Harmony Swahili Translation and Repository (Swahili Blockchainopedia) DAO

Name of DAO

Harmony Swahili Translation and Repository (Swahili Blockchainopedia) DAO

Proposal overview

[Blockchain experts contend that the greatest hurdles restricting the adoption of the technology include inefficient technological design, high energy demands, low scalability, little or no regulation, lack of adequate skill sets, and many such complications. However, in Africa, the technology is hindered by all the above as well as inadequate information among what could easily be the prime portion of the population pushing for conventional adoption.
In a population where literacy is growing but remains nowhere near perfect, providing the requisite information in a language most of the population understands could make the real difference.
This proposed DAO wants to open Eastern Africa to blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption by providing the necessary information in the region’s lingua franca, Swahili. To do so, the DAO seeks the mandate to translate Harmony.one into Swahili and build an online repository that contains articles that define a glossary of terms that every beginner crypto enthusiast should know but may find hard to understand.
The DAO’s all-embracing objectives are:

  1. Increasing blockchain adoption by providing the Eastern African region and Swahili speakers with a comprehensive translation of the Harmony.one portal, and a repository with adequate information and articles in Swahili for any budding crypto enthusiast.
  2. Opening the region to blockchain technology solutions by providing a hub where would-be crypto enthusiasts learn about potential use cases as well as case studies of projects either under development or in motion.
  3. Increasing the popularity of the Harmony network and its solutions to the Eastern African population.
    In partnership with the Harmony Africa DAO, the Harmony Swahili Translation and Repository (Blockchainopedia) DAO plans to create an interactive Swahili repository for blockchain material. This resource will give all Swahili-speaking people a destination with adequate starter information on blockchain in a familiar language. Besides, its translation of the Harmony.one portal would make it easy for anyone to understand what the network is about and its solutions.

Background and Context

The Eastern Africa region has a population of almost 460 million people(1). This number is almost 6% of the world’s population. Kenya, the third most populous country in the region, also is credited with spearheading innovations that have caught global attention. However, this position is not entirely true if you consider the proportion of blockchain innovations that exist.

With a combined GDP of $357 billion, the region has immense capital potential to develop blockchain solutions that serve the region and the globe. However, the lack of adequate and readily available information among policymakers makes such possibilities impossible. International remittance, elections, land registries are only three of the many use cases where blockchain technology is apt.

Creating a repository and popularizing it among the target audience will make it easy for concerned officials to see and understand the technology’s breadth of possibilities readily.


[The DAO will contract expert translators and Swahili language experts to prepare a draft for the Harmony.one website. Besides, it would contract writers who would produce material for the Blockchainopedia. For a start, the DAO wants to publish 250 titles (explainer articles written in English and translated in Swahili).]

Daniel Ayuko – Daniel is an experienced freelance journalist with a flair for fair reporting in the FinTech space. He is also an intelligent marketer and advisor on blockchain projects and brings tons of experience in their operation. He boasts an experience of over seven years of reporting in the blockchain space.

Naomi Wanjiku – Naomi is a career online content creator, writer, editor, and translator with more than seven years of experience in the industry. She holds a B.A. in Swahili from Kenyatta University. Naomi is also a crypto enthusiast who believes that blockchain has a lot in store for the African continent.

Lawrence Omondi – Lawrence is a real estate entrepreneur and crypto trader with vast experience investing in the African market. Holds a MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi.

Clive Rogers – Clive is a journalist and English-Swahili, Swahili-English translator with more than 5 years of experience in the industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge in translation as well as connections for building linkages with the pertinent institutions.

Wangui Mwai – Wangui is a culture and social services practitioner based in Nairobi. She works with the Kenyan ministry of Culture and Social Services where she is in charge of the Effects of Native Languages in the Kenya’s Development. She brings to the DAO, a necessary link with the government should such be necessary.

Kenneth Mbeche – Ken is a language expert in the Department of Linguistics at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. He has more than 10 years of experience and brings a wealth of experience in the field of translation. He also is a crypto evangelist who believe in the innate possibilities that blockchain offers.

Phil Midegwa – Phillip is a crypto-journalist attached to one of the leading online blockchain publications. He also is a native Swahili speaker with important knowledge about the language and its evolution.

Eric Onkoba – Erick is an early adopter of crypto who invested in the ICO during the craze. As an experienced entrepreneur with an interest in crypto, he joins to see the possibilities that can happen when Harmony.one ecosystem takes root in the Eastern African region.

Jackeline Kaisang – Jackeline is a MBA graduate from the University of Nairobi. She is also an entrepreneur whose work touches on the payment gateways and solutions for businesses in Kenya and Tanzania.

Proposal ask

[The Harmony Swahili Translation and Repository (Swahili Blockchainopedia) DAO is asking for USD 155,000 to be disbursed in the course of one year.
We request USD 31,000 to get the DAO’s activities rolling. We propose to assemble a team of Swahili language and translation experts who will start by translating the Harmony.one website. A translated website would help other DAOs working in the region to popularize Harmony and blockchain technology, such as the Harmony Africa DAO, to access information in the lingua franca of their target audience.]

Design and setup of translation protocol - $2,500
Establishing and maintaining the Swahili Blockchainopedia website - $1,500
Payment for submissions of articles and titles for the Blockchainopedia (60 titles every 2 months) - $9,000
Translators and language experts conference 3 @$1,600
Translating Harmony.one portal into Swahili - $10,000
Operational cost for two months - $5,000

Metrics for success

[1. Entire translation of Harmony.one portal into Swahili
2. Establishment of a Swahili Blockchainopedia with at least 250 entries (blockchain and cryptocurrency-related titles)
3. Formation of a band of writers and translators who are also Harmony.one followers (500)
4. Linkages with local tertiary institutions
5. Increasing Harmony following on Twitter by 1000 from social media actions popularizing the Blockchainopedia.]

External links

[1. Population of Eastern Africa (2021) - Worldometer
2.East Africa Economic Outlook 2021 | African Development Bank - Building today, a better Africa tomorrow


This will be a very useful initiative, given the increasing significance of the Swahili language in the region.

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Make sure you present the proposal on Tuesday at the meet-up!! Also, I recommend you liase with the Kenya DAO as they are also proposing translations!

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@ep2338 I plan to. Also, great insight. I will look them out and see where we draw parallels.

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This is an important initiative for sure. Suggest you define more what the $155k is for, that feels very high and your proposal only defines the first $31k. Many projects (eg: Wikipedia) operate with volunteer translators, why do you think such a model would not work for Harmony?

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Thank you for your insight. Translation sure will not cost much. However, note that the project has two distinct bits. Putting up a Swahili Blockchainopedia will set us back some since we have budgeted for 250 titles and articles for starters. Now, getting volunteers is a great idea but even in the case of Wikipedia, they get remunerated in some way. The articles we plan to write and include in the repository are unique in that they initially would seem to target a specific portion of the population at first…not the kind that would attract volunteer writers and translators first enough to help popularizing Harmony and blockchain as a matter of urgency.

The $31k we have requested if for doing the translation and covering the first bit of the repository.

:wave: @Daniel_Ayuko

Thank you for your patience as we move through the backlog of DAO bootstrap funding requests.

Based on several of the metrics you’ve listed, I would appreciate it if you would take the time and review our Regional DAO Guidelines. I believe there is a terrific path forward there.

Any questions or ideas you may have, please keep the conversation going here on talk.

For some more in-depth information on DAO funding, I will link to our DAO Funding Guidelines, as well.

Thank you, for your time and interest.


@Daniel_Ayuko please reach out to me via telegram, Ill walkt you through what @frwrdslosh is mentioning. In view of his comment their might be some overlap with the Kenya DAO… Le0ts talk with Mary and Yvonne :slight_smile:

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Hello @Daniel_Ayuko

I thought I would check up to see where you are on your efforts regarding Swahili translation. Were you able to connect to @ep2338?


I am in communication with @ep2338 to purpose a way of working together.

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@Sam Daniel is a top notch player in the Kenya ecosystem. My recommendation is that @Daniel_Ayuko and the Kenya DAO work together, particularly as translations are a key requirement of the regional DAOs. Keeping in mind that the Africa DAO is working there, there is good momentum to build on what has been achieved.

Thanks for the update.

@Daniel_Ayuko - since it looks like you are working w/ the Kenya DAO, the Africa DAO and directly w/ @ep2338, do we need a DAO specifically for Swahili translation and repository? It seems like those missions can be served in one of the other DAOs and that can be a better allocation of resources.

We all need more cultures and languages onboard. Happy to hear that this team is pushing cultural diversity in tech! :slight_smile:

Hello @Daniel_Ayuko :blue_heart:

I’ve been seeing a lot on this thread about working with the Kenya DAO, which is still in it’s infancy stage. I think this is the best path to move forward, for now.

I’m going to decline this proposal without prejudice and urge you to take your talents and connections to the Kenya DAO, if you’re not already there :slight_smile:

I admire your passion for bringing more exposure to blockchain and Web3 to Eastern Africa. Please, continue your foray forward with us. I encourage you to keep building and please feel free to post new proposals in the future.

Thank you for your unwavering patience. Looking forward to seeing your good work!



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