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ETHRio Sponsorship Scholars

Application type
Scholar Program

Proposal overview

Sponsor brazilian engineering students of ITA (Aeronautics Institute of Technology), a top-ranked engineering university in Brazil, to attend ETHRio and participate in the hackathon.
This will be a major opportunity for the students to have their first real experience in the blockchain space by developing decentralized solutions and keep BUIDLing afterwards!


I am from the Core-Team of PadawanDAO and was sponsored by Harmony One DAO during ETHDenver, which was a wonderful experience so I can speak by own experience about the impact of attending a major crypto conference and participating in the hackathon. Hence, now one of my goals is to bring this opportunity to as many people as I can to further contribute to the blockchain space and build new decentralized technologies.

Proposal ask
$4000 for 10 students, $400 each, which will be distributed as the following:
-$50: 5 hour bus round trip from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro
-$225: 3-day stay at a hotel
-$80: food expenses for 3 days
-$45: public transportation and uber during the weekend

Metrics for success
Students utilizing harmony platform for development on their hackathon projects.

Update: Here is a screenshot with the name of the applicants so far (13) and their respective classes (I’ve hidden some of their personal information for privacy purposes)


this proposal is approved with the guideline that you engage closely with Blu3 DAO Funding Proposal - ETHDenver 2022, who is guiding all of our scholars going forward. will connect your teams.

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There are 35 people interested in building at ETH Rio, so I am asking for an additional grant of $4k for the remaining 22.

You can see the official spreadsheet below, there are 35 scholars in total including me but since our budget is limited I’ll dilute the total amount of $8k amongst 35, which should give us $228.5/person

To afford a cheaper accommodation, I will be reserving two to three hackerhouses instead of hotels to support everyone.

[(Contact Information (Responses) - Google Sheets)

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approved for the additional $4k grant.


this grant has been fully funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


I just wanted to update that the hackathon was a success

Out of 9 teams sponsored by Harmony to attend ETHRio Hackathon, 2 won

The projects were:


Github: GitHub - KalilBalech/hackathon-ethereum-rio
Demo: FavelART

Members from ITA:

CryptoSocialArt DAO
(they’ve developed a proof of concept through a slide presentation )

Members from ITA:

There was also another team that won Livepeer bounty.