Harmony Creative DAO - Term 2 Funding Proposal

Will Creative DAO bring a podcast that invites community figures to talk about what’s happening in the ecosystem weekly? Because I think this is the great way to encourage community to contribute to be part of HarmonyONE even more


Love the idea of a podcast! Perhaps to hit the more technical dev items or to highlight/interview some of the core DAOs and advertise what they do. I think many potential Harmany Devs or DAOists (hence Harmony community members) wouldn’t necessarily read the posts in the forum to learn about opportunities, but may see the weekly video on YouTube and if there was a mention in there of a weekly podcast, the topic of the week, and “…a link in the description…”, it could drive traffic in.

I think education is the key to ecosystem growth, and the key to getting the party started and driving the masses to places of deeper education (possibly the proposed DoDAO guides and to the DAO social contacts themselves) is likely in the hands of Creative DAO.

After re-reading the proposal above, the Podcast idea may not be in line with your Term 2 Funding Proposal (as far a being created by the core team of Creative DAO), but would be a byproduct of one of the proposed studios or a bounty, perhaps.

Either way, this is an exciting time in Harmony Land! Lots to look forward to here.


Hi @K14ontheTrack there would be a possibility for this, however (Personally) I believe this would be best coming from a suitable community contributor such as @theyoungretiree who already has an incredible podcast running within the community.

Whether this would be a DAO-funded initiative, this would be put to a community vote.

We want to aim to decentralize tasks, rather than just having everyone executed by governors/signatories.


You have the right idea @dwb having 9 people doing everything simply isn’t possible if you want to scale and grow.


Hopefully, we’ll hear back when DAO Ops/Harmony is ready to make move with DAOs again after re-calibrating.

We’re trying to hold off for the moment, 1, due to wanting to make sure we’re heading in the right direction with an approved DAO model, and, 2 so we can be as efficient as possible when we get moving and not cause a massive backlog of retroactive payments beforehand.

However, if we get the go-ahead it will be an extremely exciting time with things getting ramped up extremely quickly.

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It is extremely exciting… this current evolution we’re experiencing.

I think you’re doing the right thing holding off until things are sorted… The backlog of payments thing could get ugly and I think we’re all just getting our feet on the ground and getting oriented with how things are going to work, what is realistic and where we need to make adjustments.

I’ve just started listening to the Open DAO Ops call from the 17th that was just uploaded to YouTube to see where things are at. Hopefully there will be news in there or forthcoming shortly.

Good luck!

I think we need public podcast proposal to talked about certain topics that we need to prioritize in community, that’s seems great


Would love for you to explain a bit more regarding your idea @K14ontheTrack can you expand on this?

A podcast with a host talking about current issues, or more like an open session podcast with community members, for example, there are already Community DAO spaces, and open working sessions and town halls, how would this be different? How would this be different from the Harmonize podcast that currently exists?

Love the idea by the way. I think once you have a solid plan together it should be presented to the community to see what they think and then if people want to see it happen then it can be decided where the best place for it to live would be. It might be a case that we can speak to @theyoungretiree regarding his podcast and make suggestions or give him feedback on what the community wants more of as he already has a great podcast ongoing.

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I mean, podcasts in the form of Twitter space on community DAO are already great; we need more in another medium for podcasts to talk about updates, community opinions & problems in the ecosystem. Because that way will reach out to new peeps and solidify the existing community in harmony; once I have a more solid concept regarding this, I’ll come up here


JCR.One and Tim P do a great space which pretty much describes what you have been saying, very open and candid discussions and a lot of fun I hear, I never attend them because they’re at like 4am. Keep an eye out for them, will be starting again soon. https://twitter.com/JCRacefab/status/1532436268436574222?s=20&t=5piHl95igzMRU7WfjmA2AA

Also, the Community DAO has been running a bounty for people to run their own gatherings and hangouts, go and check it out and consider doing one, you have until June 10th. Host a Block Party | Dework


How did I miss this proposal! Just saw this.
Good work here all. Always fond and supporter of the creative DAO.

If I can help with anything on my free time always happy to share my experience expertise and hobbies of ( music video photography radio streaming)

Good luck


@drspinosa thank you for the continued support! We’re hoping to take the DAO to a whole other level and they’re definitely going to be a lot of opportunities to help out and get involved.

The DAO will certainly need your expertise, hopefully, if all goes ahead we will have a contributor position you could perhaps run for which would benefit from having someone involved that understands people in these fields.

We will be posting another update soon regarding this.


Updates to the Creative DAO Term 2 Funding Request

Funding Requested

We would like to update the funding request with a more comprehensive breakdown of the Creative DAOs financial plan for Term 2. We would also like to update our request and change the amount requested.

After further discussions the Creative DAO would like to **request $106,075.00 for Term 2

Dao Structure

After some deliberation there has been a slight change the the structoring of the Creative DAO - Sub DAOs.

The team have decided to bring the number of project managers down from three, to one project manager, you can see the reasoning below.

⦁ Allow more contributor hours for the completion of work in such a significant role for the DAO
⦁ Having one person managing communication from the 3 community managers rather than 3 seperate entities
⦁ Enable the DAO to offer a more competative pay structure for the position so a serious candidate can be found
⦁ 1 person dealing with the flow of Bounty/Snapshot requests to be placed on dework and Snapshot for the creation of content

Financial projections

Below you can find a new structure for financial plan for term 2.
Funding Breakdown - Google Sheets

Sustainability Project

The Creative DAO have been in discussion regarding there sustainability project and have a comprehensive plan in place, although the DAO does not wish to release all information publically regarding the project as a whole, we’re happy to release some of the point regarding the project below.

⦁ A DAO volenteer commity will be created for the management of the project from start to finish
⦁ The project will be a Metaverse/NFT Gated project
⦁ Aswell as the NFT acting as a key for the projects main utility, this can also be used as an PFP to notify other members of the community that you’re a holder also enabling community members to identify other people they can attend monthly events with
⦁ The utility of the project will allow for other channels of revenue to be created through advertising
⦁ The main bulk of revenue created will be through NFT PFP/Key sales which will in tern fund events going forward and act as the funding backbone for the Creative DAO
⦁ Each holder will be able to make suggestions and vote on the monthly event to decide what they will experience month on month.
⦁ There will be a hard cap of 10,000 editions of the Creative DAO NFT
⦁ The sustainability project with serve as a focal point for entertainment on the Harmony blockchain

Further discussions can be had regarding the in depth plan and vision for the sustainability project for the Creative DAO, however, so this idea is not copied before the DAO gets it off the ground we would like to get funding arranged and a push made for the creation of the volenteer commity so that development and design bounties can be created if the DAO community agrees with ther plan.

Hi @frwrdslosh @DevinMarty @Sam @ElixirofLife @Globey.one @StrongMindsHold , We would like to notify you that a few things have changed regarding the funding request and plan for the DAO, and a more comprehensive plan has been formulated regarding the amounts requested with a breakdown attached. Please can you notify the necessary parties and provide an update on the current status of our DAO funding requests.


Due to the uncertainty of the DAO the Harmony Creative DAO has paused operations and will await to hear from Harmony regarding it’s plans for Harmony core DAOs moving forward. This will prevent a backlog of retroactive payments and allow the DAO to be fully functional in the event of funding.

In the meantime we would like to respectfully ask that we receive temporary funding.

We have 2 Governors still unpaid since March 1st who sacraficed pay so other governors and contributors could be paid (TheNurseGreg and Bricktop_One) and the 2 governors from the previous term were not paid in April (CheekyChris and Bricktop_One) along with the other governors from that point. As previously requested by Harmony the DAO had already put out a Snapshot vote regarding retroactive payments for unpaid governors, but later faced delays in funding as a whole. You can find the retroactive Snapshot funding request here of which the community voted in favor of: Snapshot

The total amount of unpaid hours along with the retroactive payments is : 219,871.15 Harmony

Below you will find links for a breakdown of unpaid hours in March, April along with May and June for the current governors. You will also find attached a breakdown of hours through PDF Clockify reporting.

Unpaid Retroactive Payments needed for March

Unpaid Retroactive Payments needed for April

May and June Hours Plus Totals for Retroactive payments plus current governor pay

You can also find here Clockify PDF for decriptions of time served March and April (For governors unpaid) and May and June : Retroactive Payment Hours and Current Hours - Google Drive

We hope that Harmony’s Core DAO vision can stay alive and we’re ready to ramp up operations if a fix to the current situation can be found. We’re willing to discuss a change of tactics if DAOs visions are changing to stay fluid with the current market. In the meantime, if Harmony needs assistance with it’s marketing and creative efforts we will be happy to oblidge to help the cause.

Creative DAO Multisig: Harmony Multisig Wallet
Multisig Address: 0x7c81E03cDCF8e0a65613fF856834054C2b7bC563

Thank you for your concideration with this request @lij @Sam we understand the situation at the moment but would very much like govenors be paid for their time and efforts especially with governors being unpaid since March 1st.


LMFAO, ‘who sacrificed & respectfully ask that we receive temporary funding’ , no shame at all this guy!!

As i said so many times before, ‘its all about the benjamins baby’.

@Bricktop_One , i think more then enough money went already your way from the treasury. You already nr1 on the list of best (self) paid H1 DAO governors.

And for what?

Sending tweets, holding twitter/arcade spaces, chatting emailing phone calling with the other governors and more crazy task u believe you should be paid for.

Btw, stop using the community sentiment group for ur personal gain thats not what the group is ment for.

Welcome back Bagelhole.

This is how our investment money is being wasted: endless hours of meetings with the bois club a $1.25 per minute.

Is there any serious investor outside of the usual reactions coming from the small inner circle of DAO bois club, who can give any sensible justification for these governor(s) wanting to be paid for endless hours of meetings?

Im clueless here.

Now you understand why some are so defensive and protective towards any criticism at their DAO intentions. It’s all about protecting their easiest monthly paycheck ever.


I billed and worked 96 hours out of a possible 315 during that period since March 1st previous term and this one. I stuck around with a select few when others gave up due to the challenges we faced. And yes, seeing as though the DAO isn’t based on just myself and my own opinion, lots of conversations and meetings take place.

Bagelhole, I’m not even going to entertain you anymore, as I mentioned, you’re known for being one of the biggest community trolls and no one respects your opinion anymore.

It’s truly such a shame you didn’t channel your energy into something positive for the ecosystem.


Hhmmm i didnt expect it to be that easy to trigger you and have u reveal your true face. :wink:

Gl with ur little bois club and drama money rants.

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Lol, I need to know you bagelhole…