ETH Rio Hachathon

As a part of Harmony’s involvement with ethRio, we sponsored the Hackathon. Our goal was to get to know an environment like Rio de Janeiro, a city with a huge potential to generate high-value business ideas, provided the necessary space and prizes to boost the innovation & culture. The hackathon took place in Fabrica de Startups and hosted more than 20 teams that built their projects during 2 days of intense development. At the end–and consistent with an environment like Brazi–more than half of the projects were focused on social aid projects. One of the priorities and values ​​that core to Harmony’s team.

The Harmony team was present every day of the event providing technical support and business mentoring as well as support. Additionally, we also participated as judges for the general hackathon prizes and for those who decided to deploy their apps using Harmony infrastructure. In this opportunity more than nine teams participated in our track with five of them receiving prizes also from the overall hackathon track.

Of all the winners, Obvious (and on ramp platform for Harmony in Brazil) and ITHereum (a multisig solution for DEXs) were among the general Hackathon winners, and both developed a full functional proof of concept. Other winners include Socialcrypto.DAO and Kreative DAO, two exciting DAOs that are looking to introduce creators and builders from some of the more underprivileged zones in the city into Web3.

We want to thank all the teams for their participation and invite them to participate in the following events, as well as follow us on networks (especially in our Forum) to be able to put their ideas into action, supported by the great community that is Harmony. We are very proud to have such a high level of participation.

Muito Obrigado Rio!


Project: Stub3
Description: A decentralized ticketing platform that allows for NFT collectible tickets and creator resale share for artists to profit on secondary market sales
Link about the project: Youtube - (github link is in description)

Project: Docum3ent - by Kreadive DAO
Description: Photojournalism project documenting Rio de Janeiro locals called “A Cara do Rio” images were turned into NFTs proceeds from these NFTs will go 60% to a Favela local business 40% to Docum3ant.
Link: It can link to our MAD Nft profile

Project: Obvius Crypto
Description: On-ramp between Harmony and BRL using the brazilian naking infrastructure(Pix).


Description: In order to decentralize the relationship between donors and NGOs, using Blockchain and its ability to trace and immutability, we would be able to increase trust in the use of donations. In this way, we present a decentralized protocol where NGOs will be able to present their social impact proposals onchain, in this way, donors will be able to track the use of funds

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Hello @jbeltran where we get to know more about this DAO socialcrypto.DAO and kreative DAO in details ? Any website or social handle they have ?

Hi. I’ll upload the winners and more info about it. In a while.