Grants: DeFiner - DeFi Lending on Your Own Terms

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DeFiner: DeFi Lending on Your Own Terms

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Our Present: DeFiner 1.0

Our current product, DeFiner 1.0, serves as any DeFi lending protocol in the market; it’s used for crypto savings, loans, and payments. The protocol aggregates crypto deposits from lenders for users to borrow against the collateral asset deposited. DeFiner 1.0 is unique because it auto deploys any unused capital on other money market protocols to optimize utilization.

Definer 1.0 is a place where holders can deposit their token(s), such as ONE, earn interest, and borrow against their token when they need cash or liquidity, which gives them the flexibility to retain their tokens. One of the most appealing aspects for stablecoin holders using DeFiner is that they can enjoy one of the highest, most attractive interest rates in the market.

We aim to become a multi-chain protocol to offer lending of cross-chain assets. Our current product, DeFiner 1.0, has already been deployed in both the Ethereum and OKExChain networks with plans to launch on Polygon, Harmony, Near, and Binance Smart Chain networks soon. DeFiner currently has over $10 million funds deposited and growing in both Ethereum and OKExChain.

Our Future: DeFiner 2.0

DeFiner 2.0 is a permissionless and configurable lending protocol with users’ privacy 100% protected.

With the launch of DeFiner 2.0 coming up, we will offer the Harmony community a DeFi lending solution with the flexibility and privacy necessary to create a debt market for any token. Some of the key differentiators of DeFiner 2.0 include:

  • DeFiner 2.0 is permissionless. The lending factory built into our smart contract enables users to list any crypto assets they want, including long-tail, low-cap assets.
  • DeFiner 2.0 is configurable: Users will have the ability to create a lending pool based on configurable parameters, such as interest rate model, risk model, and oracle model.
  • DeFiner 2.0 is private: Users can enable our ZK proof wallet transfers to do an encrypted internal transfer so only the user knows what the destination address is and where the balance is being transferred to.

Harmony is a growing ecosystem with a need for variety in their lending markets. Our lending protocol will provide to the entire Harmony ecosystem a debt market creation tool and the key funding they need to scale sustainably and support their communities.

Unique DeFi Mobile App

DeFiner is revolutionizing the DeFi lending space. We currently have an operating and functional web app to service our users. More excitingly, we will have a first-of-a-kind, DeFi iOS app which will enable users to have a better experience interacting with the DeFiner ecosystem. The mobile app will facilitate accessibility and convenience for users. Our unique app will increase the volume of users, as it will penetrate the growing mobile-adoption market and make DeFiner easier to use. This will result in lower cost of adoption and fees, which is always something users appreciate.


DeFiner will launch on the Harmony blockchain as part of its multi-chain strategy. To encourage the DeFiner users to be active participants on Harmony, we will be opening a liquidity mining pool with DeFiner’s native token: FIN. In the initial stages of the liquidity mining campaign, we will offer users a high return on their investment at the beginning month, anywhere between 500% APR and 1000% APR. Gradually, we will reduce the target APR while still offering a competitive rate for a sustainable initiative. The purpose of this tactic is two-fold:

  • Bring our current users over into the Harmony ecosystem;
  • Encourage and attract more users to both the Harmony and the DeFiner platforms along with their native tokens (ONE and FIN).

At DeFiner, we believe that working together we go farther and we do better. A portion of the grant will go towards building marketing campaigns that benefit both the Harmony and DeFiner ecosystems over the different stages of development.

Proposal Ask:

$200,000 for 3 stages

  • Stage 1: DeFiner 1.0 Mainnet Launch - $80K:
    $20K for integration, development and testing.
    $60K for incentivizing users by liquidity mining to use the Harmony blockchain for lending/borrowing/staking. DeFiner will match $140k with our FIN token.
  • Stage 2: DeFiner 1.0 iOS Mobile Harmony Mainnet Launch - $40K:
    $10K for integration, development and testing.
    $30k for incentivizing users to download the app and access Harmony through their mobile DeFiner App.
  • Stage 3: DeFiner 2.0 Permissionless Lending Protocol on Harmony Mainnet Launch - $80K:
    $20K for integration, development, testing and audit.
    $60k for liquidity mining to incentivize users for lending/borrowing/staking crypto assets on Harmony.

Metrics for Success

  • $100M accumulative loans.
  • 20,000 users.
  • 50,000 transactions per month.
  • $30m TVL.

With a successful launch and achieving those 3 stages mentioned, we expect to bring $30 million in crypto assets to Harmony and about 20,000 monthly active users.

DeFiner was recently ranked as one of the top 10 coins by LunarCrush and one of the top performing tokens by AscendEx.

DeFiner 2.0 is the future of DeFi lending.

Team Structure:

Jason Wu - Co-Founder & CEO

  • Experienced blockchain architect, project manager and digital finance entrepreneur. He is an adviser to numerous organizations in the areas of token economics, smart contact integration and blockchain architecture.

Chyna Qu - Co-Founder & COO

  • Experienced entrepreneur and an advocate for women leadership. She is a corporate leader that manages multiple key responsibilities including legal, human resources and data support.

Hilal Al-Hilal - CTO

  • Experienced technology consultant, IoT developer, and identity manager. Program manager at Microsoft for over 15 years, filing over seven patents and releasing a research publication.

Jitendra Chittoda - Head of Smart Contracts

  • Over twelve years of experience in software architecture and design. He is an industry expert on blockchain and a frequent contributor, hacker and speaker at various conferences and meetups. He was the head of smart contract and led the development for popular DeFi projects like AAVE, Mstable and B-Protocol which totally are holding assets over 20B+ TVL.

Jeral Rodriguez - Customer Success Manager

  • Experienced entrepreneur and crypto and blockchain educator and coach. He is a marketing professional with over three years of experience building engaged communities.

DeFiner Community:

  • Twitter: @DeFinerOrg (Followers: 40.7K).
  • Telegram: @DeFiner (Members: 14.3K).
  • Discord: @DeFiner (Members: 2K).


Watch our DeFiner 2.0 short video: DeFiner 2.0 Deep Dive - YouTube


This seems to be a great partnership. The APR of 500%+ will surely attract a lot more unique users for Harmony($ONE) as well as DeFiner($FIN).

For DeFiner, it will add Harmony Blockchain to their network, whereas for Harmony, it will let users utilize their Idle Tokens to earn some juicy rewards.


This project has great potential. The child lending pools, and smart contract factory will bring DeFi to another level.


@JeralDeFiner thank you for submitting a well-thought out proposal with the three stages spelled out. This is stated as a Port with $10M TVL in Ethereum and OKExChain. But it falls below the $20M TVL that we are looking for to qualify for a DeFi Port. I was unable to confirm this on DefiPulse as well (showing $1M+ TVL)

Would you consider a $50K Launch grant to start off with a web interface? We can review a follow on grant for mobile and lending protocol later on. The guidelines are as follows:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet $10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs $10K after launching on our mainnet with audit $10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion) $10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

We recommend a 5-out-9 multisig account on Gnosis Safe with 3 governors from the project team, 3 governors from the project community, and 3 governors from Harmony DAOs – namely, ONEcommunityDAO, ONEdeveloperDAO, ONEincubatorDAO.

In all cases, we ask for 3-month exclusive campaigns with Harmony before more porting with other chains. We also offer follow-on investments – see 50 Investments ($20M) above; but, at the moment, you must have an outside, lead investor for us to match the funding terms. All codes, development materials and production assets must be fully open, preferrably with MIT or BSD licences; weekly updates must on sent on forum; and, all server deploys or mobile apps must be easily clonable.

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DeFiner 2.0 is the future,when is it expected to go live?
Looking forward to joining Harmony Ecology


Harmony ecology grows stronger and bigger,it need excellent lending to join.
DeFiner will be one of them.
DeFiner 2.0’s privacy features are much needed :+1:


Such a great project!
Permissionless lending market is the future


Hi @Jacksteroo, thank you so much for the feedback! :grinning: DeFi Pulse only captures the TVL on Ethereum. We also have TVL on OKEx Chain. You can find the data on our platform
Also, one feature that DeFiner has is that whenever we have idle funds, we deposit them into money markets like Compound. (More Info here) That’s why deposit market size is a more precise indicator of DeFiner’s volume than TVL. Please find the screenshot below for OKEx market data.

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@William111 Thanks for the comment! :grinning:
DeFiner 2.0 will be breaking down into different stages. The first stage which is enabling child pool creation can be as early as the end of this year!
Here’s a detailed article on DeFiner 2.0 milestons. DeFiner 2.0 Product Milestones Revealed

Very interesting concept. I think the permissionless aspect can be huge! In fact, I think that is where DeFi lending industry is heading next. If they can capture this opportunity, the influence can be significant. Can’t wait to see them on the Harmony ecosystem.

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DeFiner 2.0 is true DeFi 2.0 :+1:
Unlimited Potential

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So does that mean that DeFiner can have a ONE lending pool? @JeralDeFiner

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@HodlerS Yes. If the Harmony community so desires we would be glad to open a lending pool for ONE tokens on DeFiner when we’re on their chain.

That sounds dope. Can’t wait to earn some interest on my ONE. Is my staking earning going to be in FIN or ONE?

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With all the NFT and Metaverse projects flying around these days. It’s nice to see a decent solid DeFi project for a change.

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DeFiner has a huge potential, and the partnership between DeFiner and Harmony will bring more users and unlock more value to the Harmony ecosystem.

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@HodlerS With DeFiner 2.0, the staking pools can be created to have community members rewarded in ONE, if liquidity is provided of course. You will also have the ability to earn in FIN as well.

As stated in the proposal, DeFiner 2.0 is a permissionless as well as private lending project. This is something unique which I have never heard off.

This project will now help me to put my idle funds to work by lending them to users who need them in a secure and trusted way

Integration between Harmony and DeFiner will let both the projects gain new investors as well as believers.

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This can prove a useful partnership between DeFiner and Harmony.

I still had some questions:
If I deposited tokens worth 10$ and APY is 50%. After some days the value of the token increased by 100% and became 20$. So, if I withdrew my tokens will I get 15$(initial value deposited 10$ + 5$(50%APY)) OR 30$(current value 20$ + 10$(50%APY))

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@AnkitSharma I agree with you that this can be a useful partnership between both ecosystems! Great question. When you withdraw your funds, you would be getting the current value in addition to the interest you earn over the time that’s accruing on our platform.