Dreamer DAO - Where Scholars Become Builders of Future

Name of DAO

Dreamer DAO

Proposal overview

this plan will start with funding 100 people who might not have the means to come to ethdenver 2022 to come. this will get new people who are just on the cusp on coming into the blockchain ecosystem but are held back by the cost of getting to the event.

i met one of the students that ric burton funded to come to liscon this week and i had already been thinking about how to spread impact more broadly with my own resources. i’d like to start the ONE Scholars program so we can fund people who are ready to jump into blockchain but just need that small extra bit of support to get to the next event/hackathon, starting with ethdenver 2022.

we’ll create an application process soon, but expect to show your github and some basic product demo to qualify for this program. this is for builders who are already hands on, but if you have started yet, it’s not too late to get going now.

we’ll exclude people with a current income.

Proposal ask

$1,000 per scholar, total 100 scholars = $100,000.

of course, different people may have different budget needs. i.e. driving to denver from salt lake city is not going to cost as much as flying in from berlin. so what i think will happen is the community will self allocate the budget and actually some will give up a bit of their allocation to allow all 100 people to make it. yes, i totally believe in the altruism of the community in this way. we all gonna make it (wagmi) together!

note: each scholar can only receive the scholarship once from harmony.

Metrics for success

100 more builders can experience ethdenver 2022 and build in the blockchain ecosystem.

External links

inspired by ric burton who funded people to go to liscon. i share many of his sentiments here: https://twitter.com/ricburton/status/1448281596797222916


This is exactly one of the main mandates of the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), which Harmony supports and is partners with. I suggest we partner with them to both amplify and to increase the funnel. I’d also suggest clear criteria - do we want developers? Builders of all types? Or, retail token holders that don’t contribute in other ways? Happy to connect BEN with this proposal - I think they’d be quite excited to partner on this.


Shouldn’t Incubator DAO tackle this?

let’s work with BEN and universities and even high schools.

we want developers and builders who can show their github or portfolio of work. no retail token holders for this.


$50K has been funded to bring 50 scholars to nft.nyc: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Thanks @lij this is a great innitiative. Africa DAO will work with its community to present a few candidates :slight_smile: I look fwd to seeing how we can creativly bridge the gap as the budget for an African traveller will be around USD 3000


I am a serious Ethereum scholar and a developer on the brink on getting into the Blockchain ecosystem. What is holding me back is the cost of getting into the event. This proposal would very much help me since I don’t have the means to go to ethdenver2022. I am a developer on the Ethereum Blockchain and I have various projects to my name. I am already hands on and I have some projects that I can display on my GitHub. I have met and exchanged ideas with members of the Africa Harmony Dao such as @ep2338 who has really mentored us and created awareness to the community at large. This would be such a great opportunity to further my knowledge and skills so that I may be able to solve various problems affecting us and also be able to share what I have learnt at ethdenver 2022 with my local community. Thanks.


@lij how they can apply Sir?

The application to the Dreamer Dao can be found here


Thank you @Deogracious_Aggrey , so this is a legit application? I am asking because is not for myself - I want to share with other people so to be sure that is no scam :blush:

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I have applied to it. The link was sent to me by @lij so I am confident that it is legit

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Thank you @Deogracious_Aggrey :blush: :pray:


We funded 20 scholars to attend and participate in the Miami Hack Week, Jan 29-30 2022.

We are featured sponsors and we hope this gets more projects to be built in our ecosystem.