The Ambassador DAO

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Ambassador DAO

Application Type

DAO Formation

Proposal Overview

The need for in-person events is growing as the popularity and adoption of Harmony continues to increase. In addition to events, our online communities lack cohesion, guidance and moderator compensation, and would greatly benefit from cross-community collaboration. The support needs of our community and its developers have grown over the past year, and our efforts to provide that assistance must grow with it while compensating those who lend their time and expertise to offer that support.

This DAO is a short-term task force focused on creating long-term and sustainable processes with the intent to transfer processes to existing DAOs. This proposal will allow us to begin executing on in-person events, establish collaboration between community channels, and assist our community and developers through the on-boarding, compensation, and management of ambassadors.

Governors will architect the framework meant to resolve the issues above, while our Ambassadors will help execute the mission with guidance and assistance from DAO governors.

Note: The Ambassador DAO is designed to fill the above needs for six months before scaling down and transitioning the online communities and technical support efforts to separate DAOs.

In what stage is the Ambassador DAO currently?

Governors Area of Focus
Paul (One United Power) Online Communities
Jon (ONE Celestial) Online Communities
Shawn (WellnessOne) Online Communities
Sravam (The High Indian) Meet-up Events
Rachel Meet-up Events
Devin Meet-up Events
Victa Technical Support
Kruger (CashCow) Technical Support
Matt (HarmonyDragon) Technical Support

Daniel Pagan of Harmony core team will assist the DAO as a liaison / team lead, providing the governors with assistance and guidance as necessary.

Harmony employees will not be compensated for work as governors.

All nine governors are recruited and on-board with the mission. A number of our ambassadors are already recruited and performing duties as online community moderators. To ramp up our progress, the DAO will begin hand picking ambassadors based on existing community engagement and outreach efforts. All ambassadors selected for our six month period will be announced publicly.

:stop_sign: Removal & Replacement of a Governor or Ambassador :stop_sign:

The intent of this DAO is to execute on a number of tasks in a short period of time. With these efforts being time sensitive, it is imperative that all DAO governors and ambassadors perform their duties and contribute in a fair and equitable manner.

Should the panel of governors feel a fellow governor or ambassador is not contributing equally, a discussion will be had in a group session. If that governor or ambassador continues to fall behind in quality contributions, a vote will be taken to remove and replace said governor or ambassador. The vote will be done in a private chat with all governors present, and require at least a 60% vote in favor of removal. Votes and documentation can be made available to the public if requested.

What are our milestones & mandates?

  1. Online Communities: Create the framework to manage our official online communities in a collaborative and structured manner. On-board community moderators as Ambassadors for Harmony, provide guidance, and compensate them for their work across the official Harmony communities. Define online events, their standards, and execute them with cross-community promotion. Measure the success of ambassadors and continue refining process and structure as needed.

  2. General Technical Support: Create the framework to provide support in a structured and organized manner using a refined process, simple KPIs, and reliable systems. Recruit, on-board, compensate, and guide community members with proven wallet, bridge, and general front line / triage support experience as Ambassadors for Harmony

  3. Meet-Up Events: Create a framework to host meet-up events around the globe using a reliable and repeatable process. Recruit, on-board, compensate, and guide community members with proven event hosting experience as Ambassadors for Harmony. Begin hosting in-person events in 5 major US cities, evaluate processes and learn before scaling efforts to 15 cities for months three and four, and 25 cities for months five and six. Prepare to identify and scale to additional cities at the conclusion of this effort with a strategic goal of 50 cities.

Clear & Concise Mandates:

Online Communities

  • Standardize moderation of online social forums, bolster positive community management and engagement.


  • Create a foundation to connect in-person communities around the world through educational and interactive meet-up events.


  • Create and execute the framework to provide support for Harmony products in a structured manner utilizing systems and automation.


Online Communities

  • Provide guidance and assistance to our moderators on creating online community initiatives.
  • Create structure for online community management (moderator on-boarding, rules, AMA, etc.)
  • Develop a feedback system between the online communities and the Harmony core team.
  • Define KPIs to measure online community management and engagement.

Our recurring tasks will include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Governors to discuss online community sentiment and share with Harmony core:
  • Specific community complaints.
  • Sentiment / Suggestions for the Harmony team.
  1. Governors to meet w/ community moderators on:
  • Notable tasks performed - Past & current week.
  • Upcoming events to promote across online platforms.
  • Suggestions & requests (how can Harmony help the community?)
  1. Governors and community moderators to discuss special topics:
  • Brainstorm and execute on online community initiatives
  • Provide feedback and community sentiment for the respective community channel
  • Discuss how to improve community participation on, cross promote the official communities, and cross promote special events.

General Support

  • Governors to define the structure for providing support to the community and its developers using a sustainable process and systems. Define the methods to be used to provide support, the systems and its dependencies and components (e.g. ticket system, categories, methods of communication, etc.), the days/hours support will be available.

  • Identify and recruit ambassadors. On-board the ambassadors using a repeatable process and provide them with ongoing guidance through weekly meetings and general assistance.

  • Ambassadors to assist in tracking, triaging, and escalating backlog of GitHub issues

    • Route issues to the Developer DAO or Harmony core, initiate initial point of contact with issue creator, and assist in issue reproduction and resolution where possible.
  • Provide best-effort support on wallet and bridge issues using a ticketing system (e.g. ZenDesk). Attempt first contact resolution through templates and common solutions. Help build an online technical FAQ / KB.

  • Ambassadors to help update stale technical documentation. Work with community moderators to identify top-10 technical issues. Create documentation to reduce redundant questions with the guidance and approval of DAO governors and the Developer DAO.

Note: Support will be provided at best-effort. No SLA or guaranteed resolution. KPIs will be tracked.

Meet-up Events

  • Governors to formalize a meet-up event agenda / lesson plans with interactive lessons.

    • Incorporate event themes such as:
      • Gaming: Blockchain Gaming, featuring games powered by Harmony.
      • Education: Basics of DeFi: Learning & Hands-on with DeFi powered by Harmony.
    • Consult with regional DAOs for translations and international locations to target.
  • Governors to develop a method for measuring our meet-up events and begin trending these statistics to determine our level of success and areas for improvement.

  • Coordinate merchandise ordering and shipping, food, beverages, and A/V equipment for each in-person meet-up. Develop and document a repeatable method for these logistics.

  • Ambassadors to host events in 5 US cities for the first two months, 10 US and 5 International cities in months 3 and 4, an 15 US and 10 International cities in months 5 and 6.

    • Remote guidance from DAO governors.
    • Document lessons learned, unexpected costs, attendee counts, and feedback.

Note: If any regional DAO holds meet-up events in a local city, the Ambassador DAO will collaborate with their governors to avoid overlap and share our framework and content. With 10,000 cities worldwide, this overlap is not a great concern.

  • Develop a method for community members to apply as ambassadors. Simplify the event hosting process, allowing governors to approve events and distribute funds using as much automation as possible.

Funding Breakdown:

Online Communities

  • Moderator Flat Rate: $400/month per Ambassador
Platform Number of Moderators
Telegram 4x Moderators
Reddit 4x Moderators
Discord 1x Moderators
  • Flat Rate Moderator Compensation Funding Requested: $21,600

  • Bonus: Online Special Events Hosting Rate: $100/event (Limited to $400/month/host)

Special events include but are not limited to AMAs, Reddit live broadcasting (weekly recaps, dApp reviews), and Twitter spaces discussions. All special events will be planned and approved in advance. Online events are not restricted to community moderators. Limits below.

Platform Monthly Limits for Online Special Events
Reddit x10
Telegram x10
Discord x02
Twitter x04
  • Online Special Events Funding Requested: $15,600

:receipt: Total Funding Requested for Online Communities: $37,200

General Tech Support

  • Support Ambassador Flat Rate: $700/month per Ambassador | x3 Ambassadors

    • Flat Rate Support Ambassador Funding Requested: $12,600
  • Updates to Existing Docs: Up to $30 per document. Max $150/mth per Ambassador

  • New Content: $.10 per word. Max $200/mth per Ambassador.

    • Documentation Updates Funding Requested: $6,300
  • Incident Management System [ZenDesk]

    • Licensed Agents: $59/month per Agent x3 Ambassadors + 1
    • Incident Management System Funding Requested: $1,416

:receipt: Total Funding Requested for General Support: $20,316

Meet-up Events

Event Host Compensation: $27 per attendee paid to Event Host (Limit $800/mth)

Expense Estimated Cost
Food $750
Beverages $300
Event Ambassador $800

Target 50 attendees per city per month. AV equipment, merchandise, and venue costs will be operational expenses and special funding requests will be made as the need arises.

Months Cost Scope Total # of Events
Months 1 & 2 $28,000 5 US Cities, 2 Int’l Cities 14
Months 3 & 4 $60,000 10 US Cities, 5 Int’l Cities 30
Months 5 & 6 $100,000 15 US Cities, 10 Int’l Cities 50

Some international events will be online to help increase our reach and # of events.
$2,000 = 1 In-Person Meet-Up at 50 Attendees or 4 Online Meet-Up Events.

:receipt: Total Funding Requested for national & international Meet-up Events
Organizing 94 In-Person Events | Targeting 4,500+ Attendees Across 25+ cities: $188,000

Governor Compensation

$75/hr x 40 Hours/mth x 6 Months x 9 Paid Governors

:receipt: Total Funding Requested for Governor Compensation: $162,000

Proposal Ask

Requested Amount:


Requested amount will fund a 6-month initiative for online communities, meet-ups in 25 cities with a target of 4,500 attendees, and general technical support.

Funding Schedule

#1-Online Communities

Round-1 Prerequisites | Months 1-3

  • Publish schedule and agenda for online community break-out meetings.
  • Identify the online community moderators who will serve as ambassadors.
  • Create a single Discord channel for online community Ambassadors to collaborate.
  • Create separate Discord channels for Reddit, Telegram, and Discord Ambassadors.
  • Document standards and requirements around online special events. Example: AMA requirements, Twitter Spaces agenda, etc.
  • Develop a simple process to educate the community on contacting general support.

$45,600 | $10,800 [Amb. Pay] + $7,800 [Online Events] + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]

Round-2 Prerequisites | Months 4-6

  • Publish the first round of metrics including community growth and participation (where applicable), list of special events held, community issues and actions taken in response.
  • Publish upcoming special events or initiatives planned for round-2.
  • Document standards for online community management across official channels.
  • Create and document a process for promoting Harmony meet-up events.

$45,600 | $10,800 [Amb. Pay] + $7,800 [Online Social Media Events] + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]

#2-General Technical Support

Round-1 Prerequisites | Months 1-3

  • Publish schedule and agenda for support-focused break-out meetings.
  • Identify the recruited general support ambassadors.
  • Provide pricing and feature information on the selected ticketing system.
    • Document ticket categories
    • Methods of communication
    • KPIs
  • Work with community moderators to identify top-10 redundant questions and issues and determine whether documentation is unavailable, available and updated, or available and out of date.
  • Identify and provide a list of GitHub issues to escalate in the first three months.
  • Create a Discord channel for support Ambassadors.

$27,966 | $5,400 [Amb. Pay] + $3,150 [Content] + $1,416 [ZenDesk] + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]

Round-2 Prerequisites | Months 4-6

  • Identify and provide a list of stale online documentation targeted for refresh
  • Provide reports on ticket count by category providing the following metrics:
    • Mean Time to Acknowledge, Recover, and Restore.
  • Provide a list of KB articles (FAQ entries) created in months 1-3.
  • Provide a list of any new educational content generated in months 1-3.
    • Identify ways to further education in months 4-6.

$26,550 | $5,400 [Amb. Pay] + $3,150 [Content] + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]

#3-Meet-up Events

Round-1 Prerequisites | Months 1-2

  • Publish schedule and agenda for meet-up-focused break-out meetings.
  • Create and publish a standardized lesson plan to be used in meet-up events.
  • Document a process for the purchasing and distribution of merch to ambassadors.
  • Determine cities and recruit ambassadors for months 1-2.

$55,000 | Two months of meet-ups in 7 cities + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]

Round-2 Prerequisites | Months 3-4

  • Refine and publish standardized lesson plans to be used in meet-up events, including translated presentations for international cities included in months 3-4…
  • Begin drafting a process to automate our on-boarding of new ambassadors and approval of meet-up events around the world, decreasing the workload for governors and allowing for easier scaling.
  • Determine cities and recruit ambassadors for months 3-4.

$87,000 | Two months of meet-ups in 10 US cities, 5 international cities + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]

Round-3 Prerequisites | Months 5-6

  • Publish information on meet-ups held in months 1-4 including attendee counts, any notable contacts and community partnerships, feedback, any other metrics.
  • Publish suggestions for months 5-6 using lessons learned in months 1-4.
  • Refine and publish standardized lesson plans to be used in meet-up events, including translated presentations for international cities included in months 5-6.
  • Refine ambassador application, on-boarding, and event approval process using talk.harmony. Ensure the process is ready for use by the end of month 6.
  • Determine cities and recruit ambassadors for months 5-6.

$127,000 | Two months of meet-ups in 15 US cities, 10 international cities + $27,000 [Gov. Pay]


Online Communities

  • Moderator approval rate (determined through quarterly evals) - polls or other means.
  • Calculated workload measure based on metrics available.
    • Targets will be set after 3 months of the pilot.
  • Telegram:
    • Number of new members vs viewing members.
    • Trend community activity by hour of day and day of week, if possible.
    • Special event (AMA) participation, if possible.
  • Reddit:
    • Number of unique hits to the subreddit.
    • Comments per day. Posts per day.
    • Trend community activity by hour of day and day of week.
    • Special event (AMA) participation.

General Support

  • Time to first response.

    • The time it takes to provide an initial response to the originator of the ticket.
  • Average ticket resolution time:

    • The time it takes to complete a ticket while it is active. This should not count time waiting on responses from escalated issues and note that SLA is not guaranteed.
  • Customer Score (CSAT): if possible, a polling/survey system where the client can rate the help they received would be ideal.

  • Number of public-facing documents created / refreshed.

  • Number of KB articles (FAQ entries) created / updated.

In Person Events

  • Quantity of attendees.
    • Document the number of attendees by event, event theme, city.
  • Document and trend growth of the meet-up groups.
  • Exit surveys collected from each of our meet-up events.
  • Growth of region-specific Telegram group members where meet-ups are held.
  • Region specific contacts for events (A/V, venues, caterers, etc.).
    • Build a collection of various VIP contacts.

Multisig Wallet


Your proposal is very well written. Milestones will benefit the entire ecosystem Harmony


This is an all-round well program. Would be interesting to have some communities being tended and growing organically, also the flexibility and possibility to have small scale events on those online communities will boost even more the visibility of harmony network. Totally agree with that :slight_smile:

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My concern is there’s 4 harmony members on this one DAO. Where as some of the other Core level DAO’s could benefit greatly from having a Harmony member run for the DAO’s. I.e. Leo or Jack or Daniel for VDAO, Li or Sam for CDAO etc. If nothing more than as a conduit for critical information that could assist DAO operations be more successful. Just my 2 sats.


Thanks for reviewing the proposal and offering your feedback, Jimbo. I agree with you on your concern and want to share that while Giv and Sam were to assist in the roles above, their workload honestly would prevent that from being recurring on a scheduled basis. By replacing them as governors, it opens our council to more hands-on members who have an open schedule to contribute and attend our meetings.

You feedback has been valuable and I’ve discussed this internally. I will begin finding replacements and hope to fill both seats in the next 48 hours.

Thanks again Jimbo. This is why seeking the feedback of others is a powerful thing :+1:



HarmonyDragon (Matt) will be joining us on the DAO, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience in providing technical support to the community. He will be filling Giv’s governor seat, helping us build the framework we need to continue support efforts in a scalable manner.

Thank you for taking on the challenge and joining us as a governor on the Ambassador DAO, @HarmonyDragon!



The High Indian (Sravan Patel) will be joining us on the DAO, bringing his passion for Harmony and knowledge of its ecosystem and focusing on building our Meet-up presence around the world.

He is also a member of the Creative DAO and will assist with designing and creating bounties for the presentations and lesson plans we need for our Meet-up events. Sravan will be filling Sam’s governor seat on the Ambassador DAO.

Welcome aboard, @TheHighIndian!


Completely agree that this is needed, an extremely exciting proposal. Yes, Yes and yes


Hello @dpagan-harmony, this is a wonderful initiative and a well crafted proposal. Growing our community is of the utmost importance -for an number of reason. I believe we have the right tech and values… now we need to continue systematically onboarding projects and users, and this is exactly what you propose! :slight_smile:

The synergies with the Africa DAO (whic I lead) are huge, as we will be scaling Meet-ups across the continent (among many other activities). Having already started in [Kenya] and we could hugely benefit form developing this together… From February on, we will be launching meet-ups in four African countries simultaneously, and could use all available support. We are alerady preparing standard documentation, but it does not make sense to reinvent the wheel. We would be happy to have you lead this and take on a support role (we have two more Meet-ups planned shortly - Nairobi and Mombasa where we could test the model).

Let me know if I or anyone from the Africa DAO could join as Gov, if there is space. We talked internally and believe it is important that this initiative starts strongly in other continents simultaneously.

In any case, congrats for the initiative.

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This is a well written and detailed proposal.

I have a few questions/concerns :

I can see some potential overlap and duplication of efforts in 2 of the 3 milestones.
1. Online Communities with the community DAO and in the 3. Meet-Up Events with the regional DAOs.

Are you asking here for the budget to organize all the events for harmony, including the ones that the regional DAOs will organize? Or are you speaking about different meet-up events?

It is a good all around proposal but maybe it is just too big and regroup too many things and there are just too much work there.

That being said, I recognized the need for the moderation and the support in general.
From this proposal, maybe you could create a “Moderator & Support DAO”, and keep only the 1. and the 2.
This sounds like a subset of the community DAO, but there is quite a lot of work there so I think a second DAO is totally fine.


Good questions @ONE4All and I’ll try to address them below:

Regional DAOs may or may not be hosting meet-up events, and not all cities/regions will have a regional DAO. If we identify a city where presence could be useful, and a regional DAO covers that location, then we’re more than happy to help them organize meet-ups in their area.

We need meet-ups to be organized ASAP, and there are 10,000 cities in the world. The Ambassador DAO will fill the needs for local and international meet-ups while working closely with regional DAOs for others where an overlap exists, sharing our lesson plans / agenda / budget info / etc.

Online Communities:
This overlaps with the community DAO. Our goal is to create a framework for our official communities and then help transition the process and framework over to the Community DAO as our six months expires. This is another must-have item that needs immediate execution, and that’s why it’s on our list.

Technical Support:
This overlaps with the Developer DAO. Like the Online Communities focus above, our goal is to create a framework for providing technical support to the community, then help transition our work to the Developer DAO as our six months expires.

That said, all these are must have items and have been needed for some time. We plan to focus in teams of three on designing and executing each effort ASAP, work to transitioning them to the appropriate DAOs once the framework is together, and keep meet-events while working with regional DAOs in areas where overlap exists.


Hey @dpagan-harmony. Re the meet-ups, I can see the duplication risk, and its only going to grow as more DAOs are launched. Just imagine we want to onboard female validators in Nairobi through a meet-up Potential DAOs that could support the initiative include the Ambassador DAO, Africa DAO, Kenya DAO, Validator DAO, HER DAO, etc.!

This comment is not about your proposal specifically, but as DAOs multiply, that we find a way to coordinate and optimise resources. I really welcome all DAOs to support each other, but we need to start having systems in place for this.

Have a great week.


I’m 100% in agreement about there being a risk of duplicating efforts. I think this is an inevitable issue that we’ll be facing as more DAOs continue to form, but the DAOs can communicate and collaborate together in attempt to avoid this issue as best as possible. Our plan is to be transparent and to communicate clearly where we plan to hold meet-up events.

I have a couple ideas which might help:

  • One idea we had was to continue holding All DAO calls where one elected governor from each DAO comes to represent and share with others. Round table meeting where each governor covers:
  1. DAO accomplishments in the past 30 days.
  2. DAO accomplishments in the next 30 days.
  3. What items does the DAO need assistance with and from which DAO?
  • Another idea is for all DAOs to share an event calendar, allowing everyone to see what future events they’re planning to hold. This could provide great information to the community while allowing DAOs to avoid some overlap in certain areas.

My fear is paralysis by analysis - not taking action due to over analysis of a problem. We can work to identify potential issues and work to avoid them, but continue pressing forward and accomplishing work in the meantime.

Hope this helps address your concern and offer some potential solutions!


hey @dpagan-harmony, we talked with you about ambassadors for ru-speaking online sources and regions/cities recently.

I had time to research on the Ambassador DAO and find out the best way to amplify the effect of ambassadors in particular for the Russian-speaking region (CIS and Middle Asia).

Today, I propose to start with onboarding an Online Communities type of ambassadors first.

Considering top online channels used in CIS and Middle Asia regions nowadays, I’d like to suggest starting with 4 Moderators for Telegram from different regions of interest for Harmony:

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Kazakрstan
  4. Georgia

These are 4 countries on the Post-Soviet Union area that have strong and huge online crypto communities and a great diversity of online OLs associated to crypto industry. They are definitely our area of interest if we want to go beyond english speaking countries and scale to the east from EU.

Online ambassadors roles (ru-speaking communities)

Online ambassadors for ru-speaking communities will be a balanced addition to the already active ONERuDAO. Their main focus is to convert various online crypto communities from a particular region to the relevant users of Harmony tech and ecosystem products. They will concentrate activities on increasing number of crypto enthusiasts, developers, startup owners, defi, nft, gamefi projects around harmony.

For the first 3 months the main indicator of their contribution are: organised AMAs, Q&A sessions, telegram voice (video) chats.

For the next 3 months - we’ll evaluate the impact and to decide.

Approximate course of action

# Planned action ETA
1 Identify 4 online community moderators (1 from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakрstan, Georgia) who will serve as ambassadors Dec, 2021
2 Create a separate Discord channel for Telegram community Ambassadors to collaborate on the ONERuDAO Discord server Dec, 2021
3 Document standards and requirements around online special events. Example: AMA requirements, Telegram voice chat agenda, etc. when ambassadors approved
4 Develop a simple process to educate the community on contacting general support Jan 2022
5 Publish schedule and agenda for online community break-out meetings at the beginning of each month

@nickv this is great. I don’t see a need to reinvent the wheel and from the Africa Dao we will happily follow you steps. The more we optimise ideas and resources, the further we will go. Thanks also for sending me those templates :slight_smile:

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Hello @dpagan-harmony -
I love the Ambassador DAO. You have done great work pulling this together.

In general - yes - the Ambassador DAO is approved and we want to move towards funding. There are a few items we still need to clarify.

(1) Tranche 1 = $128,566 (if I am doing my math correctly). The source of this funding would come from grants related to: DAOs, Bounties, and Events, as the Ambassador DAO will be performing functions that cross those grant guidelines.

(2) Mandates: Right now, the Ambassador DAO hasn’t crystalized it’s clear mandate. Stephen asks that each DAO publish a three-fold mandate. Each “fold” has two sub-phrases. The whole thing should be short enough to fit into a tweet. So - for example - the Ambassador DAO seems to be focused on Moderation, Support, and Meet-ups. Using that as a framework, you can look at the Community DAO, the Incubator DAO and other approved DAOs for some examples of how to put that together.

Next Steps: There are several important waypoints to funding. For DAOs, in general, they are:

  • Clearly Written Mandates: To Do
  • 9 Governors: DONE
  • Clear Deliverables for the first 3 months: DONE
  • Clear Metrics for the first 3 months: DONE
  • Multi-sig Wallet set-up: To Do

Great job, @dpagan-harmony, we can consider this approved and start moving towards funding through executing on the two items above.



Following up on this with the mandates put forward by the Ambassador DAO.

Mandates are below and will be placed in the original post as an update.
Also below is the multi-sig wallet with nine (9) DAO governors set as owners.

Clear & Concise Mandates:

Online Communities

  • Standardize moderation of online social forums, bolster positive community management and engagement.


  • Create a foundation to connect in-person communities around the world through educational and interactive meet-up events.


  • Create and execute the framework to provide support for Harmony products in a structured manner utilizing systems and automation.

Multisig Wallet :point_down:


Great work. The growth of the community is commendable and I believe this DAO will really help create the coordination across all channels lacking in other projects. We all have the same goals, this helps us reach them faster.

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