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Product Launch

Proposal overview

GameToken is a project that will create multiple games. Games that i and many more played in the old days when we were much younger. For copyright purposes, all games will be developed from scratch with the overall look and feel from the old one.

Every game will be play to earn. Every game will also have its own real cryptocurrency altcoin. This altcoin will be used to buy in-game assets. Some assets will give you rewards in the in-game currency. Some will charge you with a tax.

GameToken itself is a cryptocurrency as well (GAME). GAME is used for a few features in the ecosystem:

Get access to any of our games by staking GAME and get your first in-game currency as reward.
Use your game to vote on anything that is requested for any game or development for GameToken

Staking is stackable. That means that is you stake single GAME you get 5%x10000000 in CREDIT per year. If you add GAME/ONE LP, CREDIT/ONE LP and stake ONE on the gametoken validator you get a total of 25%x10000000 per year in CREDIT as reward.

The first game that we intend to launch is Cryptoclysm. A UI based community game that let users battle each other for the in-game token. Users also buy land, battle bosses, win tournaments, battle other clans (group of 12 users) to earn the in-game token.

The funding proposal will be to complete Cryptoclysm and the ETH bridge to LP GAME/ONE. The only thing left is the frontend development, ETH brige to LP and worldwide marketing to attract the first 10k people. We are going to publish a multi-language article on coin telegraph, ad banners on coingecko, dappradar and coinmarketcap. All at once to create a massive hype that will attract new users for the game.

After a successful launch the developments will continue for more bridges to attract new users.

What do we have now?
GAME contract on chain
CREDIT contract on chain
Github with private contracts for teh GAME logic (All logic is on chain)

What do we need?
A good frontend dev that can help my backend dev.
Funding for the frontend dev and worldwide marketing

Active users:
Telegram: @themanintheroom, @ryuheimat


@themanintheroom, owner, founder, project management

@ryuheimat, backend dev

Proposal ask

8 weeks of development left: 38400
Cointelegraph: multi-language article and banner: 16000 (banner 4 week)
dappradar: Banner homepage: 6000 4 weeks
Coingecko: Banner homepage: 24000 4 weeks


Above is allowing us to get a team for development, better project management, getting time to get the website ( live in a better version. There is a dutch company that can help us: part of

Metrics for success

Launching GameToken BETA within a month
BETA for 4 weeks, improving what needs to be improved.
Launch Cryptoclysm
Launch Bridge
Launch Marketing

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I wholeheartedly support if Harmony is willing to give a grant on this project. I have spoken with the creator and he has shared a lot of what he is working on with me. Bringing more games to the harmony blockchain will create further adoption, not just the defi space. Look forward too see this project moving forward.


Glad to see this applying for a grant! Can’t wait to start playing.


I’ve been looking forward to this project for a long time. I think it would be a fantastic addition to the Harmony network and bring in a variety of users for income based gaming. Axie Infinity proved to be very successful and Game Token will help revolutionize the Harmony ecosystem. Let’s keep building the network and help launch!


The owner and developer of this project has been working hard to make this a reality. Game is now at a crucial point in it’s development and funding now could make a real difference. I am also really looking forward to seeing this project go live!


I have been thoroughly impressed with the support provided in the telegram group for GameToken.

It feels like no question goes unanswered. If their dedication to the project overall matches their dedication to support, which I’m sure it will, I see a bright future ahead of GameToken!


We believe GameToken’s objective is genuine creating an exciting game project that will bring variety and flavour to Harmony and thus increase adoption rate of the network. They need every assistance that can be offered.


I discovered the project soon after the ICO, and invested instantly.
I strongly believe that due to the nature of Harmony (speed and transaction fees) games are very suited to be developed on our Chain.

The project seems unique and would definitely want to see it receive all the help it can get to have a polished result that will bring added value to our Chain.


@Themanintheroom thank you for this great proposal. However, as mentioned in the guidelines:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product

It doesn’t sound like there’s a useable product available yet? If there is, please confirm and provide details. If not, please try again once you’ve made some more progress and have gained some initial traction.


@Themanintheroom any updates?