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APY.Vision is an analytics platform that provides clarity for liquidity providers contributing capital on Automated Market Making (AMM) protocols.In addition to tracking user portfolios, we provide historical pool performance and actionable insights for liquidity providers.

We would love to support Harmony and create the subgraphs that will form the basis for user transactions and would like to get the AMMs on the chain supported. Initially we will start with the support for Sushiswap and ViperSwap and the data will be publicly accessible on TheGraph for us and other developers to use.

We have close to 50,000 liquidity providers (LPs) on our platform and we help track over $5B USD for our LPs. It would be really great to let our users know about Harmony and the AMMs available to help attract TVL and give liquidity providers the tools they need to feel confident in their positions.

We are asking for $50,000 to fund the development resources needed to build out this capability as well as maintain support over the next 12-24 months. There are considerable infrastructure costs to maintain our level of support for new chain technology.

We need roughly 4 weeks to index the chains data and an additional week to integrate the AMM’s

  • Creation of backend infrastructure, ie subgraphs for Harmony AMM specific data
  • Integrate ViperSwap DEX into APY.Vision application
  • Access user specific LP (liquidity providing) transactions and display their profit and loss
  • Pull all the pool data for all pairs from the beginning, and then calculate the historical APY along with the historical IL so users can see a complete picture

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

10% increase in TVL for supported AMM’s

External links

APY.Vision Website

Detailed feature list document with supported protocols and chains (PDF)

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@Aaron_APY.Vision thank you for submitting the proposal. We’re reviewing your proposal at this time and will be reaching out soon. Looking for more community feedback as well, so if you can promote it over Discord and Telegram channels that would be great.

We also advice that you can take a look at all of these pools as well - Yield Farming Info

24 months would be good

We are working (researching now) on it in the ikura project :slight_smile:

great project. two questions:

  • do you expose some kind of apis for developer access to your data/analytics (pool stats, LP positions, etc)?
  • what will be cost to harmony for adding more DEXs and other Defi in the future on the continuing basis?

In the process of building out support we typically create subgraphs on The Graph platform which are public and can be consumed by developers. We can also come up with some criteria in terms of TVL for adding future projects as part of this grant. Would it be possible to schedule a call with the relevant parties and we can discuss further?

@Aaron_APY.Vision this is a great start. This fits the $50K Launch category

  • $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
  • $10K after mainnet launch
  • $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and
  • $20K for after 10K users

@ganesha let us know if you have any other questions.

@Aaron_APY.Vision if the steps above look good to you, we’re in the clear as well.

Thanks for the comment and devoting resources to us! I would love to clear up a few things here. There is no need for us to launch on testnet because the APY.Vision product is already live and in use for multiple chains and AMM’s with over 50,000 users. The subgraph we build will be indexing the previously mentioned AMMs that are live on the Harmony mainnet, so if we can bundle those 2 deliverables into 1 that would be ideal. Our subgraphs will target mainnet deployed AMMs and we can incorporate more in the future if they reach TVL thresholds that we can discuss.

Regarding the DAO, we currently have no plans to form a DAO, although a DAO can be formed by others in the community if they would like to develop an application to use the subgraphs we will be creating as part of this grant. This grant request was meant to add Harmony to our supported chains so the Harmony Ecosystem AMM projects can get exposure to our 50,000 users via our LP analytics tools and yield opportunities. Our goal is to get people to know about Harmony and start using the ecosystem protocols. We can definitely track the progress of the target of 10k users and we will give a monthly update as to the users on Harmony. Does that work?

If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to have a call or start a Telegram group where we can explain further.

I’m available on Telegram at @jacksteroo

In this case can we have a modified version of the funding then?

  • $10K upon indexing chains data
  • $10K upon integrating AMM
  • $10K every 6 months to maintain support over 18-24 months, for a total of $50K

Btw, do you have all these DEXes covered? → Yield Farming Info

Based on our discussions, we’ll cover the highest TVL chains, including Sushiswap, Viperswap and DeFi Kingdoms

Approved for $50K Launch grant with the terms mentioned above. We look forward to seeing the indexed chain data show up on and the AMM integration to follow

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APY.Vision Multi Sig address on Ethereum Mainnet - 0x1958bdb3687Fc90da0C7D42c696fD204dEE90153

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We would like to share that the first 2 milestones have been completed! Harmony chain has been indexed and support is live (in Beta) for Viperswap, Defi Kingdoms and Sushiswap on APY.Vision! Liquidity providers can now track profit and impermanent loss via our dashboard.

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Support is live for Viperswap, DeFi Kingdoms and Curve! Attached is a screenshot to give an idea how it looks to track the profit and impermanent loss on! Also take a look at the guides we put together on how to LP on Harmony!