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Proposal overview

Kenya is widely known to be the Silicon Savannah, with over 60% of the population being below the age of 35 years. Besides that, Kenya set it’s footprint globally as the first country to embrace virtual currency through mobile money, and is now serving over 30 million Kenyans, with transactions hitting more than $16 Billion. Moreover , Kenya was one of the first countries in Africa and Globally to constitute the Blockchain Task force under its Ministry of ICT.

With an increased internet penetration of 90% and the use of E- commerce, Kenya has already envisioned the Web3 use cases and how it will sustain it’s lead as the Silicon Savannah. However, the momentum to achieve some of the set milestones needs more input and effort, since more than 20 Million young Kenyans lack the channels to train, meet like minds, participate in hackathons and pitch Web3 ideas.

To ensure the spirit doesn’t die off, the Kenya Harmony DAO will set the stage and create opportunities across the country and identify youths across the 47 counties in Kenya. To achieve this, the Kenya Harmony DAO will constitute meets ups, hackathons, training, fireside pitches and Start-Up Bounties.

However, to ensure parallel growth in both the private sector and the public sector, the Kenya Harmony DAO aims to create an environment where Developers, Start Ups and Blockchain Enthusiast can build and connect. The DAO will achieve this by having a series of events and activities. One of the key goals will be to bridge the gap between Web2 to Web3 through Harmony.


  1. Harmony on Wheels - College Week nights/ Weekends.

The Kenya Harmony DAO, will have a Harmony on wheels weeknights and campus weekends, where it will be an awareness session to campus and college students about Harmony. This will be more of a chilled promo of the Harmony protocol. The goal will be to create new communities and channel them to the Harmony Protocol.

  1. Translate Harmony Website to Swahili

Kenya having one of it’s official languages to be Swahili, part of the Mandate of the Harmony DAO will be to translate the Harmony Website to swahili. This will also go a long way to helping the Kenyan Communities to understand and navigate the website.

  1. Grow the Number of Validators in Kenya

The Kenya Harmony DAO will aim to increase the number of Harmony Validators in the country. With more Harmony Validators the more the adoption of the Harmony One token. This will have a ripple effect on the use of the token and protocol.

  1. Web3 - Speed dating (Harmony Speed Dates)

To create and spread the word quickly, the Kenya Harmony DAO will have relaxed events where Blockchain enthusiasts will be matched with mentors. The speed dating concept will borrow the Blind Dates template of listing interests and matching those interests with mentors. This will be a mini event, some virtual and others physical ones. The idea behind this is to grow and scale the communities quickly.

  1. Lobby Group Fireside Sessions

To stay inline with the set policies, the Kenya Harmony DAO will be organizing strategic sessions with key Blockchain lobby groups in the county and the region. The main focus will be to sensitize and create more adoption of the Harmony Protocol. The expected result is widespread awareness and visibility of the protocol.

  1. Participate in Innovation and Tech Events

Kenya being an innovation hub and many Tech conferences and exhibitions, the Kenya Harmony DAO will maximize this by participating in the innovation weeks, seminars and conferences. This will create more visibility for Harmony and attract new Blockchain enthusiasts.

  1. Monthly Meet Ups

In order to grow and increase the numbers in the Harmony Community, Kenya Harmony DAO will conduct a couple of Meet Ups. The meet ups will be centered on establishing new DAO’S,such as Gender DAO’s, Local Language’s DAO, Art DAO’s and all culture based DAO’s. This will deepen the reach of Harmony and bring the message home.

  1. Start -Up and Developers Bounties

To support new projects and developers building on WEB3, The Kenya Harmony DAO will conduct mini competition challenges. The DAO will invite a panel of judges from across the industries. The winners of these challenges will receive a bounty to support their initiatives. This will help in creating and enabling the private sector to adopt and grow rapidly on the Harmony protocol.

  1. Harmony Gender Saturdays

To increase the outreach on women developers and founders, the Kenya Harmony DAO will have Gender Saturdays. This will focus on providing support for young female coders. For this, the Kenya Harmony DAO will seek partnerships with other institutions and DAO’s.


  1. Coffee Master (G.M) : Cocoa Master will be the lead Governor for the Kenya Harmony DAO. COCOA Master Leads an agtech startup that leverages Smart Contracts on peer to peer farm leasing of farmers in Africa. as well as providing a farmers wallet for credit access and payments processing. Coffee Master has spearheaded the Growth of the company to more than 10,000 farmers on the platform. Moreover, Cocoa holds more than nine years of experience, both from the corporate world and the Startup world. Besides that, Cocoa Master has previously worked with the leading Telecommunication company in East and Central Africa.

  2. Kelvin Kihara : Kevin is currently pursuing a computer science degree in the internationally recognized Kenyatta University. Besides that, Kevin has developed and has been part of many emerging technologies projects and programs ranging from Facebook, Huawei, Google and many others. Kevin has also participated in international hackathons challenges where he has emerged at the top. Kevin has a wide skill set in typescript, Flutter,dart,SQL,PHP,NodeJs. Moreover, Kelvin is innovative with a vibrant personality.

  3. Gladys Waceke :Gladys is a holder of a Bachelor of Business in Information Technology from Kenya Methodist University. She also has a Higher Diploma in Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and a Certificate in Computer Programming from Strathmore University. Gladys has vast experience in Telcos and has been part of many product and company launches in the region.

  4. Caleb Njoroge: Caleb is a holder of a Master Degrees in Informatics from The University of Manchester, in addition Caleb is a holder of Bachelor of Business in Information Technology from Kenya Methodist University. Caleb has vast experience globally having worked with UNDP and Cord Aid as the Technical Support Consultant. Caleb, has previously held the position of Tech Exchange Consultant at The Nexus Fund.

  5. MM is an international development expert and a Creative Director with ample expertise in tech for good- She holds an art degree from the Escola Massana from Barcelona and is currently working on several tech for good projects for the World Bank, Mercy Corps, etc. She is also an NFT artist, supporting the access of African artists to the NFT market. MM will develop the DAO’s image, and ensure that all activities are rigorously designed, planned and implemented. She also has expertise organising Hackathons.

  6. FATMA ABDUL - GOV ;Fatma is a Senior Developer and a Blockchain enthusiast. She has previously led development and deployment of projects. Some leveraging on Blockchain. Besides that, Fatma is a great asset when it comes to translation of the Harmony site to Swahili.

  7. PASCAL: is a Computer Science B.Sc graduate from leading Kenyatta University, Pascal has an extensive set of programming and software engineering experiences. He has previously created Information management systems for various businesses using the C# programming language, designed and developed E-Commerce websites

  8. YVONNE - GOV : Is a Blockchain enthusiast as well she is a part of a DEFI project in Kenya. Yvonne is part of the Gender DAO and she will be instrumental on theDAO regarding objectives to the Gender DAO.

  9. Eduard : Is a holder of a Ph.D. and Master of International Affairs. He is an international development expert with +10 years of experience in Africa working on projects financed by USAID, USIP, etc. and has worked in the Sahel for numerous years. He has actively collaborated with other organizations in the past, such as the Ethereum Foundation and Polygon, reviewing the African crypto landscape, mentoring local start-ups and supporting them in grant applications. He is a football fan and particularly enjoys hiking in the Pyrenees (as well as building Märklin train models).

Proposal ask

The Kenya Harmony DAO is seeking $78,000 in funding, the resources will be channeled to below activities in the first three months. However, after laying the foundation, The DAO will request another set of funding which will be used to expand the Harmony Protocol visibility in the country and support new communities of Developers,Validators and DAO’s.


Metrics for success

  1. Be the foundation of Kenya communities DAO.
  2. A Swahili Harmony site that will be used in the Six countries in the East Africa Region. Namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo.
  3. Offer training and technical support to college students.
  4. Support WEB3 StartUps with Bounties to kick start,launch and scale their solutions.
  5. An enabling environment in the public sector for WEB3 projects.
  6. Successful platform on the Harmony network ranging from DeFI’s, DAPP’s,DAO’s, Events and many other other social outcomes.
  7. Lead in Africa in embracing Harmony Protocol and WEB3 solutions.
  8. Bring communities and DAO’s together for networking sessions.

Kenya Harmony Structure

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[Twitter @kenyaharmonydao


Kenya been a pioneer in technology in the subsaharan region, the Kenyan community and the East African community shall benefit immensely by the trainings and impacts from this DAO formation.


With the vast penetration of internet connectivity, this is definitely catapult it to the next level and also make it an easy to grasp concept for all. Kenya is at the forefront and that is where we plan to stay with your help.


This will go a long way. A stable foundation in the construction of the “Web 3 Mansion” in Kenya to house DAPP’s,DAO’s and DeFI’s.


Really an amazing team gathered already. Kenya is set to be a leader in Africa for innovative uses of Blockchain, and this DAO seems to be a smart solution for building it the ecosystem. I’d like to see you push down to the TVET’s where I think a lot of our advocates can come from. Let’s not institutionalize old school prejudices into another new environment.


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund

We plan to resume reviewing grant proposals after the holidays, the first week of January. In the meantime, we would love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedback.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. Thank you again and we look forward to catching up after the holidays.


Thanks @UsikuGames , the goal is to trickle down and work with TVET’s, where there is immense potential and a ready to learn community. With new organized communities, we shall offer tailor made trainings and as well as appoint ambassadors from each institution to create more sentization.

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I fully support this I think this is a super great idea @George


This is a timely proposal and one that will definitely contribute to the development of both blockchain and Harmony ecosystems in the country, region and Africa at large. I can see some very exciting and unique stuff like Web3 speed dating, college weeks/nights, etc. I have also seen a lot of common grounds where Kenya Harmony DAO can collaborate with Africa Blockchain Youth Ambassadors on activities like college nights. I am really looking forward to seeing this being actualized.


What a perfect time to penetrate Blockchain technology across Kenya and across Africa as a whole. I’m particularly excited about the Harmony gender Saturdays that aims to provide support for young female coders. Great work to the Kenya Harmony Dao team!!!

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Great work! Well written and easy to comprehend


Kenyan harmony DAO will go a long way in helping blockchain enthusiasts connect. lovely proposal


As a developer I am very excited to see such a proposal set forth. I look forward to the startup and developer bounties… and also for the chance to learn and develop on web3 with the communities that sprout from this Dao.


This is a great proposal, and Kenya always leads the way for Innovation in Africa. Moreover, with such a young vibrant youthful population this awareness initiative will go a long way. As Blockchain Enthusiast I would love to attend one of your Web3 speed dates. All the best. :top: :top: :white_check_mark:

@George @Yvonne Kindly push more Harmony Gender Saturdays :blush:, we need to sensitize more and reach more young girls who are software developers. Thanks for the good work and all the best.


@Lady_Dev We’re working on this and our goal is to mobilize more Girls to build and learn about Blockchain through the Harmony Protocol.

@Richie Our events shall be open to all, and if you have a friend or a team interested kindly feel free to tag them along.

Hey guys! MarsColony is finally on Mainent!

To celebrate it we would like to allocate a NFT piece of MarsColony to Kenya DAO, could you please provide us a public wallet and let me know if you would like to receive it :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the list for more details

Kenya is situated strategically from a commerce and a technological standpoint as the entry point to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. As a leader in the adoption of technology in the last 20 years, it would be a failure in both approach and implementation to skip over this here vibrant community. Migratory patterns of Kenyan start-ups suggests the impact would ripple across the entire Eastern and Central African region.

A noble initiative, I believe. It’s very encouraging to watch the youth lead a tech innovation from the inside out as opposed to what we had in the past… innovation handed down to us. This to me is a springboard for some exciting times in the coming years. Cheers to the Kenya Harmony DAO Team.