Funding Proposal for upLink

Name of Project

Uplink - buying your token should be this easy.

Application Type

Distributed Fiat to Crypto Onramp and Project Launcher focused on growing alt chains

Proposal Overview

The Problem Uplink Addresses

Simply put, buying crypto for first time users is complex and intimidating, involving cross chain swaps, transfers, and complex wallet setup. Access to these new crypto buyers is especially important for crypto projects during soft markets to keep projects liquid in tough times and thriving in bull markets.

The Solution

UpLink offers an easy, quick, and secure way to buy a project’s crypto token outside of exchanges, right from within websites or applications. No need to send your community away to buy a token - we’ve radically redefined the term decentralized exchange. Uplink makes it easy for even new buyers, by automating the process of wallet setup, blockchain creation, and token delivery - all in under 60 seconds time. There’s simply no easier way to buy crypto for new users.

In short, We aim to extend the platform to Harmony blockchain, making any Harmony project able to enable new users to buy tokens on the blockchain with near zero friction.

If you would like to understand what the experience would be like for Harmony blockchain buyers, try for yourself how we enable BNB blockchain buys for yourself at

Sending buyers away to a DEX breaks immersion for metaverses and other experience crypto projects. We’ve reimagined the buying experience for new adopters.

We also support project at all stages, prior to initial offering with our robust due diligence process, covering the sustainability of your business model, funding plan, market positioning, tokenomics, background checks, regulatory compliance and governance related issues and much more.

Uplink Values

We’ve launched a crypto project, and understand how difficult it can be to find buyers, expand a project’s market share and profile, and increase your community with new crypto adopters in particular. We believe with the our backing, and with a well defined focus, a crypto project is primed for success.

Business Model

Projects would provide a percentage of transactions processed or funds raised from token introduction. Influencers and projects can in turn earn revenues from uplink by adding upLink to their websites, earning a percentage of profits from trade through upLink.

Proposal Ask

We request $150,000, which we estimate will provide the capital needed to support Harmony for both crypto buys and for token launches. Your grant will enable not only upLink, but will enable future Harmony projects to easily bring in new buyers to the ecosystem.


  • upLink version 1,0, supporting BNB chain buys (COMPLETE)
  • upLink support for custom token buy pages (COMPLETE)
  • Sign up initial crypto / metaverse projects (COMPLETE)
  • upLink UX version 2.0, making it even easier to buy crypto assets
  • Token Alerts (“token is at an all time low - buy now on uplink”)
  • Crypto Asset Launcher - for new crypto projects on Harmony
  • Mobile Experience - mobile application for buying or backing new Harmony projects
  • Subscriptions and Microtransactions (recurring token purchases for projects in a “set it and forget it” manner, like Netflix)
  • Crypto ATMs - enable physical world buys, easily. Hardware partners already in place.

Metrics for Success

  • Launch of the first bank card to Harmony purchase platform
  • 25+ Harmony projects enabled, allowing new users to buy assets directly, even for new crypto buyers
  • 50,000 users introduced to the above Harmony project partners

External Links: Socials, Web Site, and Pitch Deck

Website: (buy BNB chain tokens right on the site, right now!)
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @flourishingcapital
Presentation: Uplink Deck May 2022.pdf - Google Drive

Team (and the experiences which support Uplink’s success)

Eric Gonzalez - CEO
Formerly held key roles at Oracle/NetSuite and Planview. Multiple tech startups founded, including FlourishingAI and Uplink, with one previous project acquired by Paypal.

William Perone - CTO
Formerly held key roles at Nvidia, Glu. Gaming Payments, and Artificial Intelligence expert. Professional day trader. Prior startups funded by Tencent and acquired by Paypal.

Jason Berlin - CMO
Formerly chief marketer founder of BeyondFOMO, one of the fastest growing influencer channels on Youtube.

Michael Swan - CIO
Former Goldman Sachs Executive, Managing Partner Tokenomik, Advisor to Unido and other crypto projects.

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Thank you. Feel free to contact us with any questions (that goes for everyone in the community!)

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Hey guys, just read your proposal. I 100% support this. This is needed in every way possible and could easily permit to new users to join in our space.

Could you post a graph, or something, about how would the process work, techinically speaking? Thank you @uplink

Hi @uplink,

Simplifying for mass adaption is certainly compelling. Can you share more for the community on Crypto Asset Launcher, Subscription fees, as well as ATMs placements.

Screenshots of current daily active users from Google Analytics would be helpful.

Thank You

Sure thing, we are redoing the graphic - we’ll post shortly. I’m thrilled you guys see what we see!

Hello Cheualx. The crypto asset launcher is in the process of buildout, so we do not yet have any releaseable infomation. There are no subscriptions for crypto buyers to purchase a project token via upLink, as our revenue model involves transaction fees as well as a small setup fee for projects. The ATM software licensing is in the works with a hardware operator currently.

Part of the reason we’re looking for funding is to finish the launcher (for then the markets turn around) and to finish up the ATM licensable code. In the meantime, we allow for purchases of crypto at, right now.

I’ve attached a diagram of how it all works and a screenshot of google analytics. Please note the google analytics is only for our main site, this does not include project sites where crypto is purchased (which is most of it)

You can also review our pitch deck to projects here:

Finally, we encourage you to try to make a purchase if you’d like on , so you can experience yourself how smooth the process runs. We’re hoping we can increase both our communities profiles by working together to increase new crypto adopters on the harmony blockchain. Thanks!

I like the UI/UX.

Where’s the screenshot? I can’t see it.

My mistake - looks like I didn’t attach it. Please see attached SS. Thanks.

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Cool responses. Thanks.

Your user engagement is incredibly low. Are you sure are your project is ready for mass adoption? Why is it so low? The last month it’s barely a few hundred people.

Yes, it’s because we’ve very recently launched and are ramping up marketing efforts still, and because much of the traffic would flow to our users’ sites (they can embed the buy widget anywhere they’d like - this works much differently than other swap apps) . Think of it also like a DEX buy, but the buyer never leaves the project page. So whatever traffic they get on their sites would not be reflected in our data. We certainly want to boost this massively :slight_smile: Hopefully I explained it well.

Your insta doesn’t work anymore: Login • Instagram

Your LinkedIn claims 0 employees.

Is there any proof that the people you listed in your post actually work/own this project?

Hi George, sorry about that - we’re listed under FlourishingAI, the parent company: We’ll update on Linkedin to reflect both shortly.
Here’s the Linkedin url:

EDIT: I thought I’d also add that near the bottom of uplinkdefi you’ll see FlourishingAI listed, and the website also notes at the bottom “brought to you by team FlourishingAI”. Again apologies for our mmiscommunication on this

If this works, it will be super compelling.

  • I’m curious, is there a backend fiat settlement layer, and how does that look like?
  • Is it based on Simplex, or a distributed set of “settlers” that’s doing the fiat onramp in a decentralized / p2p manner?
  • And what is the success rates with the banks behind the credit cards?
  • When you say ATM licensing model, does it mean the credit cards are using the debit card functionality (padded with the exorbitant cc fees?)

Space Misfits have a grant with Harmony as well. It’ll be really cool if this works on Harmony

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Hi @uplink,

Please reply to @Jacksteroo once you get the chance and keep the community updated on latest developments at Uplink.

Thank you