Xenon Finance Launch Grant

Xenon Finance

Decentralized and permissionless lending pools with focus on liquidity providers

Application type

Product Launch, Grant

Proposal overview

Xenon is a permissionless decentralized leveraged yield farming protocol on the Harmony blockchain. Our contracts are a fork of Tarot on the Fantom blockchain.

Liquidity providers can deposit LP tokens into an isolated lending pool and borrow against them to
receive assets of the same type of LP pair. This allows users to earn high interest rates and yields on their assets with minimal downside risk.

Users can also lend out single assets to any lending pool to receive high interest rates and experience no impermanent loss whilst indirectly providing liquidity to AMMs.

We are looking to be a major protocol on the Harmony Blockchain and bring a lot of new users to DeFi and Harmony at the same time. Our website and contracts are running on testnet with the following features available:

  • Complete User Interface
  • Connection to Metamask
  • Depositing of testnet ONE/VIPER LP tokens as collateral (that’s just the pool we chose to add initially)
  • Lending of assets individually to earn yield
  • Borrowing of single assets individually against deposited collateral LP tokens.

We are in the process of debugging UI and UX issues and are receiving feedback in Discord from our community through an upcoming bug bounty program.

We hope to launch the first version of our application on mainnet by 04/09/2022. The features that will be available upon release are identical to those detailed above.



Our team is currently small and we are looking to attract people of all related disciplines to come and work for us. We are specifically looking for a solidity developer and social media manager as well as discord moderators.

@mks - Founder and Backend Developer

@Yosep - Community Manager

StormAlex - Front end developer

@dazeign - Design manager

Proposal ask

We are asking for $50k primarily to help expand our small team. We do need more people on the team and we are hiring. We will also use the funds for marketing, advertisement and cross-project collaborations. Upon approval of our grant, we plan to introduce a bug bounty program in order to iron out remaining issues.

How we will use the funds

Metrics for success

We are looking for $50k worth of ONE, which should be split into portions and released by milestones:

Milestone Tranche
Launching Xenon Finance app, featuring lending and borrowing contracts on testnet (March 2022) $10k
After forming a DAO with multisig (5-out-of-9) (April 2022) $10k
After launching Xenon Finance on the Harmony mainnet with audit (April 2022) $10k
After 1K daily active users (with video launch, full PR promotion) (May 2022) $10k
After 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process) (July 2022) $10k

External links

Documentation: https://docs.xenon.finance

Discord: https://discord.gg/KrjMyKuCs4

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XenonFinance

Testnet App: https://app.xenon.finance/

Medium: https://xenonfi.medium.com/

Roadmap: Xenon Finance — Roadmap. A quick look into our roadmap… | by Xenon Finance | Mar, 2022 | Medium

Github: Xenon Finance · GitHub


We created a new post because our first one is locked and can no longer reply on it and we have updated information now


Love Xenon Finance, and glad to be as early member of XF, hope we can make life better. CHEER LFG


I understand that Xenon is joining a crowded money market space on Harmony, but I consider that the leveraged farming opportunities is a key differentiator for Xenon and as a result, I believe that this would make Xenon a good candidate to receive a Launch Grant from Harmony.


I wonder if this will work in harmony. Harmony has very few DeFis unlike Fantom that leverage yield farming will work very well because of their rich DeFi.


Hi everyone I’m Joe, AKA Yosep/0xArbiter and I’m the current community manager for Xenon Finance!

I’m very glad to be a part of this inspiring project (a first of its kind on Harmony), and hope that the Harmony team can approve our grant in order to aid in our upcoming launch onto mainnet! I’m incredibly happy to aid in any questions that may need answering.


Money Markets like Tranquil and Aave only allow loans between 100-150% LTV I believe.

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gave the testnet a shot, great UX


Just want to say, I hope this gets funded. I have always been kind of jealous Fantom has not only TVL but also all the creative DeFi protocols. I always missed that when it comes to Harmony and was super grateful when Tranq opened first lending protocol.

Tarot has proven successful, honestly using your LP as collateral for lending is just so cool, and it is yet another innovative way showcasing what you can do in DeFi.

I wish Xenon replicates that and hopefully adds more on Harmony. I hope they succeed.



I can agree with you there, Harmony does lack the expansive DeFi ecosystem that Fantom has. And, as you said, hopefully we can be the ones to try and help bridge that gap!


Harmony is not listening to the community. We’ve been asking for a much better explorer(etherscan) and RPC. And what we got are blue apes. :man_facepalming:

big project xenon finance

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Nice project HarmonyProtocol ecosystem

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Just a quick update on our project: We are currently live with an IDO on artemis launchpad. Click here to get access to the presale. There is a free tier available with no collateral or burn requirements as well.


Thank you, Xenon team.

Your Launch Grant proposal is pre-approved on the condition that your KYC is submitted and confirmed.
Please email identification documents to kyc@harmony.one.

Team members must submit a photo displaying full face and photo ID to the address above.
Reply to this comment once submitted so that we may proceed.

Milestones as per below:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

We look forward to seeing this project live very soon!


A good project, and I tried it in putting some LP, but their site does not work and is still under trial

Hi, our site does work. The reason you’re not receiving rewards yet is we haven’t started XEN emissions nor have we integrated farming rewards yet. Both of these are on our roadmap.

You will receive yield lending your assets if someone were to borrow from the pool you’re lending to.

My LP has been taken from your collectors and I can’t withdraw

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I am disappointed that Xenon is still not operational. Still good platform but in hindsight they should have built/prepared more before going out into the public


I’ve not heard of this issue, please dm me here or on discord with the tx address and we’ll help you out if that is the case.

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