My NFT Wars: Evaluating Harmony for Our Innovative PlayFi RPG Game

We’re developing My NFT Wars, a PlayFi RPG game, in collaboration with the seasoned developers at Blockchain Cuties Universe and iLogos Game Studios. Our team has an extensive background in free-to-play and NFT gaming, having completed over 460 projects since 2006.

In My NFT Wars, players can dive into an immersive world, collecting, trading, and battling unique NFT characters. Our focus is on merging engaging gameplay with cutting-edge PlayFi mechanics, which allows players to earn rewards and actively shape the game universe.

As we search for the ideal blockchain platform, we are considering Harmony based on the following criteria:

  • Scalability and performance: A platform capable of handling numerous transactions with low latency and high throughput.
  • Efficient transactions: Reasonable fees to ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Robust developer ecosystem: Access to comprehensive documentation, developer tools, and support for effective development.
  • Active and supportive community: A vibrant community that can contribute to and support our game’s growth.

We would appreciate your input on Harmony’s potential as a suitable platform for My NFT Wars. Could you share your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of Harmony in relation to a PlayFi RPG game like ours? Are there any unique features or resources within Harmony that might prove advantageous for our project?

Thank you for your time, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts!


What other chains are on your list?

A good one to be precise :+1:
But as your tokens being listed on any blockchain platform yet?

What are the chances of winning? Easy or complex? Because some NFT gamings are like that

Can you tell us more about your existence, your experience (positive or negative) and your achievements so far in this project?

Thank you for your time. So what are you rules and regulations guiding this project? Is a player free to do whatever they like in the game?

Efficient transactions is one of your criterias…. How have you been pulling up with this in other to satisfy the players? Are they well satisfied with your transactions method?

This is a nice idea and a great article. My question is, where do you see yourself, I mean this project in the next 5 years? Any visions for the future of it?

How is the community welcoming this project? Is it accepted by them? Are they loving it? I’m just curious lol, so I’d like you to share the experience with me

This is convincing enough! It’s a great job :+1:
So what’s the minting period like? And how much will it worth?

What’s a PlayFi RPG game? I’m clueless about it. Can you please explain to me and other important things I need to know about it? :pray:

How can I get help with the game in case there’s a glitch or something in the process of accessing the game? How fast and responsive is the admin or support team?

I’m interested in hearing more about the unique NFT characters that players can collect and battle - will there be any rare or legendary characters?

Is this playfi project equipped with staking or mining?

Is this playfi project equipped with staking or mining?

How is the project promoted on the market?

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Is it possible to buy tokens and assets for real money or only for cryptocurrency?

How can users exchange game assets and tokens?

Take a review of the game next time, so it will be much more interesting

I wish you only good luck and success in your endeavors, I just want something new already