DID Network

Name of Hackathon

DID Network(Make the most of on-chain data value)

Proposal overview

DID Network is a decentralized DID Network. We want to provide authentication services through a unified DID name service and build a network of connections between users

There is a lot of valuable user data accumulated on the blockchain. We hope to build an open DID network by making full use of the on-chain data value and providing open functions such as authentication to serve more Web 3.0 application scenarios.

The DID profile page allows users to quickly know the on-chain behavior statistics of wallet addresses, such as profit and loss, NFT assets, and to follow the ones they are interested in, with support for multi-chain aggregated views.
Then, project owners can use our auth service to access the public information for airdrop, credit lending, and other scenarios.

Harmony is an open, fast blockchain open platform. The Harmony Network has a thriving community of close to a thousand developers, enterprise partners, and many community members engaged in global social channels.

We have already onboarded ETH, Solana, Near and are working on Harmony. We want to make the most of on-chain data value and work with other projects to build a more decentralized and transparent on-chain network system.

Proposal ask

  • 2070k USDT

Metrics for success

  • 2021.Q3
    Architecture design and technical solution tradeoff
    POC of DID Network Profile

  • 2021.Q4
    POC of on-chain data analysis and visualization

  • 2022.Q1
    DID Profile mainnet launch
    Open SDK of DID Profile for integration

  • 2022.Q2
    DID Engine mainnet launch
    Open SDK of DID Engine for integration

  • 2022.Q3 - 500k USDT
    DID Network mainnet launch
    Open SDK of DID Network for integration

  • 2022.Q4 - 1000k USDT
    DID Score mainnet launch
    Open SDK of DID Score for integration


  • Brian: Tech lead. Contributor to several DEFI projects with over 10M TVL.
  • Cindy: Product Director. Has years of PM experience in a FinTech company.
  • Roger: Contract Lead. Contributor to IPFS, proficient in cryptographic algorithms and zk-SNARK.

Worked in Microsoft before and was in charge of internal identity & authentication service, we have built an on-chain-validating and off-chain-computing model based on zk-SNARK as a layer2 POC and it works well.

External links

Hello @didnetwork
Thank you for bringing the DID Network to Harmony!

Unfortunately, I am not sure which category of a grant you are applying for.

Please review the guidelines at Apply for Grants or DAO in detail.

For the time being, we are unable to move forward with this grant. We hope you continue to build on this concept and circle back when it is ready to be discussed further.

Thank you again!