Harmony and Stake DAO Announce Strategic DeFi Partnership

Name of Project


Proposal overview

We are excited to announce our most recent partnership with Stake DAO to make the most sophisticated DeFi strategies easily accessible to anyone. Stake DAO brings the best of the entire DeFi ecosystem, across multiple chains, into a single intuitive platform. Stake DAO will soon be launching it’s ONE validator and offer staking-as-a-service to the ONE community. We will now be working together to create innovative strategies and bring the best of DeFi to the Harmony ecosystem.

Run a campaign with Blackpool.

Proposal ask

USD $1M ONEs initially, up to $3M ONEs in total based on metrics.

Metrics for success

Using $1M ONEs, StakeDAO targets $25M+ in TVL on Harmony. With $3M ONEs, StakeDAO targets $100M+ in TVL.

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Stake DAO is a non-custodial platform that enables anyone to easily grow their crypto portfolio. It is built on top of decentralized blockchain protocols, offering a seamless way for people to grow, track, and control assets right from their wallet. As a project, we aim to allow anyone — with any level of knowledge of crypto — to have easy access to the market’s most competitive products and strategies.


initial $1m funding: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

second tranche of $2m funding: Harmony Blockchain Explorer