Game Shard1 Support Suggestions

Hey everyone, most of you guys have seen me floating around the community for a while now and I have some suggestions.

This is a great thing for the eco-system (as long as it doesn’t take 2 years to implement…)

I’m going to keep this short but here’s a list of what I think we should add to make it easier for new developers to build on the chain.

If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to comment suggestion below.

  1. Unity Engine SDK specifically for Harmony.
  2. 1Wallet integration documents and support files for executable games, both for JS and C#.
  3. 1Wallet integration documents and support files for Android, IOS, Windows and MAC
  4. Template smart contract for basic PVP functions
  5. MM/1W - Wallet integration documents for browser based games.
  6. If 1Wallet is not suitable we need a dedicated official Harmony Gaming wallet capable of holding NFTs and approving transactions both in browser based games and executable games. ( OTP would be ideal with the ability for user to specify time frame)
  7. Documents on limitations of webGL and basic how-to-guide for optimising games built for browsers.
  8. Dedicated RPC for planned game shard

It would take more than 2 years :grinning: and some doesn’t have to do with the PoS chain.

Harmony must focus on improving the PoS chain, enable cross chain transactions, elastic rpc and etc…
This will make harmony the best gaming chain and most advanced blockchain