1st post and have a few suggestions for Harmony

Hi. Harmony is my main bag and I’ll be investing more and more. I do love this block chain and ecosystem however I would like to make suggestions to make it more user friendly.

  1. I would like a main page on a site to give you a direct link to page that will show you all the websites and apps using harmony, like davinci for nfts and fuzz for betting, ect. and them breaking them down by category. I know there is a small showcase but I would like to see something more like a menu option.

  2. We need a natural wallet other than metamask to work with defi projects. Any time you speak ill of metamask on twitter, all the sudden you get 7 bot replys. it comes off as scammy. I have had many issues with metamask which is why I hate it.

3)Davinci gallery is great. I do love it except using metamask. Not going to lie, i think the picture NFTs are useless however the NFTs for the electric car presale was a eye opener. I like that there are NFT books on the site.

  1. I love that Harmony is bridging and constantly upgrading but there doesnt seem to be much promotion or education on what it is and the value it has and potential for the future. I feel if that was more aggressive then the price would increase. I think crypto.com is doing fantastic by showing ads on twitch.

  2. Being available on more platforms. Fuzz is great for betting but it cant do everything and it may need more improvements on its layout. Stake.com is a fun betting online crypto casino. It only uses 8 cryptos, none as quick as harmony. I think it would be a huge boost to the harmony ecosystem if it was available. IDK if harmony can reach out to them or contact them.

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Thank you for this. Couldnt agree more with a lot of these points, specifically the brand awareness or lack there of. We do an excellent job of showing up for irl events, but that essentially is boasting to an echo chamber of conference attendees and peer protocols after a while. There is no acquisition strategy for those majority of crypto entuhusiats that dont go to conferences, which is mostly everyone. a equally robust comprehensive stategy to apply even a portion of the funds issued for IRL events (if done right) could/would produce a much higher ROI in the same metrics we are looking to achieve with smaller audience sizes at conferneces. The reduction in travel expenses alone would tilt the +/- towards the positive. Utilize the metaverse and develop more contact points and a harmony journey and we’ll win. Im available “powers that be” (wink!). Welcome @MichaelA

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Maybe it help you a bit


Dude ive seen this. I want direct links. I want shit so idiot proof it gets people into it easily. That graph is shared but not nearly enough.

I agree whole heartedly. I think that even a bunch of billboards of harmony and pointing them to check out a video of why its better than most could be great.

Hey @MichaelA , regarding your 1st point, have you checked https://harmonyuniverse.one/ out before? I think it’s pretty close to what you were describing.


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Actually is what I was trying to show with the picture

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I didnt know they listed a website in the picture. Just says harmony universe on top left. Thought it was more of a statement. The website is nice but Alot of the sites tho look quickly put together. It wold be better if mabe they change it up a little bit.