Grant Proposal for the R1 Ambassador Program

Grant Proposal for the R1 Ambassador Program

Purpose: Cultivating leadership and enhancing communication to propel Harmony’s market presence and community engagement.

Executive Summary: This proposal seeks to evolve the R1 Ambassador Program into a pivotal component of Harmony Protocol’s community engagement strategy. With a request for funding to support its expansion, the program aims to leverage its successful history in community mobilization to significantly enhance Harmony’s ecosystem impact. This expansion aligns with Harmony’s vision of fostering a vibrant, collaborative community, making the R1 Ambassador Program an essential strategy for future growth.

Program Overview: Initiated by the Recovery One Foundation, the R1 Ambassador Program has been a catalyst for community engagement, leading significant initiatives within the ecosystem. This proposal aims to expand the program’s reach and effectiveness, ensuring it aligns with Harmony’s overarching goals of broad community engagement and technological innovation.

Program Strategy:

  • Cohort 1 Leadership: Utilizes veteran ambassadors as mentors, providing guidance based on established leadership paradigms to ensure the program’s strategic objectives are met.
  • Cohort 2 Development (6 Months): Focuses on developing leadership and ambassadorial skills through practical projects like community workshops and digital outreach, preparing ambassadors for significant roles within the ecosystem.
  • Transition Planning: Involves creating a strategy that aligns with Harmony’s goals, designed to address integration challenges proactively.
  • Cohort 3 Launch: Marks the program’s official adoption under Harmony, showcasing its readiness to significantly contribute to the ecosystem’s dynamics and bring the Ambassador program to each continent in sequential cohorts.

Grant Request:
We will create the “R1 Ambassador” validator node, we ask to be supported by a 20,000,000 ONE token stake from Harmony. The emissions from this node will directly fund the program, ensuring its sustainability and direct alignment with ecosystem growth.

Grant Utilization:

  • Validator Node Operational Costs: Annual operational costs account for 20% of the annual budget. This allocation covers server hosting, maintenance, and security measures essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of the node.
  • Program Management: 40% of the annual budget is allocated for compensation for program management. This amount will be paid at the end of each month for work completed.
  • Community Initiatives and Events: 20% of the funds are directed towards engaging and educational activities aimed at enhancing community involvement and promoting Harmony’s ecosystem. This includes:
    • Workshops and Webinars: These events support educational outreach and community engagement.
    • Community Challenges and Competitions: Funding supports community-driven contests and challenges, covering prizes, digital resources for participation, and outreach efforts. These initiatives stimulate active involvement and foster innovation within the community.
  • Training and Development: Educational Resources: 20% of the annual budget is dedicated to educational materials, online courses, and other resources. These investments enhance the ambassadors’ skills in blockchain technology, community leadership, and ecosystem development.

Monthly Emissions Payout:

Approximately 133,333 ONE tokens, directly supporting ongoing program expenses and initiatives.

Expected Outcomes:

Quantitative Metrics:

  • Increase Community Event Participation by 40%: Amplify engagement through targeted workshops, webinars, and community-driven challenges, directly contributing to a more active ecosystem.
  • Grow Harmony Network Transactions by 25%: Utilize ambassador-led initiatives to drive transactional activity on the Harmony network, showcasing the practical benefits of increased adoption and use-case development.
  • Achieve a 50% Growth in Active Community Members: Expand the community base by half through strategic digital outreach and inclusive ambassador-driven recruitment efforts, ensuring a broader and more diverse participant pool.

Qualitative Goals:

  • Enhance Harmony’s Visibility: Position Harmony as a leading blockchain ecosystem through concerted PR efforts, ambassador engagements, and high-visibility partnerships.
  • Foster a Robust, Collaborative Environment Conducive to Innovation: Create platforms for ideation and development, such as hackathons and innovation boot camps, led and facilitated by R1 ambassadors.
  • Facilitate Engaging Discussions on Harmony Talk Forums: Encourage ambassadors to actively participate and moderate discussions on Harmony Talk forums, fostering a vibrant community dialogue that promotes deeper ecosystem engagement and user retention.

Milestones and Timeline:

  • Q4 2023: Launch new R1 Ambassador node, initiate redesign, and integrate community feedback mechanisms.
  • Q1 2024 - Q4 2024: Execute phased community initiatives and digital outreach programs, evaluating progress against strategic goals quarterly.
  • Q1 2025: Expand ambassador roles in community governance, reassess program impact, and plan next phases based on ecosystem evolution.

Program Implementation Schedule and Milestones:
The program, spanning an initial 12 months, features a detailed roadmap with key milestones, including program phases, strategic reviews, and cohort graduations. It’s designed for annual reassessment and renewal to adapt to the evolving ecosystem needs.

Risk Management:

  • Integration Risks: Mitigated through phased implementation and ongoing feedback from Harmony’s core teams. This includes periodic reviews and adjustments based on the operational insights and strategic direction provided by these teams.
  • Community Engagement Risks: Addressed with adaptive engagement strategies that are responsive to community feedback and evolving market conditions. This ensures the program remains relevant and effective in engaging community members.
  • Feedback Consolidation: Systematic consolidation of feedback from Harmony’s core teams will be integrated into program adjustments. This feedback mechanism is crucial for refining program strategies and ensuring alignment with Harmony’s broader goals, facilitating a responsive and flexible approach to program development.

Elevating the R1 Ambassador Program to an official Harmony initiative represents our commitment to nurturing the ecosystem’s future leaders. With the proposed funding, we can ensure the program’s sustainability and its role as a catalyst


Recovery One Foundation has nurtured an ambassador program sourced from the Harmony community. Our proposal seeks to not only expand this program but also formalize it as the official Harmony ambassador program.

We value your feedback to enhance this grant proposal, ensuring it is community-centric and aligned with our mission.


So you’re asking harmony to delegate 20M ONE to your Validator with 100% commission to pay monthly fees? That’s what it would take to get what you’re asking for, 133,333 ONE a month.

I can’t say that I’m for this when Harmony hasn’t made any effort to compensate the original community for doing exactly this same exact thing. There was even a ambassador DAO.
I appreciate everything everyone has been doing but it’s my understanding that Recovery ONE already gets $1000 a round per member, is that correct? There’s 3 members, so that would be $3000 each month. Yet all other recovery partners have done it for nothing, just to help out recovery.
Maybe after Harmony makes the original community that onboarded countless users and validators, educating them along the way whole again, we can move on to new programs.

Correction- one effort was made with the 200 million staking initiative rewards waved in our faces to get us to volunteer more time to get it rolled out. That seems to be yet another broken promise unfortunately.


I’m a little torn on this one, I think the recovery ambassadors have done a great job so far, but I don’t believe it should get too bloated and we should focus more on building defi on Harmony.

  • Validator Node Operational Costs: Annual operational costs account for 20% of the annual budget. This allocation covers server hosting, maintenance, and security measures essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of the node.

If 20% would just go to the node, why run the node? If you just staked the 20M with another validator you’d only lose 7% on commission. This would also allow you to support existing validators instead of competing with them.

  • Program Management: 40% of the annual budget is allocated for compensation for program management. This amount will be paid at the end of each month for work completed.

As @PeaceLoveHarmony asked above, what are the current payments to the recovery team? It would be good to know this to enable us make a good decision. Who exactly would the 40% go to?

Overall, the two items above add up to 60% of the emissions gone, just on overheads. To me that’s too much. I’d like to see a better breakdown on how the management fees would be paid out and reduce the % that’s gone on overheads.


Would you accept ONE locked in AAVE?

UnArge4, We’ll revisit AAVE. Six months ago, the R1 Ambassadors assisted in submitting a proposal that offered an exchange rate higher than the prevailing rate to initiate the recovery process with AAVE. However, their community rejected the proposed exchange rate of 20% when depegged assets were at 10%. This proposal would have involved both AAVE and Harmony contributing. It would have jump-started the recovery process. However, the AAVE community sought a higher rate and rejected the proposal.

We’ll come back to this matter in due time.



Thank you for your valuable feedback and insights. Since the beginning of our recovery efforts, Recovery One has been deeply committed to recovering depegged assets and strengthening the Harmony ecosystem through proactive community actions. As discussed on the ONEShow, our ambassador program has been pivotal in enhancing community engagement and facilitating effective communication.

From my experience leading organizations like 3-20 member sales and marketing teams, I’ve seen that DAOs can sometimes lack clear leadership, drifting into ambiguity. This observation has shaped our proposal to transition the Recovery One ambassador program into a structured Harmony ambassador program, aimed at nurturing and developing community leaders.

Why a Validator Node? Launching our own validator node represents a transparent and accountable method of managing grants and funding within a blockchain ecosystem. This approach allows us to pioneer a model with Harmony where the success of our initiatives directly influences continued support. If the program meets its objectives and adds value, the foundation’s support continues. If not, adjustments can be made efficiently, ensuring agility and accountability.

Addressing Previous Challenges with DAOs: We acknowledge that Harmony’s rapid scaling of DAOs in the last cycle faced challenges. Our proposal aims to improve upon these experiences by suggesting funding via delegation to a validator. This method offers a more structured and accountable framework for deploying grants and tracking the impact of funded initiatives.

Refining the Proposal: In response to your feedback, we are revising the proposal details, particularly the Grant Utilization section. We aim to clarify how the funds will be specifically used to support the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem. The Recovery One Steering members receive $1,000 each round. This expansion proposal aims to fund R1 Ambassadors who currently volunteer. The staking rewards would be used to foster ecosystem growth through our ambassadors’ initiatives.

We believe this innovative funding approach can serve as a model for future grant accountability and effectiveness within Harmony and potentially other ecosystems. We are committed to refining our strategies and welcome continuous community input to ensure our initiatives align with Harmony’s broader goals and community expectations.

Thank you once again for engaging with our proposal. We will make changes and resubmit with your input!



Thank you for your support and constructive criticism.

Strategic Value of Our Validator Node: Operating our own validator node is not merely a logistical decision but a strategic one. The node will serve as a pioneering funding mechanism, a test case, designed to model accountability and effectiveness in grant utilization not only within the Harmony ecosystem but potentially for other communities as well. Importantly, the R1 Ambassador’s validator is intended to collaborate with, rather than compete against, existing validators. It will operate with a 100% commission structure where all staking rewards are directly allocated into the R1 Ambassador Program. This design ensures that our validator supports the blockchain’s health and security while funding community-driven initiatives.

Collaborative Approach: The proposal for the R1 Ambassadors validator to operate at a 100% commission is intended to make clear that it is not competing for delegator rewards in the traditional sense. Instead, it functions as a dedicated funding stream, enhancing the program’s sustainability and reducing dependency on external funding sources. This approach fosters a more integrated and cooperative ecosystem where validators contribute uniquely towards common goals.

Revision of Grant Utilization Details: In response to community feedback, we are revising the Grant Utilization section of our proposal. Our goal is to provide a more detailed and transparent breakdown of how the funds will be allocated. This revision will specifically outline each budget item’s role in supporting the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability, ensuring that every ONE token allocated to the program is used effectively and responsibly.

Thank you once again for your constructive feedback. With time all things get better! R1 will continue to introduce innovative ideas as our commitment and focus is on the recovery of the Harmony ecosystem.


This update as well.


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Harmony needs help attracting projects. Can you provide details if this is one of your proposal initiatives?

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This funding proposal represents a fresh approach to Grants, promising a novel process that Harmony can contribute to the blockchain space.

Transparency & Accountability are Paramount. Including set standards, obtaining/ not obtaining clearly set objectives in *set blocks of time, With Regular Reviews and Cleary stated accomplisheds & open dialogs with Many areas of the HarmonyONE Ecosystem :blue_heart:

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All good project, before “community members” need a great engagement to public to share on what harmony one BUILD and the future plan, and then will come the community members who support it.

What R1 Ambassador will do right now is trying to give an exposure, more active to spread the news, bring more people and make them enjoy in the ecosystem and start to BUILD A “BRIDGE” of communication and it’s not what harmony chain has right now.

“No $ONE will know if Harmony Protocol have a Good Product with best tech behind it without Great “Communication” to the public”, build the TRUST, because we should not say “community members” anymore but “investor” and treat them as a part of this BIG harmony protocol project.

Unfortunately the communication has to be with Stephen who isn’t even in here any longer. I’ve had plenty of communication with core team members that painted one picture, leading everyone to believe something will happen. Then usually the opposite happens, I assume because Stephen and or Li disagreed with it, hopefully not the core team purposely doing a bait and switch…
In other words, communication without Stephen involved does no good. We’re trying to gain trust, yet we keep on getting let down time and time again.
I DON’T want to see another grant program, I want to see harmony follow through with prior projects that they stopped funding. They still owe ME for 3 months of work ffs. How many projects rugged and left as soon as they couldn’t get funding? You can’t buy trust or love.
Harmony just needs to be easy to build on and have support/updated documentation. Properly working testnet and explorer.
Plus a lead researcher that doesn’t block people.

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