Funding request March 2022

As one of the zkDao governors and on behalf of zkDao, hereby I request $400k funding for paying out the first batch of zk product launch grants via zkDAO.

zkDao’s multisig safe wallet address specifically set up for launch grants: 0xA4a58E96B0206Bf7B96510187508B6163C38A745

Four of the ZK projects have received 5 or more positive votes from zkDao’s governors.

MinimalDF: A minimal feature implementation of DarkForest on harmony

Ninja Survey: A DAO Tooling Platform for Anonymous Survey with ZK

zkPhoto: Private Authentic Photo Sharing

AnonyVote: A DAO Tooling Platform for Anonymous Voting With ZK

funded: 0x05435da6a4f73b06c77c89878824a7bd5d8e88c62f574ec99683c4ee19021120

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