Harmony one wallet support in defi application like sushi

Currently to stake ONE, we need the harmony wallet. To participate in defi we need the metamask wallet.

If you have a ledger it’s even more complicated. :point_down:

  1. Stake ONE - connect ledger harmony account to harmony wallet and connect with staking dashboard or connect to staking dashboard directly from ledger.
  2. Participate in defi - connect the ethereum ledger account to metamask and create a custom RPC for harmony in metamask. Transfer ONE from ledger harmony account to harmony 's metamask account.

Instead I propose - work with defi protocols like sushi to implement connection of harmony wallet directly to sushi/viper.
(“Log in with harmony one wallet for all defi apps on harmony”)

With this implemented, all a user would have to do is download the harmony ONE browser extension OR connect their ledger to the harmony ONE browser extension

All this would Improve user experience
We need ONE wallet for all things ONE. Staying on metamask for defi will give the impression that we’re yet another layer 2

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I feel the same way. But I think this is the wrong place to post that request. Harmony is the blockchain, but how the DAPP developers decide how to connect to the network is up to them.


  1. I want to propose a bounty for creating a modular “Connect Button”, that there will be a connect boilerplate, having the one wallet as one of the options. Which hopefully will lead to more DAPPs including the ONE WALLET option.
  2. If you have a particular DAPP in mind, that you need the integration for, then just open an issue in their github. Post on social media (or here) that people should upvote/like/comment on that issue and show the devs, that there is the need for it. Then it’ll be implemented by the DAPP devs.

Hope this was somewhat helpful!

Cheers :wink:


I will create a request for this in sushiswap github and post the link here. Hopefully we get enough support.

Another alternative is to enable staking using metamask. But that would make metamask the default wallet(in the eyes of the people), making people believe harmony is just an L2.

Intriguing puzzle.

Sadly that is not an alternative, as metamask doesn’t support the staking functionality :wink: