Harmony Inventory

Will everyone here sooner or later leave this reality for another location, and our tokens? our wallet? when someone part of this for the better we have what is called here in my region of inventory in which a lawyer transfers the goods to the person’s heirs, the idea is to create some way of the person’s tokens, assets or portfolio not to get lost in the sands of the forgetfulness, if we are going to think about decentralized governance, we need to think and build with solid foundations and this issue, in my view, is necessary.

Perhaps a feature inside the wallet or a dapp in which your inventory is already paid in advance (lol), and the person if he does not show a sign of life on a date to be determined (once a year), saying “I am still here” or something like that, will trigger this person’s heirs so that their values are not lost in the decentralized network.