rapidly evolving NFT market

Enfranchise : Enable organic expansion through bounty and social campaigns

The mandates summarize the mission of the daVinci DAO as a decentralized organization, and charts a clear path forward for all participants.

2-Multisig Wallet: READY


3- Governance platform for proposals: READY


4- DaVinci Snapsot for DAO elections : READY


5- Initial 9 Governors : READY

Bruno — POPS/daVinci Eng/Dev

Joseba — daVinci twitter Community Manager

Globey — daVinci telegram/discord Community Manager

Sirsapient — daVinci telegram/discord Community Manager

Mirror — POPS/Eng

Kuyawa — daVinci Dev

Codewarrior — daVinci Community Member

C7 — daVinci telegram/discord Community Manager

Insanitydrop — daVinci Community Member

6- Tracking task and hours : READY


What are our milestones?

1- Sustain the DAO treasury long term without hurting davinci Investors

2- Expand the treasury organically (internal and external stakers)

3- Educate users on responsible proposals (talk.harmony engagement)


1- Accept or reject “draft” proposals on governance proposals page,

2- Set a prio-order with daVinci DEV team and daVinci community managers, so all are aligned

3- logistic/ tracking hours/ gatekeeper

4- Treasury

5- Weekly community progress (tweets and forum posts)

How much funding do we need?**

Using rate $10-15 per hours, 10 hours per week MAX

for 9 governors we will need: $1000 per week ($4000 per month)

From our calculations DaVinci need at least 1 year to mature to be able to use VINCI token.

Proposal ask

For one year daVinci DAO funding we will need $50k

Metrics for success

artists: 50K ; NFT minted: 1M ; sales: 100M VINCI token price: $10; marketcap: 900M

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Community Poll

  • Yes
  • No
  • More info needed

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For “More info needed”, please Reply to ask your question


Strong yes from team and community, approved to go ahead.


This grant is fully funded to the daVinci DAO multi-sig wallet with $50,000 USD equivalent in ONE tokens: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

For calculating the amount of ONE, Harmony uses the 24-hour volume-weighted average price using the Binance API (“weightedAvgPrice”) around the time of transfer.


Is DaVinci able to address this?

This might also have a bearing on LMA Art:

Hello @TrickLuhDaKidz,

One developer of daVinci sold part of his founder tokens last week. Yes that is correct.
However, we need to mention that this developer has no relation with LMA art gallery.
For your information was not Bruno or other daVinci DAO community governors.

please don´t speculate in other projects that our governors are involved.

All funds from daVinci have been transferred to multisig accounts FNDR, RSRV, ARTS, STKS, POOL, TSRY, EXPN, RWDS, FEES, GLRY
Fees and Gallery received ONE, the rest VINCI
Gallery received VINCI as well
All funds received

Thank you


I will ask questions if there is a topic or concern within the Harmony community, which is what I did here

I appreciate this being addressed since I had not seen this done yet by DaVinci elsewhere


Hey guys! MarsColony is finally on Mainent!

To celebrate it we would like to allocate a NFT piece of MarsColony to daVinvi DAO, could you please provide us a public wallet and let me know if you would like to receive it :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the list for more details

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What has DaVinci delivered on since September?

What did the Harmony and DaVinci teams do after VINCI Dump 1.0 to prevent VINCI Dump 2.0 from happening?

Developer on the team continuously dumping? No support of the community, then team doesn’t get my support either, sorry.