Harmony Community DAO's Purchase of the Recovery Validator

Hello Harmony Community,

We are excited to announce that the Harmony Community DAO has agreed to purchase the Recovery Validator from @mbarret3 (a former DAO member) This decision is part of our continuous efforts to foster the growth and stability of the Harmony network. If you disagree with this decision NOW is the time to voice your opinion. Due to lack of participation, we are taking the approach of asking for forgivness rather than permission.

As per the contract not yet signed on May 31, 2023, the Recovery Validator, including all its associated assets and its Twitter account, will be transferred to the Harmony Community DAO. This signifies a significant step in our mission to promote decentralized ownership and operation within our ecosystem.

The purchase price agreed upon is 14,088 ONE tokens. To finance this acquisition, we have decided to make an initial payment of 9,700 ONE tokens from our treasury, with the remaining amount (4,388 ONE) to be paid from the rewards generated by the validator.

We believe that the acquisition of the Recovery Validator will enable us to make more meaningful contributions to the Harmony network and its community. By maintaining control of the validator, we aim to enhance its operation and maximize its potential in the service of our community. We will continue to burn 50% of rewards :fire:

We want to express our appreciation to Matthew Barrett for his dedication and work as the previous owner of the Recovery Validator. We commit to uphold the high standards set by him during his tenure.

This transaction will be conducted in accordance with the contract and the laws of the jurisdiction where the CDAO is located. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure a smooth and effective transfer of control and ownership.

If you disagree with this action please voice your disagreement on this talk forum, via twitter or Discord.


I fully support the transfer of the Recovery Validator to the Harmony Community DAO. The Recovery Validator is an initiative that originated from the efforts of Recovery One Fdn. We have several more initiatives in the pipeline to strengthen the Harmony ecosystem. I view this as a positive step towards ensuring ongoing growth and stability for the Harmony CDAO, the burn initiative, and the recovery process. As a former CDAO governor, I trust your organization to continue managing the validator and supporting its delegators.


Totally support this. Isn’t there a monthly cost to running this though?

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Yes sir! $10/month on Contabo server. Luckily @mbarret3 and amazing delegators got the validator up to where it’s earning enough to pay for itself :raised_hands:

Thanks for the support! :partying_face:


Fantastic :fist_right::fire::fist_left:
Thanks for the ongoing communication from the CDAO.
I believe partnership and sacrifices from what we have now on ONE is what’s going to bring us back to GREATNESS :blue_heart:

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Keep growing that validator. Maybe you need a name change to Community DAO validator.