Etherscan version for Harmony One

After seeing a growing amount of requests for an etherscan version of Harmony (on reddit) and the issues that users (seeing blank pages of the explorer after load, homepage not up to date on the blocks) are facing or the lack of basic functionalities with, I decided to open this thread so that everyone is clear regarding it.

To my understanding, there was a request made back 1-2 years ago to have the etherscan team host an explorer for Harmony One but due to its high cost, it was not accepted.

As we are seeing an increasing number of transactions daily, I think an explorer with a user friendly interface is now more important than ever especially when there is a daily transactions of over 3M.

Is it possible to ask for a new quote about it and re-iterate the reasons why it was not accepted.

Some discussion found on this topic are posted below:


Thanks for sharing this. We are aware of Explorer’s shortcomings and we are actually speaking to Etherscan and will share details and plans soon.


We really need something like this.
A blockchain like Harmony can’t afford not having a decent explorer.
This is of utmost importance and expensive is a very relative term.
What’s expensive, for users and developers, is not having a decent explorer because the current one is a pain.


This! This! !!! Can’t emphasize it a lot.

This will improve not just the experience for regular users, but also for new users joining the platform, through the dApps we build.


It would be awesome to see HarmonyScan!


@giv Is there any update on this?

After 3 months, we really need to know wether harmony will release ether scan or not. This, along with solving RPC issues, should be your priority #1.

Hi Giv, any updates on this?

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Unfortunately, Etherscan team does not have the bandwidth to prioritize this integration right now. But we are also partnering with Blockscout. More on this soon.