GameFi Crossing - Enter the world of Xangaea. $250k Partnership Application

I have read the correspondence and the request. The amount requested is very high compared to the products offered. This project does not deserve more than 50K.

I believe that you should be supported for the diversity of the community, but for this, the majority of the more concrete and committed project should be completed, and representatives from the Harmony community should be included in multisig to monitor the correct use of the support.

It is best for the community to review your request with these in mind.

I am actually Flu, so I don’t know why you’re stealing my name, but I don’t appreciate you being so rude to this intelligent, albeit highly biased person.

I do have to agree with the overall sentiment. The team has been delivering, especially after She Who Must Not Be Nameds exit.

Per Harmony X (Boris and Gabby) we both approve a $250k investment.



Full support with @Boris_Polania . $250k investment approved.


This This proposal have been funded with the following transaction Harmony Blockchain Explorer

The beginning of a new chapter! A quick little update on everything!

  • We are closing in on cryptoPig racing
  • We are in talks to make YTA the FIRST harmony token ever offered in an IEO on a Centralized Exchange
  • We are looking into and in the process of hiring new devs

Has there been any progress with this?
The project f**ked up then got approved for alot of funding . Their server is dead, token is dead, community is dead… anyone keeping track?


If you’re serious, and you care, I would be glad to show you the most recent dev work.


Flu, it would be nice to show the work here. Thank you :pray:

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I think it would be good practice to update the whole forum on this thread.

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So, this is the Gameboard. You can see art from SloppyPencil (the R&M guy) and it shows off a great deal of his unique style, here.

However, the things we are still missing have been slowed by the exit of two of our core devs, BadatBlockchain and Hopeslicer, who went off and built the (very successful, props guys) Knights & Peasants.

Unfortunately, as I have been updating in our Discord, the team is essentially down to myself, Outrageous Cat, Splat, Tailchakra, and some others. We are still building and will continue to do so.

Trolling, however, helps no one. LOL.


New art teaser looks amazing, I would love to see Harmony give this OG GameFi platform a strong boost. SloppyPencil alone is a huge selling point for GameFi maxis checking out the chain, and this project more than almost any other I’ve seen can provide Harmony with a fantasy gaming/NFT nexus with great lore that can be an open front door to the chain!

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Ngl. Somewhat underwhelming but thanks for sharing the progress. Appreciated

why you guys include your logo development proccess in the proposal.

Big bs, come back when you have something ready rather than graphics

“Trolling, however, helps no one. LOL.”

How does us asking about development here differ from your tweet? Other than the fact that we are interested and you’re trying to stir the pot and self promo

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Not stirring the pot, if it’s true!

On that basis one cannot imply another is trolling as it is also true


That comment is shit too, but at least it was free, I guess.

Thats not troling. That’s a legitimate case of a multi BILLION dollar protocol not protecting user funds.

Kinda like Harmony didnt adequately protect our funds.

I’m equal opportunity.

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