Harmony Grants AMA

You’re back Bagelhole. Everyone has missed you. I hope wherever you have been for the past month or two you have been well.

Anyway, have a great day.


Thanks for your voice of support @GlennB2370 ! You’ve always been there for me and supportive of what I try to bring to the space. With DAO ops having been dissolved, I’m unsure if that is a position likely to be created, but I truly appreciate you thinking so highly of me.

Hopefully we can stay on topic of the grants AMA. I would hate for this thread to be hijacked by people with personal vendettas. The past weeks have been stressful enough for everyone. Using a forum for personal attacks when it’s not relevant to progressing forward does not add value to the conversation.

Let’s do better and focus on progressing, not regressing to old grudges.


Just a little self-reflection brother. Go find a mirror and ask yourself 'why did i wrote ‘everyone has missed you’ instead of ‘i missed you’ :wink:

Honestly, i believe you do really wrong to these others ‘everyone’ , thinking they need a representative to write/speak or maybe even think for them. Just speak for yourself.

You might be surprised how that would help our conversation to evolve in a mature way.

Guys this! I have been harping at them a long time over the documentation. I’m about to go just volunteer to fix what documentation I know I can fix…


Yes Dude!

This all seems quite reasonable. I can’t answer practical questions but paying outstanding debts is important if at all possible. It shows the core team and business entity of Harmony Protocol values the work of its community & contributors. I imagine it is not an enormous bill, but I could be wrong.

Gnosis multi sign full integration is so important as well.

in Dude we trust



The original post has been updated to reflect a new way to resume our grants program for existing approved grantees. Please read the new update and we hope you find this helpful.

Direct link to the update.


Now, that’s one positive step to winning the community’s confidence back.

I really hope that the team’s future communication is more precise, concise & the approved grantees repay this faith in terms of provable outcomes to the community.

~ Aspera ad astra.


Thanks @dpagan-harmony appreciate with this effort , i know it’s hard decision but whatever person or DAos deserved they should be payed. But after that please please No more DAOs again. End this and comeback with better model after 1 to 2 years. Every new things take time to understand.

Let the people/DAO work as a volunteer.
We don’t have a single official wallet and we are the project of 2018. Shame !

Agree, it’s a shame from having an official wallet to none. It’s heading backward.

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No need to be so salty @Bagelhole. The fact that your attacks aren’t being endorsed by anyone perhaps demonstrates that you may not quite understand the community sentiment on Harmony afterall.

To my knowledge, core DAO governors did what they could with what they had at their own disposal. It may seem to you like they did nothing but that may be just because you personally don’t bother actually looking into it or getting involved. Community’s sentiment has been quite clear & people have been screaming at the top of their lungs to be heard. Due to the amount of work, it’s not easy for the core team to process all the feedback & CDAO could be a great tool to facilitate that communication bridge. They’ve also been doing an exceptional job at educating & engaging the community, especially considering that they’ve had barely any guidance or resources. There is obviously a lot of room to grow but that’s a steady process that will involve some trials & errors indeed. In the end of the day, CDAO is still in its’ infancy (so is the entire network).

As a candidate for Q3 CDAO, I don’t even expect to be paid if elected, but when there is a commitment made by a head of business, it needs to be followed through & should any issues be encountered along the way, they need to be clearly communicated. It’s pretty black & white, Business Management 101.

Instead of being this hateful, wouldn’t it make more sense to offer some solutions? Your opinion matters too, especially if it’s constructive.

Hope you take some time to take care of yourself throughout these difficult times. Cheers.


I just came from Greece 3 days ago having finished a very important role as KMO (Kittens Managing Officer ) :blue_heart:

Hard work it’s like Harmony and WEB3

I am reading a lot a most likely i will respond something as professional as possible in a light language and as holistic approach as possible.

In the meantime enjoy my crew


Thank you for the positivity, those look like wonderful little core team members


I have worked with many projects and have seen many different situations in the cryptocurrency world. I noticed a bad peculiarity. There comes a moment when strange things start to happen in a project. First, there is a problem with payment to partners and freelancers, and in many cases it is followed by a hacker attack and hacking with theft of funds. Harmony follows the standard algorithm of the cryptocurrency world :thinking:


So, based on your work, as you stated, what would happen next to Harmony ONE and/or the stolen funds?


This debate with the community looks like it may end well. I have a couple of questions about the update. They say that from day 1 they will begin to pay the outstanding debts with the DAO, does that mean that that same day we will be able to see the first transfers? Will they follow the chronological order by which the milestones were completed? Will they really be 180 days to pay? We are supposed to be on the blockchain and transactions are done in seconds… You asked the DAOs to follow some guidelines such as a salary for governors and weekly hours of work, so we have seen several DAOs have not received the payment of their milestones and they have not been able to pay the governors with the indications that you gave them, which could be said that you are the ones who have that debt, I do not think it is the most appropriate thing to wait 180 days to pay them the milestones. Taking into account that the mandates of those governors have a deadline since Harmony asked them to hold elections in a short period, are they going to leave without being paid for their work? @giv


You trolling? Dude did you hear harmony got hacked?

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest do you think that because of a hacker attack, the Harmony team has the right not to pay debts to people who have done their work?


I don’t understand where you see the trolling? They hacked Harmony and the whole project is over? So we should sell all of our ONE assets and walk away? Do not trust this project anymore, because they will not be able to get ahead? I do not understand you. How much is the debt of the milestones owed to the community? How much liquidity does Harmony currently have?

Can someone from the team give a signal? Answer any of our questions? Give a statement and transmit tranquility and confidence? Or do we not have to be afraid? @lij @giv @dpagan-harmony @frwrdslosh


How many days have we not heard from the team? Any update? Removing the video that was published of Steven we have no answer about anything else, the team looks like a group of ghosts currently where are they? Wouldn’t you walk away with the hacker and the 100 Million? I don’t want to think that this is the case, but their activity and lack of transparency are not giving good signs.