Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth

Harmony Pay DAO is ready.
Just looking for one more Gov on the Tech/ Dev side. Nothing Taxing just some guidance and support.

I noticed it may sound “heavy and techy” being part of this DAO.

So in brief:
The DAO is part of the Harmony Pay app and forming a viable company and eventually the DAO will become an advisory board and possibly offers tech for good when the Harmony Pay company grows. At the moment the role of the DAO is tech research, building a high-performance dev team, recruiting and chatting on social media. When there is a bit of time some educational events and represent the project at summits and tech expo events.

All cool and fun building up a business :sunglasses: :rocket:


hi, so you are looking for a DAO participant right.

“When there is a bit of time some educational events and represent the project at summits and tech expo events”

I can help with this for sure

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Hi Paula thanks for the reply.

Developing the App to become user friendly and adding more plugins is the first goal. In parallel it is the business side setup and Business development as well as setting up the social media especially the Discord channel.

After that we will need small funky how-to videos will you be able to help with those?

Also, at some point when “the tech” can be installed and operated by anyone non-tech savvy we would like to attend Tech shows. In those shows we would like to have some educational presentations. At this point we will be at Stage 3 of the project.

Please follow our channels and see if there is something you can work on. I will also be posting here official announcements.

By the way how do you see an educational framework for Harmony Pay can form? Open for a discussion

@drspinosa we can fund the original $10K and it helps form the team, and going forward, the project in itself should hopefully generate a lot of interest and adoption that it’ll help bootstrap the project and the team.

Approving to release the $10K funds for DAO formation

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@Jacksteroo This is amazing news we will work with what we got.

By the way we are looking for more people to join preferably 1-2 more developers more towards Web2 to develop an attractive, functional website and dashboard. official announcement later but open to ask questions or join now.

first $10K funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Thank you very much. There is a lot of work ahead of us to build a community and the DAO.

On another note a Test-net product is almost ready even possible to sent it out later today or tomorrow
There is a Beta Testers channel in our Discord https://discord.gg/Ku2UeAJk
Welcome anyone to be able to test our demo shops and dashboard and give us some feedback

Hi all
If you wish to learn how to program in Harmony this is a good starting point

Even if you don’t wish to follow the course, there is a list of tutorials that are useful to go through step by step.

Harmony Pay is a live project and looking to bring 2-3 Developers to work collaboratively together and with myself. The best place to start is to use your new skills on a live project.
Invite others to participate and there is some payment on completion of Stage 2.

Call for 1-3 Developers to work collaboratively to deliver Stage2 of Harmony Pay
Also Opportunity for Cofounder and CTO

This Document is to provide as many information as possible to help one or more developers to finish Stage 2 of the Harmony Pay project.

The developer(s) will work closely with Adam which he will offer guide and support and direct how the project will develop according to the Harmony ONE guidelines and agreements.

All official announcements chat and decisions will be at Harmony Talk page here on this page

Any other day to day communications use the Discord or Telegram see links below. Or just message Adam @drspinosa on twitter and telegram or drspinosa#4023 on Discord


Harmony Pay Company site : www.harmonypay.io

Harmony Pay Getaway & WP plugin, DIY site : www.harmonypay.one

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HarmonyPayOne

Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat use this for chat group for development
Telegram: Contact @harmony_pay Use this group for Community and general chat

Discord : Harmony Pay

GitHub : Harmony Pay · GitHub

Notion by invite to team members only : www.notion.so

General email: harmonypay.one@gmail.com

What is required:

  • To build at least 3-4 ecommerce Plug ins fully functional with Documentation

  • Also a user-friendly Dash board that clients can manage their accounts

  • A super user dashboard log in to manage the clients

  • Free and monetised options and subscription TBD

  • A KYC integration with an existing platform (to be discussed)

  • Documentation.

See bellow in the document proposal of works and suggestions. These can change as long as the result is the same

Must have plug in:

Word Press / WooCommerce (develop the existing one to an easy to install and use with the dash)

Let’s focus on finishing this plugin fully including a Dashboard and a functioning Getaway running on our server and make sure it is fully functional.

At the completion of this we will ask an interim payment from Harmony Attn @Jacksteroo

If the existing code in the Harmony Pay GitHub is not suitable we can start again from the original source code here MyCryptoCheckout (MyCryptoCheckout) · GitHub

Other suggested Plugins to choose from:

Wix, Magento, Shopaholic Opencart, Jscommerce Prestashop, ECWID, BIGCOMMERCE, SHOPIFY (regards to shopify it required approval by them so it might be another project)

3 of the above is a must, more is a bonus and ideally recommend Magento, Opencart, Prestashop


$10K USD will be paid to one Developer in $ONE to deliver 4 plugins, the Getaway running on the server and a user-Friendly Dashboards. Also offer an integration solution with an existing KYC platform such as this https://passbase.com/

Budget might be increased to $12K if there are 2 developers working together.


We understand that $10K can be a challenging budget. Any developer has the opportunity to be part of the Harmony Pay DAO and potentially part of the formed company at the end of Stage 2. As we are very early also an opportunity to become a co-founder and CTO of Harmony Pay is also there.


So that there are no misunderstandings. The budget is fixed and payment will be released from Harmony on completion of this stage. Although we will ask for interim payment so it is fair for all that work on the project.

All coding for the plugins and the Getaway will be public on Harmony Pay GitHub.

The code for the Dashboard and landing page will be private and will belong to Harmony Pay DAO and eventually the newly formed company.
As a developer you are paid to do a specific job within a specific budget however other opportunities will arise if interested.
You should not claim the code is yours. This is a collaborative work and there are or will be others in this project visible or in the background offering their support and advise.

Delivery of the project:

Adam will work closely with the developer(s) and will help test them and write the documents based on the notes and explanations from the developer.

:blue_heart: Let’s keep it simple and light so we can finish fairly quickly.

Proposed time scales Try and finish within 6 weeks for works start

Below is existing work that has happened so far. The developer can suggest alternatives and be creative at all times as long as the result and functionality is as required.


This is a React template bought

Website React Templete.rar Website React Templete.rar - Google Drive

And so far, this is the developed page but it seems it is not working however see below Test images when it was briefly set on test net and operated.

So far based on the above template Website-Harmonypay.io Dash.rar Website-Harmonypay.io Dash.rar - Google Drive

The login comes from this api platform https://dashboard.magic.link/login . Adam has changed the API key however it seems I (Adam) have not set it up properly as it a bit over my capabilities. Open to suggestions and alternatives if this Dash log-in is not possible.

The Dashboard will be part of the Harmony Pay landing website www.harmonypay.io . The server for this is already bought and set up the developer will have access to that server.

The Dash should have a super user mode for The Harmony Pay Team to be able to over various packages and monitor transactions and onboards customers also offer customer support.

Getaway API.

The Getway will resit on another server which will be purchased. It will belong to Harmony Pay DAO. There is a server that most likely we will use but would like to chat with developer first before ordering.

The existing API is here and might only require a few tweaks. (GitHub - Harmony-Pay/harmonypay-gateway-app-self-hosted: Cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Accept Harmony ONE and HRC20 Tokens. Peer-to-peer transactions. )
The set up prosses must be clear and set by step. Notes to be delivered by the developer to Harmony DAO and Adam.

Plugins and test shops?

WP is a must plugin and can be derived form this GitHub - Harmony-Pay/harmonypay-worpress-plugin-self-hosted: Cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Accept Harmony ONE and HRC20 Tokens. Peer-to-peer transactions.

Suggest to concentrate on this plugin and make sure all the functionally and getaway as well as the dashboard all work flawless before work starts an any other plugin.

Test shop for WP: https://woocommerce.harmonypay.io/

Also test shop for prestashop is set up: prestashop.harmonypay.io

The following sub domain are reserved but no test shops are set up yet:




We don’t have to develop these plugins and open to suggestions which ones to have in total with the WP to have 3-4 available…

We will exclude shopify as they want to see functioning and operational plugins before they can accept a new development in their market place.


Possibly use this as a test https://passbase.com/

KYC needs further discussion and possibly only offer it as a test and in the super user dashboard to have the ability to turned on or off by the Harmony Admin team until a final decision is made.
Due to the cost of KYC the recommendation is to have a fully functional product and when the income is available to fund the KYC.

Crypto on Ramps

Ideally to be able to give the opportunity retail clients to have to option to buy $ONE at the checkout by most likely using an API from https://ramp.network/ To be decided during development

DASHBOARD experiments and proposed functionality:

After Registering for an account, the merchant client will log in into their Dashboard to manage their account

Then they can generate APIs to connect various ecommerce platforms eg the plugin we will create

The client can manage their invoices generate invoices on the fly and able to issue refunds

The client can manage their wallets with different HRC20 tokens.

The client can manage their coin and allocate wallet addresses to receive payments.
only the Supper User Harmony Pay admin will be able to add extra coins that can be available to clients to activate or deactivate.

Examples of invoices paid and look and feel of the dash

WP plugin set up. This is based on the existing plugin and functionality.

This is what a customer will see when they buy from a shop. ONE wallet is becoming obsolete so we will use Metamask and ideal add 1wallet support.

The end customer to be able to choose which HRC20 token they wish to use to pay and also what fiat want to use to see the price of the product. We will decide what fiat and HRC20 to include.

Prices can come via DEXes like Viper Swap, DFK Susi and https://dexscreener.com/ using live feeds.

Finally, the existing WP has an auto-settlement functionality with Binance and Crypto.com We need preserve that and use it.

Ideally if we could have a DeFi auto-settlement using one of HRC20 stable coins such as 1UST will be a bonus at this stage.

Good examples to see dashboard factionally is to see how

Now Payments https://nowpayments.io/ and Crypto .com pay Crypto.com Pay Merchant | Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway For Business function.

For some reason the Discord link at the proposal on the the top of the page is not working and can not be edited.
Also the links on the 11th Jan 2022 in the DAO proposal
and message on the 27th of Jan
Not sure why
Please use this invite link for joining the discord Harmony Pay

or use this direct link to the server Discord

Now the Discord link invite is permeant and does not expire
Use this link to join the Server and start a chat or collaborate
Harmony Pay Discord: Harmony Pay

It may not sound clear at first glance however the vision is to set up a fair and eventually DOA led FinTech payment company based on Harmony network and utilising their current and future collaborations as well as their investment on R&D on ZPK.

We have to start somewhere and this project is where we start. Always happy to answer any questions.
Potential Co-Founder(s) are welcome to show interest .

DrSkol Reporting from our @marscolonyio base -

  • " We have achieved fusion but we require a talented Dev to be part of our team and help us stabilise the plasma to build the first DAO led Fintech for @harmonyprotocol DM me "

Super heroes required that can handle :rocket:

We have done our virgin first flight here at

@HarmonyPayOne HQ.

The Fusion engines worked but the Plasma was unstable.

Yet, we managed to arrive to #Mars & set up a @marscolonyiobase.
The Fusion engines require a super hero Developer that wishes to join this journey to further Planets & more bases. Help build the new DeFi <-> TradFi #DAO led Fintech. Reach us via the deep space comms

Any Devs that want to work on The Harmony Pay project there is one off involvement $10K pay with expected 6 weeks work on brief I wrote above.
I will be helping hands on all the way. More than happy to a long term collaboration even co-founder CTO option. Open to discuss

Let’s Build the first DAO LED Fintech on Harmony Protocol

Fintech - Day ONE

Bridging Web3 <-> Web2

At Harmony Pay the vision is to enhance the Harmony Ecosystem by adding utility that is understood by the majority of Web2 users.

Starting at those simple 3-4 e-commerce plug in we are paving the road and opening the doors to millions of people that want to use crypto but don’t know how.

We are also experimenting with DAO formations and interactions with the existing Legal company entities that are available to utilise.

We have been inspired by John Lewis Partnership established over 100ys ago. A predecessor of a DAO as we see it.

We will be setting up a flat structure Ltd company with a DAO as a non executive however active Council.
Let see how we go form there.

There will be plenty of opportunities to join the DAO and to be formed company.
In fact regarding the DAO we are always open to participants. We are going a bit different in this DAO structure as an experiment.

At the moment we require help from 1-2 developers (or a team) to deliver the above brief excluding any KYC work.

in the mean time enjoy our first promo video and subscribe to our YouTube channel

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Hello there @drspinosa
Is there any chance to see a video paying a product from a website already integrated with the product in testnet or even mainnet?
In which step are you right now with it?
I’d love to see it working or even test it in a website (I can build one in wordpress + woocommerce) to test it if you couldn’t show us the video.

Thank you !


Hi there @jbeltran

The WP plugin is fully working on the main net.
I wrote this to explain shorturl.at/rJOTW

It is also live here my marketplace i am building


However that was the result of a Hackathon and the dev does not wishes to go forward building a company

The plugin and Getaway server are available for o all to use.

The Getaway server installation is not intuitive and very complex. I have tired to install it at the above market place but I haven’t managed to make the Getaway payment server to run.

If you place an order in the website above i have $1 test product. However you most likely will lose that in $ONE equivalent or the process will not complete but you can see the whole process and record it.

If you can help make the Getaway payment server run that will be much appreciated.

I have done a lot of background seting up if you wish to read the brief above and looking for a super hero dev to work with to make this user friendly.

Thanks @Jacksteroo

Working all the time to make this a viable successful Business. A DAO led fintech on Harmony network with interoperable payments protocol. This is the long term vision and aligns with your recommendations

At this stage we are concentrating to deliver Payment plugins a refreshed Getaway payment server and a Control Panel that clients can choose their subscription from free and manage their sales using $ONE and approved HRC20 tokens.

We are looking for a forwards thinking developer of team up with Developer practice that wishes to collaborate. See the the brief above Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth - #22 by drspinosa, it might sound complex however there are module’s and templates we can use. I also will be working looking what is available out there that makes this Project delivered easier

This is what is happening atm elsewhere.

Twitter and Stripe roll out USDC pay-out program for creators via Polygon

This is one of the uses I wanted to achieve on Harmony, a protocol that can offer payment Xfers.
The payment plugins are only the start of the company to kick start operations.

Also, to work towards a decentralised version while offering alternative payment systems. A DAO led Fintech

I am still looking to link with creative forward-thinking developer (s). Anyone looking to build the future of payments on Harmony DM me or please spread the word.

Brief see above here Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth - #22 by drspinosa - Funding Proposals - Harmony Community Forum

It might sound a lot but will be one step at a time process. We all are learning here while building. I believe that adding interposable payments on Harmony will boost $ONE and Network adoption

Harmony Pay - Let build Together

In view of the recent events Regarding the Bridge Multisig compromise, this is what has been worrying me since the inception of H-pay.

It kind of keeps me back from finding a dev because I know once a payment system and a company are operating $$mils will be flooding in. The dilemma is that atm a company to function needs some centralisation but I keep having these nightmares that someone will hack the wallet and clear all the assets. I envisage using a strong Multisig but at the same time, freedom and functionality are required that Multisig do not offer. So part of H-pay will be to invest profits in a viable web3 business account solution.

The vision is big and reinvesting profits to find WEB3 commercial payment solutions is part of that vision (Note to self MUST write a white paper and describe the vision!).

To Devs, anyone forward-thinking that wishes to tackle together and develop this stage (please No Bounty hunters this is for the long term).
The grant is still active I am confident that will be honoured by Harmony (@Jacksteroo ).

I know the payment from Harmony is not sufficient however I am envisaging a partnership and a creative collaboration.
There will be a a company formation with constitution and all will be registered to the Companies house in UK. No rugs allowed here !

Please come forward let’s chat plan and deliver this. After this stage, we go for adoption and start making WEB3 $ONE and HRC20 revenue. This is the point where the real fun begins and we start making the future - Did I mention the space program? Yeap that is in the plans as well.

More than even Harmony need wide adoption and we can deliver this via payment systems that already in place and people are familiar with.

Harmony Pay - Let build Together

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