Developer DAO Funding Request

We’re definitely excited about any possible Hackathon, would just need to create a proposal for if the DEV DAO should allocate funds for something like that; but personally, finding a theme and collaborating on that would be great! If you want to take the lead on that front, and make some kind of post about it, we can take it to a DEV DAO Snapshot vote about allocate funding for it.

HOWEVER, Our bounty program is focused on bugs, core functionality, examples and enhancements to the essential software stack used to keep Harmony fully operational:

We also define bounties, governors are not tasked with completing them; although it does happen, it’s as they can find time to do so.

Personally, I don’t think it would be within our mandates if we were to be helping define bounties for your project but I assume you were thinking we could complete them for you :pray:

There is currently a pilot program we’re running to try to place #EVM #Web3 devs into projects like yours and if you’re interested in joining that, as we continue to move it forward, please reach out on our Harmony DEV DAO Discord!

Hope that clears things up?

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@Sam @lij any ETA on the DAO Funding payment?


Thanks for the reply and interest. I already placed an announcement on discord in the jobs sections I believe you have seen it.

I don’t have anything specific in my mind I just need help to move this forward and if it goes via a hackathon route to help me navigate the procedures.

I had a bit of interest from Devs but they think there is too much work or their skills don’t stretch to all aspects of what is required. I think task it will require 6 weeks intense work.

I will be suggesting (to the Harmony team) to concentrate only on one plug-in if that is possible and helps move forward.

I am thinking the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

Help me find 1-2 devs and match my $10K with another $10K. If latter is not possible just help me find a reliable dev that understands the project.

Scenario 2

The Dev is from the Dev DAO team and the 10K goes to the DAO treasury. Part time and going slower is fine as long as there is 1-2 days per week allocated on this task.
We can treat this as a pilot scheme where the DevDAO has a pool of devs that offer offer such services to get income for the DevDAO. I will definitely have more work on this project.

Hi Adam, sorry for the late response. I agree with @eddnorris, our task is more to fix bugs and improve the existing ecosystem (bug fixes, developer tools, app ports, bridges, …).

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Following up with this. . .

Have you submitted an invoice to



Yes I did personally.

funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer