Harmony NaijaDAO Virtual Hackathon

Harmony NaijaDAO Virtual Hackathon

What is TechForSocialImpact?

As humans evolve, curious creatives, artists, thinkers and buidLers evolve. These individuals proffer solutions to existing and futuristic problems. There are several problems in our society ranging from Healthcare, Finance, Housing and Real Estate, Transportation, and Food Security. Are you enthusiastic about building solutions on the Blockchain that address these? Join the TechForSocialImpact Hackathon!

The TechForSocialImpact Hackathon is a 72-hour nationwide hackathon purposely planned to bring opportunities and exposure to Nigerian innovators who can build blockchain solutions for social impact, especially on the Harmony Protocol.

The HarmonyNaijaDAO believes in the transformative nature of blockchain technology and we want to back Nigerian developers building the decentralised future we believe in by hosting this TechForSocialImpact Hackathon.

Why Build on Harmony?

  • Secure, random state sharding
  • Fast consensus
  • 2-seconds transaction finality
  • Effective proof of stake and token economics
  • Bridges Ecosystems
  • Permissionless and accessible

Who should join?

Any team of 2-5 persons with interest in the web3 space. Enthusiastic web2 devs who are transitioning into the web3 space are welcome as well!


The tops 3 winners will win:

  • Winner: 1 Million Naira and an opportunity for 50,000 USD in funding.
  • 1st Runner Up: 500,000 Naira and an opportunity for 50,000 USD in funding.
  • 2nd Runner Up: 250,000 Naira and and an opportunity for 50,000 USD in funding.

However, all top 10 winners that can get their product to the test-net stage get a chance to be considered for a Harmony grant to fund their projects.

Steps to take

  • Step 1: Register with your team to get access
  • Step 2: Attend the talks/follow up meetings (could be a follow-up call/chat) while you work on your prototype.
  • Step 3: Submit all requirements on/before the deadline


  • Registration: 12 am WAT, 22nd March 2022- 12 am WAT, 7th April 2022.
  • Take-your-time-to-HACK: 8th April 2022 - 10th April 2022.
  • Submission Ends: 8 am WAT, 11th April 2022.
  • Evaluation: 12th April 2022- 15th April 2022.
  • Winners Reveal: 16th April 2022.

Register for the Hackathon

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