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Hay @Ty_Nichols and thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some feedback. We cant wait to see you in the Expert Track.

Fantastic questions @Cchallis94

Is the course suitable for absolute learners? Yes. But there is a lot to take in and students will need to put the work in. Terms and concepts will be introduced in the first few weeks and then developed as we move through the expert track and via the study groups and live classes.

We also hope to accommodate all learning styles. We have different material types, from videos to articles, to live classes. We also have activities, both group and individual, and quizzes.

After the 9 weeks, we hope students will stay with us. Some might want to take the track again, some might want to join other events we have such as webinars, some might have a project idea and want a little help, and some might be looking to move career and we hope to be able to connect the dots.

Finally, yes, there are assignments and quizzes and certain steps students must complete to gain their certificate.

Hi Block Of Crypto,

Great Proposal, I see other blockchains are starting to set academies but they are still focused on Developers. Not all entrepreneurs are Developers and I can see how training like this could be in high demand. I do have a question. How accessible will this course be.

Hi and thank you for your question Dernan.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility are very important. Hopefully, the track will be rather accessible. We have captions on the videos we made and have used large font in our written content. Our largest accessibility issues are internet access and language/time zone barriers. Over time we hope to solve the language/time zone barriers by running the track across timezones with active translators, or even instructors where English is not their first language. In terms of internet access, the live classes will be recorded, for learners to watch at a different time. we will also be using the community for discussions that are less heavy on internet resources than video and will be playing with a few other ideas. Also, not all of our content is video content.

I hope that answers your question Dernan?

Hi Paula i support the proposal, will there be any educational accreditation to go with this track, many thanks in advance.

Hi @Mattyontap,

Happy 2022.

Just wondering if you could give an estimate on review and feedback time? Maybe there are some changes or adjustments that the team would like to see?

I’m running a meetup tomorrow night and we have not yet announced the track to our members, or this proposal. Maybe one of the team would like to stop by?

Thanks in advance for your time



Happy 2022, Paula!

Our grants team is reviewing your proposal this week and should respond shortly. Thank you for being patient as we continue to get back up to speed after the holidays!


@PaulaG looks like you have great experience adopting new technologies to provide educational services and have a track record of giving back and steady community involvement. Wish you the best in your endeavors

Hi @kenny, thank you for your feedback and support


Hello @Submelody and thank you for your support and question.

The plan is to invite a number of educators and institutes to take part in the track, after which we hope to begin working with some of these as an accredited module. However, this will not be the first track and we may have a little more work before we are ready for this step.

Kind Regards


No Problems @Mattyonta, I’m just a bit over-eager.

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Hello Paula,

Heartiest admiration for your efforts. And wish you all other group members a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

I like your proposal and would love to learn through the fantastic course proposed by you.

I am one of the early supporter of Harmony project and a delegator to one of their node as well.
“Sharding” came to my knowledge after doing research on their project and harmony team is one of the best in the Blockchain space .

Good luck for the funding. Hope to join the course in Feb.

Regards to All,


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This Sound Great!!!

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Really great proposal, look forward to following and engaging with A block of Crypto

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Web 3.0. Online learning for all. The future is bright. Even for an old fogey like me! Thank you and keep up the good work.

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Love this proposal and think this is really necessary. Its a fast moving space but this would be a great place to create valuable communities in Web3. Thanks @PaulaG !

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I am holding and staking Harmony One, and i support this proposal.


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Love this proposal. This is much-needed education to better understand and adopt this new technology. Thank you, Paula!

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@PaulaG has done a fantastic job with the meetup groups and I have learnt a lot about blockchain by attending these meetings.

I think this is a great idea and I support this proposal 100%.

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Hay @brucey54 and thank you for your support.