Let Our Delegators Speak (HOLD)

(Placing this on hold since @stse just posted that they will be going back to the drawing board. The purpose of this was to make a snapshot vote but hopefully we won’t have to go this far)

Harmony has a habit of saying, “head to the talk forms and speak your mind!”

Well let’s do one even better. Let’s all vote with our wallets. Even though our snapshot isn’t in the best position, I believe the overwhelming amount of delegators, Investors, and Validators will vote with their wallets.


With the help of previous Validator DAO Governors such as @Maffaz, @easynode, @Jimbo_JCR.one, @StrongMindsHold @ben2k_Stakeridoo and much more. We can help set up and snapshot vote and let our Harmony community vote weather or not we agree with the proposal that @lij & @stse (with lawyers) presented to us. We as validators have a duty to reflect what our delegators think and wish to see change.

Let’s make it a simple vote

  • Yes (continue with original proposal)
  • No (come back with new plan)
  • Abstain

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I hope this can be HARD EVIDENCE That the community will not stand for the horrible mistreatment of our community members with the original proposal. Let’s talk about this and get it going!


Yes, as previously discussed we can easily map validators wallets to a hot wallet and use the VDAOG token if you want… It can also be stored on chain if required…

Of course, I would expect any community vote to be completely ignored by Harmony as standard but it is no problem to do…


Yea I know they would like to ignore it but how bad would it look when everyone that is an investor of Harmony and are supporting the chain come together to show how serious we are with a snapshot vote. I think that’s powerful in itself. Glad we didn’t have to go this far but it’s an option. Thanks for responding Maffaz !

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