Developer DAO: mandates & deliverables

Mandates: Builders first
- Support: resolve daily issues on forums & channels, drive weekly meeting agenda
- Bounties: prioritize bugs & features w/ task management & contributor retention
- Advocacy: hold workshops & events, content marketing with talks & blogs


Election Format

What does the election format look like? Thinking in terms of number of positions, voting procedure, etc.

Thanks for all you do!

@Validity I’m fleshing this out right now. I will share thoughts shortly.

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Hi @giv Solidity dev here, building NFT, DeFi, DAO dapps…Keen to join Harmony Developer DAO…Please keep us posted how is it progressing.
Regards, Sanjeev

@sanjeevkumar761 please see my post above.

Mandates for the Developer DAO looks great!
Well done!

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