Recovery Validator, a new validator to burning 1Assets

Dear Harmony community,

I am pleased to announce the launch of Recovery Validator, a new validator on the Harmony network. Link below…

My goal with Recovery Validator is to help recover the Harmony ecosystem by burning 1Assets. I will be using the earnings from the validator to swap and burn depegged 1Assets, further supporting the recovery process.

As a member of Recovery One and the Harmony Community DAO, I believe that it is important to take action and do my part to help restore the Harmony ecosystem, and I am committed to using my resources and expertise to contribute in a meaningful way. I hope that you will consider staking your ONE tokens to Recovery Validator.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working together to build a stronger, more resilient Harmony ecosystem.

Best regards,
Matt Barrett


is this active yet? ill start staking there also

Thank you Matthew.

Recovery Validator is elected & is ready to start burning depegged 1Assets. Please support us and the recovery efforts by staking your $ONE tokens with the Recovery Validator. Together, we can make an impact & help restore the ecosystem.

Small actions over time can create a great movement. We are proud to join Repegging Node and Burning Hound in their noble cause.

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Join us in supporting the unique Phoenix Rising philanthropist collection & own a piece of history. This project takes action and offers multiple benefits to the Harmony ecosystem & NFT holders.

Week 1: Stake to Recovery Validator