Creative DAO - Creative Bounty Program

In our most recent funding proposal, we requested an additional $25k for the creative-focussed bounty drive set out in our DAO deliverables.

Although this bounty drive was in our deliverables which was voted and approved, we wanted to reach out to our community before plans are put in place to activate bounties and allocate the funds.

The Creative DAO has been collecting contact information from creatives who have signed up to be potential collaborators. Our database currently contains 62 creatives along with additional connections to large groups of creatives which creates an extremely interesting opportunity for the completion of bounties. The creative DAO will also be in talks soon with Harmony to ‘’ extend and scale the talent pool by connecting multiple established creative studios to be managed by this DAO’’ Which again could possibly create more opportunities for the DAO and provide more options and channels of content creation.

When we begin promoting the creative-focused bounties we will notify creatives of relevant bounties that might suit their profession or style. These bounties will be available to all creatives. Upon taking part in the bounty program they will fill out a google form with a link to their work upon completion, and Creative DAO governors will decide the winner of each particular campaign and focus based on the bounty criteria, reach, and quality of work.

The goal of this program is to offer bounties to creatives to expand the Harmony Protocol reach, improve the quality of content for the general public, and educate the wider crypto community about the benefits of Harmony. As stated in our mandates we plan to promote Harmony’s cultural values and mission, commission content to increase brand awareness, amplify Harmony messages, reach for the unincluded, and convert the crypto curious.

The Creative DAO appreciates the full backing of the community, helping us get things in motion and start to change the game - it’s time for the world to see what Harmony has to offer.

Before this request for the creation of the Creative DAO bounty program gets put on Snapshot for an official governance post, we’re bringing it to the community for an initial vote to see if we can seek your approval to move forward.

The Creative DAO are excited about this project as we feel like its our first true opportunity to create mass outreach regarding the Harmony Protocol Blockchain.

Do you agree that the Creative DAO can make use of the $25k equivalent of $ONE tokens set aside, to assign to publicly posted creative bounty campaigns for DAO contributors and creatives?

  • Yes
  • No

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I can see a real great potential, that creative dao will offer to the ecosystem.


We talked about this today in the DAO Ops call – Looking forward to seeing where it goes!


Really excited about this also Devin. The proposal is pending on a Snapshot currently and will soon go live for an official governance vote.

We have a list of around 60 contributors from our DAO community, and also access to around 170 YouTube influencers alone which includes some extremely big names. We are hoping to get a similar reach to influencers with other popular platforms. Extremely excited to see who wants to go for these bounties.

We will be releasing more information once voted upon. Hopefully the support from the community continues. I believe it will be the biggest drive for coverage of the protocol so far, however we want to plan this strategically to make the noise last a little longer rather than a quick influx of chatter.

My fingers are crossed for the vote.

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