Investment: 8bit NFT Space

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[8bit NFT Space]

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[8bit offers a unique product in the form of an NFT collection of delightful cards with heroes of 8bit games. We are creating an ecosystem for connoisseurs of art by offering a purchase for an exclusive token - 8bit. Our mission is that our token is used as a universal reward for 8bit art, as well as become a part of the daily life of every fan of the 8bit era.

We are already made airdrop campaing and ongoing token sale. Now we are finishing our work with NFT cards design, launched testnet of marketplace for our NFT, connected payment gateways for our own BEP20 token and other fundamental tokens. Also our developers started to make 2 simple NFT game for our users. Planing to launch NFT Marketplace and NFT Gamezone to the february 2022.
We are requesting $50K in equity-free contribution: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO for our community, $10K after launched first game in Gamezone and $10K for after 1K sales. As well as funding, we are looking for Harmony’s help with product development, fundraising and partnership.
We can offer our investors:

  • share in co-ownership of project tokens (no more than 10%)
  • percentage of the sale of each NFT (from 0.5% to 2.5%)
  • unique cards with marketing information]

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Metrics for success

[1k sales, success first season, launch gamezone]

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@eightibitfun thank you for submitting a funding proposal with Harmony


  1. Can you describe the timeline for the initiative?
  2. Can you also talk about the background of the team?
  3. Is there a community that is engaging with your project? (the Telegram group is just an announcement channel)


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Hello @Jacksteroo !
Thanks for your questions.

  1. Timeline is:
  • marketplace october 2021 (testnet), november 2021 (mainnet)
  • gamezone february 2022 with first nft game
  • first 1k sales planing to march 2022
  • full first season september 2022 (42 weeks from start)
  1. In our team for now 6 persons:
  • Oleksii Herasymchyk, founder, ceo
  • Maxim Velichko, partnerships manager
  • Pavlo Vysotkiy, financial manager
  • Roman Nayda, community manager
  • Ivan Hryhorovych, design manager
  • Sofiia Shurunova, artist
    Every one have an experience in his sector of work in project, realized few different projects offline.
    In our website you can find links to personal facebook accounts of every one.
  1. We have few communities in telegram

Our drafts of NFT!
Project 99% ready to launch!

This looks amazing @eightibitfun ! Thanks for the detailed timeline and team list

  • I’m curious to understand why $50K vs. a different amount?
  • I’ve researched and couldn’t find strong correlations between 8bit initiative and any of the teams’ background, they didn’t seem to be the right fit (students, no workplace defined, artist portfolio doesn’t match 8bit). You may have to list it out here.
  • Why launch on GameZone, and why $10K after 1K NFT sales? we look for real users and active user count makes more sense, which means the project grew to be successful with returning users.

Thank you for choosing Harmony. I hope to hear back from you soon.

Hello @Jacksteroo

Due to the fact that we are ready to provide various services for partners (which I wrote about above), our team is already reaching the limit of its capabilities. One of the areas of expenditure is hiring new employees (designer and coder) and providing them with a certain level of income for the next year.
In addition, to launch a gaming zone and marketplace, we understand the need to expand the infrastructure capabilities and bandwidth of our services. We would not like to wait for the moment when our site is slow and users are unhappy.

There are no students in our team) all employees are over 25 years old. Employees perform the functions assigned to them due to their existing experience in offline areas. At the moment, we fully cover our needs with the skills of the existing people in the team.
As you can see, there is no marketer on our team and we understand that this is our weak point. This is the point of development for us.
The result of the designer’s work is provided above. I hope there is no doubt about professionalism now

The gambling zone will allow attracting people from outside the crypto sphere to the project. People who gamble and love excitement.
An additional marker of the importance of launching a gaming zone is the turnover of the token in the market. It will be possible to play for our token, rewards are also for our token. Thus, the number of token holders is planned to increase.
Why after 1000 sold nfts? We are aware that we are still a no-name for the market. This is a certain barrier for us and the successful overcoming of it will fix the correctness of our strategy and the safety of further investments.

I hope that u follow us in twitter and already see how we are growing