Track 2a: On-Chain Wallet - "Frontends"

On-Chain with Wallet Security

Track 5 - Frontends: user onboarding, mobile clients, social games

$20M Grants & Bounties on Wallets

Note: to qualify for prizes, project submissions in this category must build upon 1Wallet or SmartVault.

The second hackathon theme is On-Chain with our social wallets and keyless security. The 4 tracks — Frontends, Web3, Web2, Security — emphasize the consumer experience of delighting the users without worrying about blockchain technology or custody. Wallets are becoming the Web3 portals as a DeFi dashboard for asset swaps and investments, a NFT gallery for collectible editorials and auctions, or a DAO townsquare for governance votes or payrolls. Our hackathon encourages seamless onboarding and incentivized education for smart contract wallets; builders can start from our audited prototypes featuring authenticator-based security and on-chain account recovery.

Composing Web3 contracts and integrating Web2 components is the crossing of the chasm for daily uses. Our wallets should work as a mobile or even wearable client. They can also curate crypto and domain names, work activity and reputations, or even virtual and life moments. Furthermore, the wallets can link your identity on Twitter as social clout, Github as work prowess, or Linkedin as tailored profiles. At this hackathon, cryptography or security researchers can extend our authentication to multiple factors, verify implementations with formal methods, or prototype based on our latest research papers. (more)

Track 5: On-Chain Wallet - “Frontends”

In this category, we are looking for developers to build wallets and frontends that bring the most utility to Harmony mainnet in the form of transactions, users, total value locked.

Strategy: Keyless Cryptocurrency Wallets Using OTP (One-Time-Password) Authenticator

Examples: argent vault, liquidity pooling, best for normal people

Harmony Developer Guides: Getting Started , Harmony Stack and Projects, Deployed Contracts

Harmony Hackathon Repository : Has sample projects and links to hackathon information

Sources for Ideas

For more information on Harmony’s Ecosystem and projects of interest see here.

For wallets and front ends we are looking to drive mass adoption through usability and functionality such as integrated fixed income and social recovery of private keys,

Potential ideas include

  • social recovery & one-time-password authenticators for on-chain fund
  • basic income & wealth from fixed-rate or high-yield investments
  • User-friendly Wallet based on open millions to self-custody assets & collectibles without hardware, password or hack
  • Keyless Security web3 integrations

Research and Repositories

Additional Developer Links

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