Funding proposal for Harmony Development teaching platform to grow the developers community

Hello dear Harmony Team :slight_smile:

Proposal Overview

I started a website where I specifically want to teach Harmony Development step by step.

I noticed a lack of easy to understand documentation for newcomers online. And I think it’s crucial that as many new developers as possible start their development journey with Harmony.

This will make sure that all those people with creative ideas can make them come true and grow the Harmony ecosystem.

My proposal is to create step by step tutorials that are easy to understand explaining how to build a DAPP from scratch.

I will start with written content but also plan on creating a YouTube channel.

Is there any chance I can get a little funding from the Harmony Community for this?

Proposal ask

I will do it anyway, because I believe in the project and want it to succeed. So, be it clear that I don’t do it just for a possible funding. I will do it even without funding, with genuine passion. But I think it would be fair, nice and positive to receive some extra motivation for this.


  • Work between 3-5h per day to create quality updated content.
  • Create a series of written tutorials that explain how to create a DAPP from scratch.
  • Once the written series is clear and well-explained, repeat the same content in a video version.
  • Create a starter-dapp repository on Github focused 100% on Harmony and explain everything in detail.
  • Keep content updated, adding easier to understand explanations and changing code as things evolve.

Metrics for success

  • Create at least 100 detailed articles covering multiple step by step guides about wallet integration, webpack, javascript, smart contracts, local testnet, …
  • Create at least 100 videos covering the same content.

External Links

Example article that I already published: Introduction to DAPP development with Harmony

You can see the current website at - I started it two days ago, so it’s simple. I am currently focusing on creating as much content as possible to have a structure to work on. I will iterate of contents to make them perfect and expand on some topics to help people with no coding experience.

Thanks in advance for your attention :slight_smile:

Nice initiative! Best to write your proposal as a Bounty and team can review :+1: